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Three apps that should not be missing on your iPad # 42 – Tablets Magazine

many available applications make the iPad obviously the most. That’s why we bring you the weekly best, most interesting, best and most useful apps that should not be missing on your iPad. This week, an app for managing your comics and a fun game.

Eurovision Song Contest

For many years, is annually organized a European singing competition the Eurovision Song Contest. Which this year for the first time an app for the iPad released which you can keep up with the latest developments, the songs and the national participants informed. Also, you can see what each country is discussed on the social networks on the participant. If you are a fan of this singalong, this is the app that should not be missed.

 ipad Eurovision 770x440 Three apps that should not be missing on your iPad # 42

This app is available for free in the App Store.

World of Goo HD

This game has been a number of times on the “Featured” page of Apple, so entertaining it. The purpose of World of Goo HD is to build (mucus) balls so that the remaining (mucus) balls through that construction can go to the outlet pipe, as you can see in the picture below. A construction The game has quite a number of levels, it is also good for hours of entertainment. Moreover, the background music is also fun to listen to.

 ipad worldofgoohd 770x440 Three apps that should not be missing on your iPad # 42

This app costs 4.49 euros in the App Store.

Comic Zeal

Previously you could brag to your friends by showing your collection. comic books Spike and Suzy’s Donald Duck’s, you name it. Nowadays, a lot of those comics digitally, so you can buy them as. Pdf or .cbr / .cbz file. The latter two formats are the most common, but precisely those formats are not supported by Apple iBooks. To be able to read them and save them so you need. Another app Comic Zeal been doing this for a number of years very well, is very speedy import files from iTunes and comics / manga and magazines are automatically placed in series. There have been several comic book readers available, but whether they look very ugly, or they lack features like automatic recognition of a series.

  ipad comiczeal 770x440 Three apps that should not be missing on your iPad # 42

This app costs 4.49 euros in the App Store.

What apps do you use?

Do you have apps that really should not be left on an iPad? I love to read about it in the comments, I’ll take them for next time.

PlayStation app for iPhone and iPad receives update – PSX-Sense

 PlayStation app for iPhone and iPad receives an update ps4 ps3 playstation network news

Sony has just released a pretty big update to the official PlayStation app. The update brings several new features and improvements with it. So from now on notification messages supported and also the lower resolution of the iPad 2 and iPad mini 1.

In addition, you can set a profile picture by choosing from photos on your iPhone or iPad stand. Within the app Want to add someone to your friends on PSN? This can now e-mail or a text message. Sony has also improved the stability of the app you will notice when using different features.

The update is not (yet) available for the Android version.

PlayStation app for iPhone and iPad receives update – PSX-Sense

 PlayStation app for iPhone and iPad receives an update ps4 ps3 playstation network news

Sony has just released a pretty big update to the official PlayStation app. The update brings several new features and improvements with it. So from now on notification messages supported and also the lower resolution of the iPad 2 and iPad mini 1.

In addition, you can set a profile picture by choosing from photos on your iPhone or iPad stand. Within the app Want to add someone to your friends on PSN? This can now e-mail or a text message. Sony has also improved the stability of the app you will notice when using different features.

The update is not (yet) available for the Android version.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Office for iPad will support Airprint – Nutech

Microsoft has released its Office software for iPad updated with support for AirPrint.

That makes Microsoft Tuesday known . With support for AirPrint will the Office users to print. Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents from the iPad

There are also some special printing options, including the possibility print portrait or landscape mode, and print. both sides of the paper

AirPrint is Apple’s technology for printing from mobile devices. Many printers have this technology. In iOS, this function is shown as “pressure.”

What can you do with Office for iPad

By: / Daniel Verlaan

Image: Bloomberg

Office user on the iPad gets coveted print button – Macworld

microsoft, ipad office, apps

News Microsoft still has a print button added to his three Office apps on the iPad <. / strong>

missing print button was obviously the most requested missing feature in the brand new Office version. Microsoft released the end of March the first three Office apps for Apple’s popular tablet, namely Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

A significant change of course, after years of exclusivity the old office suite. Something Microsoft as Apple CEO Tim Cook many sales has cost . Office works on the iPad Moreover, based on a freemium model. This means that files with the free app just to open and share, while they can be created and edited. Paid with Office 365 subscription also

Strangely lacking a print function. This is slightly later than one month still added . Office for the iPad uses Apple’s AirPrint wireless printing.

In addition to the print button for all three apps also get PowerPoint still new functionality with the so-called “Smart Guides”, for faster conversion of images and components presentations, and there AutoFit Excel, to adjust simultaneously multiple rows or columns.

Read here the review from Computerworld Office for the iPad.

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Office for iPad can now print – One More Thing

Last month, Office for iPad released after years of delay. Why it had taken so long? It was very well thought out features that the package should contain. Only a function to print documents was just escaped attention.

In a Update given the day off was added. still supports AirPrint This allows documents from Word, Excel or PowerPoint, simply from the iPad been sent to almost any printer. Printing was from day one a much requested feature.

Besides the addition of AirPrint, there are some new features added. Excel for iPad now supports Auto Adjust, this makes it easier to distribute. Columns over a certain width In PowerPoint for iPad are magnetic lines added, making it easier media on a grid to align.

AirPrint is the standard way to print. On iOS In a recent OMT Labs session we will explore the possibilities of AirPrint.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Remote care with the iPad: “Without being aloof ‘- Leiden newspaper

Beverage Sales to young people under eighteen are prohibited from this year (sixteen years), but according to the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy Youth Step is still easy to get some beer. Especially beer couriers would just deliver alcohol without asking. Age or identity It called for more control, but is fighting a losing battle. The government can continue to better focus on awareness campaigns as NIX18 “for young people who want to drink, always find ways to get some beer. Beer sales is uncontrollable. What do you think?

Review: How useful Blendle on iPhone and iPad? –

Blendle on iPhone Review Blendle is live from today. From now on, you do not pay for an entire newspaper or a magazine entirely, but do yourself an article you want to read on the desktop, iPad or iPhone. In February we had the scoop that Blendle as échte app on both Apple touch screens will appear. Now it’s ‘just’ a website on the iPhone and iPad – but one that is so good that you may be wondering what a real app yet adds
In the same conversation we had with Blendle founder Marten Blankesteijn in February, has been entrusted to us that the application was not yet ready to use with browsers other than Google Chrome on the desktop. If you Blendle the releaseday visited in Safari on the iPad, you can read a message that the site can cause crashes the browser.

Typical interface

Still, you’re a busy further carelessly sweeping through the messages recommended by other users. Not down, but in the horizontal interface that characterizes Blendle. The articles are derived from various media who have logged into Blendle and often with a text shorter than a tweet recommended by users you follow. If your selection is too small, you can move from tab to Next Trending which indexes the most popular articles in the last hours. Or to Real, where to read all favorites of all users.

Blendle iPad overview trending

The iPhone is the only Apple-platform Blendle renounces the typical horizontal layout. You will find the recommended items among themselves, preceded by the announcement with a recognizable, narrower frame. Also on the Browse page, the newspapers and magazines from the range of Blendle among themselves. NRC,, Volkskrant, Trouw, AD, Telegraph, Newspaper of the North, Leeuwarden Courant, BN De Stem, Parool, Freedom Netherlands, Elsevier, Quest, The Green Amsterdam, New Scientist, Dutch newspaper, Quote, Nieuwe Revu, Tubantia, Eindhoven Dagblad, Panorama, VIVA, and yes, the story show their cover to be. scrolled

read Delicious difficult headhunting

Regardless of whether you Blendle read on the iPhone, iPad or the desktop, scroll through newspapers and magazines do you always from left to right. The pages are displayed side by side, unfolded as a kind of fast PDF document you can not zoom. It is currently the Achilles heel of Blendle. You are browsing through the pages, but they are definitely on the iPhone as scaled-down, it’s hard to race. Cups Let alone headlines read.

Blendle overview media Blendle newspaper browse

Fortunately Blendle is there to find what. You have not read the article immediately when you tap it. First you see the price of a piece, ranging from 10 cents for each item in the NRCs to 89 cents for a long story of Elsevier. Adjust with extra pressure, the article opens and then you still have fifteen seconds to determine if you can find an article worth. Just enough time to explore at length and too little time to make. Really beginning to article Press an article early road, you will see that you have read and free press ‘Super Sympathetic’ before returning to the parent page.

Blendle read article Reading itself is in voortreffeklijk Blendle. The iPhone is the space from the screen edges to the text just right. The various media retain their preference of the fonts and color schemes that they are using themselves be printed, or in any case maintain the feeling of the medium. The Algemeen Dagblad has a more modern character than loyalty and also slim headstyle of Freedom Netherlands is reflected. Nowhere is it at the expense of the legibility. Not on the iPhone, in long pieces of text under differentiated by headings. And not on the iPad, in which the horizontal scrolling sometimes creates a ‘wall of text’ feeling. In the horizontal or lying on the iPad is sometimes all you see text that orients restless when there is no between headings in the text. On the iPhone’s introduction image of a piece can better again. Opening Pictures are clear and sharp on both devices, but for example, the portrait of a columnist on the iPhone is fully stretched before you start reading. More than pressed between heads important for readability. But the overall readability is little to criticize. Subdivision in the columns and line spacing,

Whopper in payments

After registration you can count on 2.50 euro credit as a new user in Blendle. Enough for 25 articles of the NRC, 10 of the Volkskrant, five stories of Quest or a mixture of short and long articles in other media who deliberately make distinction. A subscription is not there, though we know that we are working on subscriptions that you can take on a particular medium within Blendle.

Where Blendle excels as a mobile website, the ease with which you pay widens the wallet. It’s not as simple as you enter the password for an in-app purchase in an application, but what’s it! The purse page within your profile, you can pay with PayPal, Credit card and PayPal. You expand your budget by 5 euros (30 cents transaction fee), 10 euros or 20 euros (both no transaction costs) and can tick whether you want to upgrade if you are talking about less than 1 euro automatically. With iDEAL you do then have to choose to complete the app from your bank. Complete your transaction banking The credit is active immediately. And with a press then turn automatically upgrade again -. What is even simpler than a subscription within iOS stop

Blendle pay Blendle institutions wallet

Who receives the payment?

the receiving end of the payment of Blendle, what questions are put. Blendle picks up 30 percent of every transaction and 70 percent goes to the publisher. For example The Post Online and DeNieuweReporter sound angry noises that the writer of an article is not paid immediately. In various Tweets will include founder Blankesteijn that thought about it and negotiation.


What might be a bit nibbles when using Blendle, is that you’re going to ask what an item may be worth. off As for me, you’re newspaper subscriber for years but really no more than five articles in a day really read it, you may wonder why you paid so much for the newspaper. Besides, what if you’ve ever spent, 10 cents of articles but afterwards are not impressed by the story of 50 cents? You can reclaim your money Blendle – it gets you even made easier with an easily visible statement, but is a product of 50 cents a bad buy? Even if you have paid for the news, nothing of years you may be wondering what a product should cost and whether just such micro transactions, the value of journalism not devalue.

announced Blendle article Blendle settings

Small interface failures

Back to the actual. To Blendle as it is now on the iPhone and iPad, and what is in any case better. On both devices, you can swipe back to go. Previous page It’s a trick from Safari itself, but it is not advisable to use it. Just hook because no page with that, but goes back to the previous page visited, and it can also mean that you return the contents of a newspaper to a message that you read earlier. On the iPhone and iPad fog on the overview pages mainly a back button. Articles themselves can take excellent flattening with an orange cross, but lacks the skill statements. Instance, you must re-scroll through the entire list of magazines to continue where you left off before you opened the last magazine. The same applies to the articles that have been shared by other users.

What can an app to add?

Blendle iPhone parts with the main sticking point of the website Blendle on the touch screen, you can you wonder why the aangekondigde real app Blendle is nodg. The payment convenience Blendle is extraordinary – and, moreover, the money goes straight to the service and the publishers themselves, rather than Apple. Readability is excellent here and there as a subheading in an article, and because the app gives you tips to actively follow new people is also building a network on the website no problem. The benefits of an app go clearly beyond the scope of the current website. A push message if your favorite newspaper ready, new background stories about your subjects preferred example. Or a whole day to save for offline use before making a long trip. The app would share via Twitter and Facebook can also arrange and easier. Itself from iOS And maybe the appvorm can also ensure that there is not all the time a charging animation on the screen, while using Blendle.


article page Blendle Wedding Currently Blendle may be fine without that functionality. Recommendations from other users constantly excite to read articles even without you browse a newspaper or magazine. If Blendle user you are unfaithful to each medium, you can read all together and you always pay a different amount for an item. Perhaps that is dangerous to the perception that quality content should cost. Maybe it ensures that you immediately cancel your newspaper subscription. Maybe it excites correct to assume. A Saturday newspaper It is difficult to predict, and personal. But at least Blendle makes sure that you are given different media without difficulty. Timeliness of different sides of his character. More in-depth sounds can learn more about issues. Blendle ensures that you can be a small fee. Better informed reader That makes it incredibly praiseworthy. This website is so fine that it makes an app almost superfluous, is therefore very welcome bonus

Direct visit:.

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“New MacBook Air and iPad mini will appear in the third quarter of 2014 ‘- Tablets Magazine

We have equally not about rumors regarding new iPads So today we had a deal with another. This time it’s a roadmap from which we can make the Apple iPads renews in the third quarter of this year.

It is not a roadmap of Apple itself, that would be a very striking his first. The roadmap has been compiled by analyst Ming Chi Kuo of KGI Securities and based on sources within the supply chain of Apple. Of course, it should be taken with a grain of salt, but we can expect a lot of beautiful weather from Apple this year.

In particular, the third quarter of 2014 will be a busy time for us as tech bloggers and fans Apple products. Then, with two new iPads expected. The first new model is the successor to last year launched iPad Air and the second model is the successor to last year launched iPad mini with retina display .

roadmap ipad New iPad Air and iPad mini appear in third quarter 2014 '

The second generation iPad Air, according to the analyst equipped with a new and more powerful Apple A8 processor, is equipped with an 8 megapixel camera and get the fingerprint scanner (Touch ID ) that we saw in the iPhone 5S. The second generation iPad mini retina receives the same upgrade, including fingerprint scanner. Both devices must still appear, according to the analyst for the beginning of October at the market. Incidentally, published early this year reports that this year geen new iPad mini have to expect.

Where is that iPad Pro with 12.9-inch display? Which indeed is not observed in the roadmap for Apple would be launching this model have been postponed to 2015, and have not, as other sources recently claimed deleted. According to recente rumors is the larger iPad mainly aimed at students and business users. That the term “Pro” in the name occurs does not mean that Apple iOS replaces OS X.

Another interesting product that we’ll see in the roadmap is an iPhone with a size of 5.5-inch. With this model, Apple would finally enter the phablet market and compete with popular phablets as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 .

FTL: Faster Than Light (iPad) – Better than PC –

at the list of games like Bastion, Limbo and XCOM we add a new title, for which there are a lot of wonderful ports for the iPad released lately. FTL lends itself as above games perfect for a touch screen. The conversion is so successful that it looks like the game for the iPad is made. Bright, large buttons and a busy but meaningful interface to give you complete control over your own spaceship, which you need to survive in a universe full of dangers.

FTL scored on already in 2012 een beautiful 7.5 , where we praised the high replayability value and originality. The Advanced Edition extends the game with new races, events, weapons and ships. The extra content is optional, so you can choose how you explore the world of FTL. You go looking for new (playable) vessels, the remaining fleet of the federation or you float around looking for pirates? Everything is possible and your path is highly dependent on the choices you make.

Afoot come

As you can read in our review of FTL, his choices very important. FTL is a constant series of options that affect the progress of the journey. You travel through space beacons at the end of a sector and has in every court has a limited number of missions to get you saving for upgrades. Improvements for your ship are important because you decide to fight than many are good weapons necessary.

Are you more focused on exploring sectors, then shields again important. Are you going to build the ultimate space, then searches for material and frequent visits to stores required components. Shops selling additional modules for your ship, including a Crew Teleporter (for entering other ships) and a Clone Bay, which is new in the Advanced Edition. Thanks to the Clone Bay recreate your life crew killed, including some of their skills. It should be clear: FTL excels in the infinite play styles

Complex, if you choose

course makes the game for newcomers complex.. The vessel alone is endlessly adaptable, though it is to drive. Well thanks to the management of chambers and the assignment of crew Add to that the randomly generated industries in and you have a game that always plays differently and invites to various strategies to apply. Play Sessions vary so usually from five to fifteen minutes, although it is not uncommon to play through. Half an hour or more

With the proper adjustments can withstand attacks and meteor storms in the first sector, then your ship increases the need for more aggressive methods. Entering other vessels is important for example. It is also challenging because you switch between attacking with weapons on board, and the team that transports you. The RPG-like missions with text choices also add plenty of atmosphere and immersion to the story, creating a fascinating sci-fi atmosphere

FTL: Faster Than Light.

Harder Better Faster

The Advanced Edition adds new races and events in addition to a number of improvements to the gameplay. So you save with the push of a button, the current line-up. It is therefore no longer necessary to select your crew during a battle – for example, to carry out repairs. Simply assign your crew to the main rooms of your ship back to simply send it back to the room where they are needed. They are in need

The allocation of energy to the sub runs on the iPad very intuitive . You tap on a system (for example, weapons, shields, etc.) and pull your finger up or down to the module on or off. It works perfectly and is especially useful during fights. Explaining the systems can be requested by dragging, which saves space on the screen.

FTL on the iPad thanks to the addition of the Advanced Edition and the optimized control a big improvement on the arrow to the right relative to the other versions. Especially for newcomers, the game is really worth trying. With three difficulty levels and the choice of the on and off of the new content, FTL is the price of nine euros well spent.

FTL is now available for iPad (as iPad 2) in App Store . This version includes the Advanced Edition Content that is now free update is available if you have FTL on PC, Mac or Linux

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (iPad) – It is warm by the fire –

Hearthstone for iPad offers the same solid experience on PC. So be ready for batteries, missed trains – or stops – and hours tinkering with your custom decks. The game offers depth, beautiful images and thanks to the choice between casual and ranked jars for everyone.


Stunning images and sound effects, endless combinations of decks, unnerving, challenging jar against strangers

Few minor bugs

Hearthstone feels like on iPad queue at a cozy fireplace for a game. The experience is just as addictive as PC, so you may lose track of time on the train or bus. Fortunately, Blizzard has remembered, and features both a clock and the remaining battery power is always shown at the bottom of the screen. It is necessary because Hearthstone makes you forget everything around you. The buzz sounds and beautiful illustrations draw you into the game and even invite people without online experience to even play against. Unknown And that is now on the move either with the iPad on your lap, rest in front of the stove or fireplace. We do as if it’s winter and we must continue because of the huge pile of snow in front of the door


Your deck, your style

Many games leads to specialization in a or more of the classes unlockable. Consider that free play safely as a first mission, because although there is (still) not a single player mode, turns out to unlock and enhance the classes very satisfactory. Then the fun of making your deck, either start the preparation of maps for each class. A balanced deck guarantees good tactical possibilities. Of course there is still that little bit of luck in order to the order of cards in the game.

When buying an expert pack (of 100 gold pieces) is that wonderful feeling of tearing open bags upstairs, which is possible even more fun on your iPad. You drag a pack to a central place in the screen to display. Then with a finger swipe cards It is furthermore continuous on how good the graphics are on a tablet. Tickets appear when play freely in 3D and contain different layers that make the beautiful illustrations forward. With the hundreds of available cards, the urge to collect large, but buy buttons are nowhere prominent and new packs easily earn the quests in the game

Hearthstone:. Heroes of Warcraft

Although card exchange is not possible, you can convert expert cards in Arcane Dust. That really is the Crafting Mode again new expert cards, which often make the difference between winning and losing in online pots.

Totally balanced

Making decks is not only fun , it is necessary to win. The jars in Hearthstone require a delicate balance between strands ( taunting ), seizures ( chargen ) and playing cards with supportive spells and bonuses. With the right balance between those cards are your decks with some tweaks strong enough to defeat. Many opponents To favorite decks so you become attached quickly.

We will also look back at the perfect level of difficulty that we mentioned in de Review of Hearthstone PC . The choice between casual and ranked games because there is to do in Hearthstone. Enjoyment for every type of player Even playing in Practice Mode does not feel like grinding, because you earn new cards with the experience and is thus well rewarded. Even losing a game is not a disaster: each exercise is beneficial for your classes

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

Look out for more

Not only in the current game, there is a lot to look forward watch. Blizzard has already announced a single-mode (Adventure Mode) while the game is already delivers hours of fun. Nowhere Hearthstone feels like hard work and you should never mechanical (and totally unnecessary) tapping coins or wood blocks. Won a game is always really deserved at Hearthstone and thus a reward for good preparation and tactical ingenuity. This is free-to-play at its best and at its vermakelijkst, with a wealth of playing styles.

Hearthstone is now available free for iPad, an Android version follows.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

“Apple comes with a 12-inch iPad coming soon” – Tablets Magazine

that the iPad size is going to change or get bigger brother was already longer than rumor, but today there is another reason to believe that this will really happen. to A director of a Taiwanese company has confirmed this fact in front of a Chinese newspaper.

12 inch

The director of that company, which makes casings for smartphones and tablets, confirmed this to the Chinese newspaper China Business News. The director says that the larger iPad format is getting a 12-inch.

It is also this rumor is true, it is very plausible. Namely previously leaked several smartphones and tablets, the new forms and screen formats via the case-makers, where the Taiwanese company belongs. Namely Apple sends earlier prototypes for this type of business so quickly the first cases and cases appear on the market after the launch.

Professional use

A 12-inch size is for many people welcome , especially now that the iPad is increasingly used professionally. Thus, a larger screen would be more convenient for typing emails and documents, but also for editing movies on the go, for example via the iMovie app .

12-inch iPad what will be your fresh 600x350 Apple comes with a 12-inch iPad

that Apple wants to go more and more professional direction is evident from the new ‘ What will be your fresh ‘ Campaign . Herein are professional iPad users in the spotlight as a choreographer who uses the iPad and divers who use the iPad to make.


A larger iPad also has the advantage that the battery can be greater. This allows the iPad last longer. Especially in combination with battery innovations, the battery can be relative and absolute terms.

More rumors

There have long been different geruchten the larger successor to the iPad Air, but the chance that it runs on Mac OSX as in previous concept-video was shown, seems small

Microsoft Office for iPad – Real productivity on your tablet – Computer Total

The answer: About Trump iWork both form and function. Apple claims that its products like Pages the best office software for the iPad and other Apple devices. Microsoft Office for iPad which has medal stolen

Microsoft Office for iPad is a collection of three apps:. Word, PowerPoint and Excel. OneNote for iPad has been around since 2011 beschikbaar, and Microsoft’s Lync, Skype and Yammer are also available.) Users can get free iTunes download any app on an iPad running iOS 7.0 or later. And they can all be used free of charge to open that were created elsewhere. Documents

But, Office 365 also includes a subscription to OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service, a central repository where you can store and access documents. You can connect both your personal OneDrive as OneDrive for Business accounts, and SharePoint connection. But to create documents or edit You need to subscribe to Office 365: Office 365 Home Premium (9.99 Euros per month), the leading Office 365 Personal (7 euros per month), or one of the various business options. Each Office 365 subscription includes at least one tablet subscription that Office for iPad covers.

What does

Office for iPad so important, of course, is that you can do , instead of just a little note to rumble like Office Mobile on a smartphone.

From scratch built for touch

According to Michael Atalla, product management director for Office, Office for iPad represents not “bloated” Office Mobile for iPhone, or a stripped Office for Windows, but rather a customized version of Office that is designed specifically for the iPad.

I could not agree more. Office for iPad represents the distilled Office experience, poured into a glass iOS. Frankly, I find the work more pleasant than Office 2013, if only because Microsoft commonly used functions as intuitively organizes an icon-based ribbon at the top of the screen. In Word, for example, Office for iPad save the footnote options but the sections Mailings and References are gone. Chances are that you will not miss them

Working with Text in Office for iPad would be for anyone who has used iOS intuitive:. If you are on a word, press the cursor will move to that location ; Second press makes a set appear with options to select text or add in the. If you keep pressing with your finger, you get the zoom or magnifying glass to see. Icon

Atalla said that Microsoft has a longer, wider zoom has been developed that marks a word. However, I have only seen the round display.

For most of my tests, I have Microsoft’s pre-installed iPad Air to Pi Dock-It Pro keyboard cover Parle Innovation linked, but I also have a lot on your tablet themselves are typing. Touch is just as intuitive for moving images and resizing of the heads of PowerPoint slides, especially since the text is rearranged to fit around the new format. Image It’s not perfect: I ended up in situations where I had to select a field, and then the text to fit in almost random. But eventually I could do what I was planning.

Functionality largely retained

But sometimes goes too far Microsoft. please find-and-replace , a fairly common feature. In Word 2013 you get with CTRL-F immediately the Find and Replace See menu. However, in Office for iPad, there are no shortcuts. And to find a word you have the magnifying glass icon at top right to search, and then click the Settings button at the left gear. Only then will you replace the function to find what you were looking for. It is not entirely counterintuitive, but it is a bit awkward.

Hearthstone available from tomorrow for iPad – Nutech

card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is available from tomorrow for iPad for free. This publisher Blizzard announces in a press release.

This was publisher Blizzard announced in a press release.

Hearthstone appeared before on PC and now has over ten million players. People who already have the PC version, can bring their progress to the iPad version.

If the game on the tablet boot will also receive a free pack of cards they get by playing the introductory missions or to start. their existing deck a game in Play, Arena or Practice mode

Hearthstone work from iPad 2 and newer. Blizzard announced that Hearthstone will also appear for Android devices, Windows 8 Tablets and iPhone. These versions are planned for later this year


Image: Blizzard

Leo’s Fortune: beautiful platformer for iPhone and iPad released –

Leo's Fortune iPhone sliding header Platform games are sitting on the iPhone and iPad. Games in which you automatically run to a high score and just by jumping engulf the App Store yet every day. But platformers that do something special, that there are not that many. The Swedish Leo’s Fortune impresses with beautiful, atmospheric images. Also in terms of gameplay can match the row Rayman , Badland and Limbo

Leo, short for Leopold notes. his collection of gold coins have been stolen and goes after it. He does this by rolling jumping over various res land, and turn itself off. You use the expansion to remain suspended in the drop of a jump, or to push. Against a switch You can control the game by tapping and swiping, except that control is a rather experimental impression.

Leo's large Fortune iPhone screenshot

Fortunately, there is also a traditional design, with two arrows on the left and right, a jump and off button and a button down to pour yourself. This is done for example in meebuigende shelves, you spring to great heights. Or beech. Hatches under you With the expansion button you float after a jump.

No clichés, but wood

Leo’s Fortune ignores the old platform cliché that you should start in a forest, then an ice world and then doing to visits are just a desert. Environments have something authentic and go here flowing into each other, from valley to cave in evening light with orange lava in the background. Specifically, the role of timber. Wooden tunnels to transport you from one area to another, wooden scales help you on your way to higher ground and wood are also the thorny radwielen where you timed or over jumps. The number of winding wooden hallways where you slide up, the game does sometimes almost reminiscent of the loops of Sonic .

Leo's Fortune prickly rad The mustachioed lint has just got a lot more controllable than the familiar blue hedgehog. If you suddenly soars after a short acceleration via a spring between mines, you’re sort of in the image to send. Leo accurately Because you sit close to the image on the action, one tip-of-your-seat moment follows another. You land on a small block and suddenly found two spines close to clap if you do not escape in time, or creeping through the eye of the needle when you precision jumps (and sliding!) Escapes circular saws.

Quality Over Quantity

Leo’s Fortune is not of levels. 1337 & Developers Senri chose quality over quantity, and that is reflected in the level structure. Each new environment is more challenging than the last. Moreover, you can get the most out of yourself if you want to retrieve. Three stars on each level For that you not only collect all the coins, but you’ll also agree not die in a level and play it within a time limit. Is not that the type of challenge you to wait, then there is not much going on. A succession of obstacles can definitely in the bonus levels are pretty tough, but you will constantly put down a short advance to have another try.

The weighed challenge, the unique appearance, atmospheric music and original platform elements in a genre that is completely overflowing, making Leo’s Fortune worth

Download:. Leo’s Fortune (€ 4.49, no in-app purchases Universal iOS 7.0 +)