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Crossy Road: modern version of Frogger for iPhone and iPad – iculture

crossy-road icon-large During the holidays you have something else on your mind then updating the administatie or cleaning up the garden . You want to just sit back play a game. Crossy Road is exactly what you need. This has not previously discussed iculture game is a modern version of Frogger. You know, the game where you have to cross the street while the raging traffic has to dodge

Crossy Road:. Frogger, but than otherwise

Crossy Road came in October and has since received some minor updates that the game completely ‘off’ have made. The latest update was published just before Christmas and includes four new game characters, including a dragon, kerstkip and piggy bank. Yes, this is a game that will slurp up a lot of time, but that does not matter if you are a few days off. The secret to this game is the frustration when it fails and the triumphant feeling of victory if it works one time indeed.

crossy road 1 crossy road 2

Crossy Road makes a good impression: it looks like Frogger, but in an endless variation and surprises along the way. The biggest difference is that you not only have to make a crossing frog, but with all sorts of characters that affect the game. The game comes in a pixel style and is free to play, without that you are obliged to make in-app purchases. This is not mandatory, because without buying experience you enjoy this game. The kerstkip is available for free in the game but for dragon, ghost, penguin, piggy bank and other figures you have to pay € 0.89. There are no pop-ups and banners in the game

The thing about the game is that you will be challenged. As the friends will succeed to score, then you must also succeed. The leaderboards on Game Center challenge you to run as far as possible, like in (again!) Flappy Bird . The best part is when friends are around as well, so that you can beat each other alternately. Your score is a number, for example 153, 292 or higher, easy to compare.

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Crossy Road: Timing is everything

The point Crossy Road to the correct timing and it is quite difficult. Because each playfield is made randomly, the game is always different. Along the way you may stop at a traffic island or sidewalk, but not too long. You must concoction when to run and when it is better to wait. You can use Crossy Road in portrait or landscape mode. Lying is most useful if you want to keep a good view of the oncoming traffic. While playing you should always be careful and choose the right moment to stabbing on a street.

Conclusion Crossy Road Review

Crossy Road is a fun free game for some time to play with it store, even if you do not in-app purchases. The game basically we all know from Frogger, so you can go straight to work without doing extensive tutorials. Some characters you can buy, the rest can be unlocked with coins you earn in the game.


  • Nice variation on well-known game.
  • Funny pixel style.
  • Also playable if you do not have additional purchases.


  • Can be frustrating when the game just a little too difficult for you or your friends score much better.

Crossy Road – Endless Arcade Hopper

Version 1.1.1


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Crossy Road - Endless Arcade Hopper


iOS 7.0 or later


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