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Get more from your iPad on iOS 8 – Total Computer

Compared to iOS 7 appears in iOS 8 little changed at first sight. Nothing is less true, because who is a good engrossed in Apple’s mobile operating system, will be amazed by all the fresh gadgets. In this article we explain on the basis of practical examples from various novelties. So we tell include how extensions work and how you can call with an iPad. We also provide detailed information on the new features of the Messaging app. Even relatively small improvements remain on the last pages are not blameless. Take it to your advantage!


Thanks apps in iOS 8 extensions can communicate with each other. Very innovative, because previously worked every app in a closed system. Developers can now open their apps for other applications. As a result, it is possible to talk to from the Photos app, editing another photo editor. Whether you share a photo directly from the library with Instagram or any other social network. Another example is that you can retrieve that are stored in a separate safe app passwords from any app.

You can buy apps from various iOS approaching 8 components, such as the day view in the Message Center and through the action or share button in various applications. Which extensions are available, depending on the choice of the developer. At present, there are already many apps via extensions with iOS-onderdelen can communicate.

Through an extension of Vimeo example, you can upload videos directly from the video library.

Edit Photos

Perhaps you see the use of extensions not quite for you. For that reason, we will discuss some apps that you can speak from various iOS parts. A good example is Camera Plus . Install this app on your device once and then open an image in the app Photos . Then tap Edit to open the edit window. In addition to the standard tools of iOS 8 you can now directly use the features of Camera Plus. This, tap the icon with three dots and choose More . Activate the slider after Camera Plus and confirm with Done . Then tap Camera Plus to open the editing tools. You apply now directly filters and text of this photo app without making an application to the iPad is open.

From the Photos app approach straight into the editing of Camera Plus

Camera Plus

Price . € 0, 89 (+ in-app purchases)
score 4/5

Share Information

Several iOS applications thanks to share the use of extensions information with third-party apps. Take, for example Evernote. You can now even easier photos, documents and web pages to keep as notes. In the Photos app and Safari you do this simply tap on the share button (square icon and arrow). You will see a row of standard apps that allow you to share a photo or web page. Swipe left and tap More . Activate the slider after Evernote .

You possibly change the order of the menu behind an app by touching the icon with the three horizontal lines and then sweep. Confirm with Done . Tap Evernote and save the Web page or picture as notes. Useful is that instead of an entire webpage can also add selected text to Evernote. Other apps that include its share information from Safari Tumblr and Pocket.

From Safari share your web content easily with other apps like Evernote .


Price : Free (+ in-app purchases)
score 5/5


Price Free
score : 4/5


Price : Free (+ in-app purchases)
score : 4.5 / 5


In addition to sharing information, enter from iOS parts with the right app extensions also from direct actions. Install only once the password vault 1Password on your iPad. Open this app and remember a master password. You can save on the plus sign credentials of different web services in the vault, so that you now only need to remember the master password. Open Safari and navigate to a website that you want to log.

Tap then the share button on. Wipe the list of activities to the left and choose More . Move the slider after 1Password to. Optionally, you change the order of the menu. Connect with Done menu and tap into the activity list at 1Password . Then enter the master password. You finally with the account information you want to log. A plus is that 1Password is able to password data with iCloud and Dropbox synchronize. There are also more and more apps that work directly with 1Password to retrieve password information.

Communicate in Safari directly with the password vault 1Password.


Price : Free (+ in-app purchases)
score 3.5


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Screeny now optimized for iPad – iculture

Screeny iPhone screenshots remove Screeny , the app that lets you easily screenshots of your iPhone can delete , is now optimized for the iPad. The app is one of the few flat after Christmas closure of iTunes Connect again received an update.

Screeny you can free up space on your iPhone by deleting unwanted and no longer required screenshots. Screeny recognize which images are screenshots, scan through your photo library. The app then shows how much space you can save by throwing them away.


Screeny appeared a month ago. In the iPad version is chosen for a layout with two columns and found another solution for (de) selecting screenshots: instead of shaking the device (which looks crazy in an iPad), tap an option on the screen. The app now also scans faster to screenshots. Looking for an app that lets you next screenshots also can clean ordinary photos, we recommend Flic

version 1.2

Noef Fing Name


iOS 8.0 or later


iOS Universal


The three best new apps for iPad # 75 – Tablets Magazine

The many available applications make the iPad of course the most. That’s why we bring you weekly the funniest, most interesting, best and most useful apps for your new iPad. This week include an app that allows you to completely automate your iPad.


Enter your certain things endlessly often on your iPad, such as changing a Twitter account? Then I bid you welcome to the wonderful world of automation. By making certain links in example Launch Center Pro could automate all your actions, but with Workflow, you can come off completely. This new app has a lot more power than Launch Pro Center , allowing you to make things as an RSS reader or create a Podcast download app. Any programming knowledge is required, but you can do amazing things with Workflow.

 Workflow iPad

Workflow can be downloaded for € 2.99.


I’m a big fan of vintage filters in Instagram, but I always like to customize them all. With Flare is possible. Through the Mac App (available for € 8.99 in the Mac App Store), you can create your own filters. The free iPhone and iPad app you can use it. Download the app, open the Photos app and tap Edit. Open the ‘more’ menu (circle with three dots) and select Flare effects. You can now use all the filters you created on your Mac, as they are synced via iCloud

 Flare app

Flare is free in the App Store, but you also have the Mac App (€ 8.99) required

Email +

Email+ you can download files, websites or photos quickly share with others. You can add your most used contacts, to whom you can email with just a tap. Also useful are the phrases you can advance in the app. For example, create an ‘I’ll eraan’-phrase to, and you can send fast that you’re on the go

 Email + and Group Text +

Email + can be downloaded for € 2.99 in the App Store.

What apps do you use?

Do you have any apps that should not be missing on an iPad? I like to read about in the comments, I take them for next time.


I put my children at Christmas behind the iPad –

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I put my children at Christmas behind the iPad –

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I put my children at Christmas behind the iPad –

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So that you can undo a jailbreak on your iPad – Computer Total

I have an acquaintance bought an iPad. In itself, it all works fine, but it’s jailbroken. What exactly does that mean and can I make it undone?

When you ask an “expert” what is the main difference between iOS (Apple) and Android (Google), then he / she will probably tell you that Android users are much freer to make choices than iOS. That is absolutely true, and it ensures that iOS is such a stable operating system. It is impossible that you make a mess of the interface (because you have to stick to certain rules). If you like iOS, but still want to have a bit more freedom, you can jailbreak an iPad. Lees also: 15 cozy iPad games for Christmas

iOS offers less freedom than Android, but is therefore becoming cleaner and more stable.

Why / not jailbreak?

Jailbreaking is an apt description of what the process. Namely: frees the device restrictions (prison) that Apple imposed. It means that you have more options directly. This allowed people who had jailbroken their iPad, much earlier multitasking and copy and paste text than people who were neatly to Apple’s rules. Not infrequently spiekt Apple into the possibilities that have jailbroken devices, and it offers its own later (stable) version of to. Who has a jailbroken iPad, will also get access to an alternative app store, one in which applications are not subject to Apple’s approval regime.

In short, liberty, freedom and more freedom. Ideal? Certainly not. The great strength of the iPad is that the tablet is always stable. There really is an app crashes sometimes, but you can not mess up the settings. You can not pollute your iPad and you need not be afraid of malware-like apps. Those assurances have you no longer like your jailbroken iPad. It really is not that your iPad into an unstable and dangerous tablet, jailbreak has certainly advantages. But if you want to continue to benefit from easy to retrofit, not want to hassle with unstable apps and you want do not worry about malicious apps, then jailbreak an unwise idea

Jailbreaking has advantages, but also makes your iPad or less stable.


That jailbreak you can undo. Handy for your second iPad which is jailbroken, and also useful for people who have jailbroken itself but which do not like the result. Reversing the process is fortunately not very complicated. But before you do that, it’s wise to have a reservekopie make your iPad. That goes in exactly the same way as with an iPad that is not jailbroken, so using Settings / iCloud / Backup . It is then good to know that a backup only the data secures your iPad, and so takes no information about the jailbreak. Obviously need to make a backup if you’ve purchased the iPad and just want unjailbreaken directly because you are probably no data on it

Back up your data if you already have on your iPad.


To unjailbreaken your iPad, you have to set this first iPad in recovery mode. You do this by connecting the tablet with the Lightning cable to your PC, and then simultaneously press and hold the On / Off button and the Home button. Once it goes off, you let the on / off button, but hold down the Home button. White screen with black floral will appear and then you see a picture of an iTunes logo with a Lightning cable. This means that your iPhone is in recovery mode. Open iTunes and click on iPad restore . The latest version of iOS will be downloaded, and when it is put on your iPhone, iPad you will no longer be jailbroken.

Once in recovery mode, iTunes can easily recover your iPad so that the jailbreak is undone.

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Crossy Road: modern version of Frogger for iPhone and iPad – iculture

crossy-road icon-large During the holidays you have something else on your mind then updating the administatie or cleaning up the garden . You want to just sit back play a game. Crossy Road is exactly what you need. This has not previously discussed iculture game is a modern version of Frogger. You know, the game where you have to cross the street while the raging traffic has to dodge

Crossy Road:. Frogger, but than otherwise

Crossy Road came in October and has since received some minor updates that the game completely ‘off’ have made. The latest update was published just before Christmas and includes four new game characters, including a dragon, kerstkip and piggy bank. Yes, this is a game that will slurp up a lot of time, but that does not matter if you are a few days off. The secret to this game is the frustration when it fails and the triumphant feeling of victory if it works one time indeed.

crossy road 1 crossy road 2

Crossy Road makes a good impression: it looks like Frogger, but in an endless variation and surprises along the way. The biggest difference is that you not only have to make a crossing frog, but with all sorts of characters that affect the game. The game comes in a pixel style and is free to play, without that you are obliged to make in-app purchases. This is not mandatory, because without buying experience you enjoy this game. The kerstkip is available for free in the game but for dragon, ghost, penguin, piggy bank and other figures you have to pay € 0.89. There are no pop-ups and banners in the game

The thing about the game is that you will be challenged. As the friends will succeed to score, then you must also succeed. The leaderboards on Game Center challenge you to run as far as possible, like in (again!) Flappy Bird . The best part is when friends are around as well, so that you can beat each other alternately. Your score is a number, for example 153, 292 or higher, easy to compare.

crossy-road 3 crossy-road 4

Crossy Road: Timing is everything

The point Crossy Road to the correct timing and it is quite difficult. Because each playfield is made randomly, the game is always different. Along the way you may stop at a traffic island or sidewalk, but not too long. You must concoction when to run and when it is better to wait. You can use Crossy Road in portrait or landscape mode. Lying is most useful if you want to keep a good view of the oncoming traffic. While playing you should always be careful and choose the right moment to stabbing on a street.

Conclusion Crossy Road Review

Crossy Road is a fun free game for some time to play with it store, even if you do not in-app purchases. The game basically we all know from Frogger, so you can go straight to work without doing extensive tutorials. Some characters you can buy, the rest can be unlocked with coins you earn in the game.


  • Nice variation on well-known game.
  • Funny pixel style.
  • Also playable if you do not have additional purchases.


  • Can be frustrating when the game just a little too difficult for you or your friends score much better.

Crossy Road – Endless Arcade Hopper

Version 1.1.1


Download free

Crossy Road - Endless Arcade Hopper


iOS 7.0 or later


iOS Universal


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Create a second Mac screen of your iPhone or iPad with Duet Display –

Do you have an iPad or iPhone and a Mac (Book)? Then you can from your Apple mobile platform make a second monitor because the app Duet Display.

Duet Display

For many people screen need, but on the move, an additional monitor is not as convenient to carry. Now you have with the app Duet Displaying a second monitor for 13.99 euros. That’s pricey, but cheaper than a new monitor. For this amount makes your old iPad or your iPhone 6 Plus to a second display.

Because projecting a little decent picture, you really need a big iPhone or a iPad . Definitely an iPad with retina screen will look nice, but does an older iPad also fine. An iPhone screen is too small, but with an iPhone 6 Plus you can still reasonable from the feet.

The new iPhone 6 with Superfast 4G!

Device € 0 and € 10, – discount p / m

300 min

Unl. SMS

1 GB

€ 64.00 € 54.00 p / m


display duet

Simple installation

The Duet Display app works through your iPhone or iPad via USB cable to your MacBook hangs. Load the app on both Mac iOS and your screen is automatically presented on your mobile device. You can then just go there with your mouse, virtually without any delay.

One of the pluses of Duet Display is the simple design. Within 5 minutes you can get to work. If the apps are on and the cable is plugged in, the monitor within no time was found. The resolution is not entirely fantastic on a smaller screen, but it’s a great solution for people looking for a second display. The battery in your MacBook is slipping there quicker empty.

Download Duet Display

To Duet Displaying downloading you must run at least iOS 5.1.1. The app costs 13.99 euros and has 53MB required for installation.

 Duet Display (AppStore Link) Duet Display
Developer Rahul Dewan

Review: 4 +

Price: € 13.99

The popular iPhone deals of the moment