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Now Google is now available for iPhone and iPad - Tablets Magazine

Google Now iOSGoogle Now now available for iPhone and iPad

There were several rumors but today Google has the personal assistant Google Now then added to the Search application for the iPhone and iPad. This allows also for iOS users to answer, simply ask schedule appointments and maps with interesting information appear to conjure.

Google Now: Siri competitor

Now Google can be compared with Siri, the personal assistant that can be on the iPhone and iPad. use Now Google is not integrated into the operating system but in the Google Search application. This is for example not possible to communicate with other apps like Apple’s memories application and the iOS notification system is not used to show. Important messages Now The appearance of the feature on the iPad and iPhone will be consistent with the look of the function within Android.

Google Now 2Google Now iOS now available for iPhone and iPad

voice commands, the user can retrieve this information available through Google. The idea behind Google Now is the software that you get to know more and more shows for you interesting information, favorite restaurants, scores of football and the crowds on the way home or work.

Answer to all your questions

Through Google Now you just like Siri answers to virtually get all your questions. This allows to perform calculations you can locate contacts, schedule an appointment (with Google Calendar) information about a known person to seek the traffic request and obtain information about the departure of the bus or train. Next, Google Now in most cases a spoken response and a map with detailed information on the topic.

Based on your location

When GPS function is Now Google serves up information for you without you having to ask here. So you see when you open the app when you are at work the crowds on the way back home. It indicates where the files are and how long it takes you to get home.


The new Google Search app is now available for download in the App Store. Check out our review of Google Now Android .

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Colorful keyboard folios of Logitech for iPad - Blog.nl (Blog)

orig_Folio_Mars Red Logitech introduces a new keyboard accessory for the iPad: the Logitech Keyboard Skin Fabric Folio for iPad, the keyboard in the case is processed. The new keyboard folio for the iPad is available in four different contrasting colors and quality materials to protect the go. The front and back of the iPad The wide range of colors and materials ensures that users can choose the protection that suits their personal style.

“During the development we combined the characteristics of high fashion designs with a pleasant typing experience, providing consumers with their iPad protection can give a personal touch,” says Mike Culver, vice president of brand development for tablet accessories at Logitech. “The Skin Fabric Logitech Keyboard Folio offers more than just protection for your iPad. The tablet gives you a distinctive character, so it is to match your personal style. “


Cooperation with top designers
Logitech has for the design worked with top designers to combine a sleek design. upscale materials and bold colors The result is a product line in the color Electric Blue, Urban Grey, Mars Red Orange and Carbon Black. In addition, different materials, such as matte leather and finely woven cotton.

Integrated keyboard
The Logitech Keyboard Skin Fabric Folio is a Bluetooth keyboard that is fully integrated into the inside of the cover. The full-size keys give a typing experience as users are accustomed to a regular keyboard, but in a sleek, new look. The nano coating on the outside has a waterproof function. Concealed magnets hold the folio tightly closed, so the iPad is protected route. By opening the folio is activated and put the tablet by connecting into hibernation. In addition, the magnets ensure that the iPad remains in type mode.

Price and availability
The Logitech Keyboard Skin Fabric Folio for iPad is available for 149.99 euros. since May 2013 For more information on the website or blog of Logitech International.

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Mouth watering on the iPad - the Weekkrant


'IPad Mini with Retina display until October "- MacWorld

The iPad Mini with Retina display is not for October this year. There would aanlever issues with the screen. That says analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities.

Instead of iPad Mini with Retina display, think Kuo, Apple will in the meantime the coming months just launch a cheaper variant to cope.

the big competition at the bottom of the tablet market

Kuo estimates that the price for a stripped down version of the iPad Mini, between $ 199 and $ 249 should be placed. His proposal to reduce the cost of the device would be bringing back the memory of 16 gigabytes to 8 gigabytes, and removing the camera on the back of the device (so you can still bubbles).

Kuo shot with his predictions in the past year, several times in the rose nicely if we can believe this. article on AppleInsider

Google Now available for iPhone and iPad - NU.nl

The latest update of the Google zoekapp for iOS Now Google has made the service available.


Hitherto Now, a service that include live calendar, weather and traffic shows, only available on Android.

This information is shown in the app ‘maps’, which are adapted to the situation of the user. For example, any route information displayed when the user for a location recently searched on Google.

local tourist attractions can be displayed when operating abroad, as well as local events. If the user has a flight confirmation in his Gmail, live departures can be displayed.


Not all features from the Android app coming to iOS. According to The Verge, 22 of the 29 types of cards available for Apple devices. The ability to store boarding passes for flights on one of the features that the move to iOS has not made.

be no pushnotificiaties used to the attention of the user to get. important cards However, Google Now on iOS in the background retrieve the location of the user, so it does not need to be refreshed.


Google Android was introduced in version 4.1 (Jelly Bean), in August 2012.

By: NU.nl / Jeroen Crane

Google Now released for iPhone and iPad - iphoneclub.nl

Google Now Teaser Google has just released Google Now for the iPhone and iPad. The feature that you are trying to use Google as a personal assistant, can be used after an update of the Google Search app for iPhone and iPad. Then log in and swipe the home screen up and you get the location service image. Now by Google shows the longer you use it, the more targeted information tailored. On you and your life rhythm The voice service reminiscent of Siri is not in Now for iOS: you can still enter any Google search terms with your voice

The. Google Search update describes the following features:

Get Google Now the right information at the right time.

  • Weather and traffic conditions before you start your day.
  • Updates on your favorite sports teams and always up to date on the latest news.

Find out about how Google Now you can help http://www.google.com/now

Learning based on your location

The great trick of Google Now is that the service learns from your routes via GPS. In theory, Google learns following location and rhythm when you get home, when you go from home, when you are at work and when you usually eat. The application is in the application that you get to see accordingly before you even have to ask a question. So you get to see what is relevant for you.

on cards in the appNo


Unlike Google Now Android 4.1 and later, Google Now no deep integration with the mobile operating system. This is due to limitations that Apple imposes on third-party applications. So you can on Android for example herinningen set to be arrested. By Android On the iPhone, the function will not sync again with the default Reminders app from Apple. That right is reserved to Apple’s personal assistant Siri.

Download: Google Search (free, universal)

Read more about Siri in our file:. Siri

iPad accounted for 80 percent of web traffic - Automation Guide

The iPad generates by far the most traffic of all tablets. The iPad generates by far the most traffic of all tablets.

Samsung may number 2 with sales of tablets, the Apple iPad caused relatively much more traffic than the Galaxy Tab. According to figures from online advertising company Chitika.

In March

iPad owners accounted for 81.9 percent of web traffic from tablet computers in the United States and Canada, according to Chitika. Owners of a Galaxy Tab released in the same month, only 4.3 percent of the traffic triggered. That equates to a ratio of 19:1.

These figures are in stark contrast with the actual sales of both brands. In the fourth quarter of 2012, Apple had the iPad with a market share of around 45 percent. The various models of Samsung together had a market share of 15 percent. There is in the ratio 3:1.

Apple has already large installed base to build

sales should be noted that they say nothing about the total installed base. Apple has with the iPad a few years ahead of the suppliers of other tablets, which mainly have chosen. Android operating system

The share of the iPad in web traffic is the last six months has clearly dropped. In October 2012 it was still 92 percent. The growing range of tablets with other operating systems, especially Android, is herein expressed. In the same six months the proportion of Galaxy Tabs in Web traffic increased from 2.1 to 4.3 percent. Remarkably again that the iPad between February and March again a slight rebound went through, from 80.5 to 81.9 percent.

Chitika does not give figures for the web traffic that tablets generate outside North America.

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Workshop work on the iPad - Hardenberg.nu

Balkbrug – The Foundation Computer Soos Balkbrug organizes a workshop on Thursday May 2, with various settings and capabilities of the iPad are treated


More and more seniors have an iPad. They’d need then can use. Also on the holiday address Therefore it is useful to get good.

We work with your iPad. Basic skills on the iPad mastered Exercise is mandatory and can info@compusoos.nl or via phone 0523-65 66 49

For more information on www.compusoos.nl

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Stanley Kubrick: brilliant films, but he also invented the iPad? - Volkskrant

By: Pauline Kleijer – 27/04/13, 10:56

© RV. A Clockwork Orange (1971).

Stanley Kubrick made brilliant films of lasting value. But he also invented the iPad? Five rumors that keeps cropping up again in the many books about him.

Few directors can measure in status with Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999). In live-born New York filmmaker was already a legend and fourteen years after his death, his work is still loved and much debated. Not just about his films, even the man himself his books have been written – hundreds in total. Some rumors is increasingly surfacing again. Thus, Kubrick was a perfectionist, a hermit and a visionary. What is it actually true

Myth # 1: Kubrick was an unworldly hermit

Status: false

As to the beginning of his career was Stanley Kubrick hailed as a major talent. From the sixties, when he made one after another masterpiece (Lolita, Dr. Strangelove, 2001:. A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange), he was a real star. That reputation brought the necessary pressure with it. Both of his new films and about his personal life was full of gossip. Since Kubrick was his privacy and rarely gave interviews, he was the image of a hermit. The press had to do with the limited information that was there, making such a determination, time and again reared its head

A few facts were known:. Kubrick and his family lived on an estate in England, he suffered from fear of flying , and he was getting longer about his films. His projects were always surrounded with great mystery. If there is news came out, it was mostly about Kubrick extremely detailed preparation. Thus the image of an unapproachable genius who had locked himself in his house to work that never came down.

A picture where little knocked, witnessed many friends and associates later. Loneliness in all of movies created “He was in fact a complete failure as a hermit,” wrote author Michael Herr, who worked with Kubrick on Full Metal Jacket. Kubrick maintained numerous contacts, usually by telephone, but also in person. Friends described him as extremely interested and warmly. Two more persistent rumors that were not true: he had no fear of contamination and dared best to drive faster than 50 kilometers per hour


Myth # 2: Kubrick was a control freak

Status: where

Thousands library cards, scribbled with information about Napoleon Bonaparte, chronologically. Rooms full of cardboard boxes, piled up to the ceiling. Telegrams, faxes, letters, everything systematically kept. When the house was made of Kubrick, carefully open a few years after his death appeared full to a complete stop with archival and research material. Here the director for years engrossed in Napoleon (about whom he would make, which unfortunately never got off the ground a movie), but also investigated the most suitable for doors in New York (for his last film, Eyes Wide Shut).

Kubrick had always been a perfectionist – except at school, where he ran off the edges. Once he started making films, he wanted to keep control over all and had every detail correct. The older he got, the more he seemed to lose sometimes. Those details in Getting longer took the preparation of his films. Came in the fifties and sixties every two or three years a new film, between 1975 and 1999 he made only three.

The stories of his perfectionism are legion. So he could endlessly looking for the proper exposure in a particular scene, or at the last minute decided to paint. All decors in a different color For the costume drama Barry Lyndon he bought real clothes from the 18th century, so the costume designers could make. Exactly after For the same film he had developed special lenses so he could shoot by candlelight. And for a few seconds left image he assured anyone bring thousands of extras. He also continued endlessly refining the scenarios of his films, often just before the shooting, so the actors had to learn another text suddenly. Well it was never good enough for Kubrick – it could always be better


Myth # 3: Kubrick was a tyrant on the set

Status: Not true, or well, for some

‘Stanley was so different from how anyone saw him. He was so caring for me. Gentle. ” In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine Nicole Kidman, who along with her then-husband Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut (1999) played, that Kubrick really was not a bogeyman if they had heard said. He could be demanding, she said, but that was a good thing. This closed Kidman in line actors who opposed the myth that Kubrick was a despot who are actors brought to despair with his outrageous perfectionism. Really, that was not so bad, they said. Jack Nicholson had no qualms, when he played in The Shining. The awkward Peter Sellers, star of Dr. Strangelove and Lolita, Kubrick gave all the space. There were more who said as Kubrick calls me for another film, I do it again

Where did that idea come from.? Kubrick was known to run around countless takes: actors often had dozens of times the same sentence say. That was not him, explained the director grumpy in interviews, but the poor preparation of the actors. Even physically he demanded much. It was some overweight; actress Shelley Duvall (The Shining) almost had a nervous breakdown, Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) became temporarily blind in one eye. Matthew Modine also wrote in his diary about the recording of Full Metal Jacket that Kubrick was ridiculously strict. For weeks doing the same scene, the camera move a few millimeters and start all over again, it was crazy Modine. However, he later said: “I had a good time with Stanley. He was a true friend. “

Myth # 4: Kubrick’s films are full of secret messages

Status:. course not

If you blink your eyes, you have the missed, but in the horror film The Shining carries the boy Danny as a knitted sweater with a picture of the Apollo 11. Enough evidence for many Kubrick-watchers to believe that the director had indeed staged the whole so-called moon landing in 1969 in a film – a story that has long made the rounds

Kubrick’s films always have plenty of room left for. interpretation, he would never let himself be concrete over it. No wonder there is speculation about the deeper meaning of such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Shining, in which some tribute to the Indians thought they saw, or a story about the Holocaust

Unfortunately:. The Most of the symbols that have been discovered, seem completely unaware by being conceived. Kubrick He may have been a compulsive planner, but still left many spontaneously happen on the set. Kubrick’s assistant Leon Vitali unveiled last month in The New York Times that pulling Danny was just taken by a friend of the costume designer one day. Vitali said most theories about Kubrick’s films complete nonsense. “Many decisions arose during the filming of pragmatism.”

Myth # 5: Kubrick was a genius

Status: where

Here we can be brief about this. Kubrick’s films are not to everyone’s taste – there are always opponents in addition to many fans. His work is called cold, aloof or incomprehensible. But the film exceptionally handsome fit together, is indisputable. Technically they were sublime and innovative, content always sharp. Even after more than half a century remains as a film Paths of Glory (1957) upright, and also classics like 2001, The Shining and Dr.. Strangelove have lost none of their luster. Not all Kubrick titles are masterpieces, but only a very talented director makes so many brilliant films of lasting value.

Myth # 6: Kubrick invented the iPad

Status: where

The major competitors Apple and Samsung have been in a legal legal battle over patents. According to Apple, Samsung designing phones and tablets copied, Samsung claims the opposite. Last year, Samsung’s lawyers with a surprising argument: not Apple, but Stanley Kubrick was according to them, the designer of the iPad. The proof is in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey 1968. In one scene aboard the spaceship flies toward Jupiter, to see their breakfast and now look at two astronauts … their tablet computers. The devices seem undeniably on iPads: they are rectangular, thin, flat, with a screen that comes close to the edge. Only the rounded corners missing.

Whether the computers really are, is the question. It would also wireless, flat TV screens may be. And whoso zoom the image, it looks at the bottom is a row of buttons that is missing in the iPad. However, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, who wrote the screenplay with Kubrick, the invention described and expanded ‘Newspad’ called

Kubrick also did not design just anything, the design of 2001. A Space Odyssey is famous for its foresight the director and his years of preparation, which he expanded immersed in aerospace engineering and computer science. Who while still taking into consideration that Apple’s iPod is named after the small white space vehicles from the film (the ‘EVA pods), know enough. Kubrick and Clarke share the credit for the invention of the iPad.

All films in a book
De Volkskrant brings the twelve films of Stanley Kubrick in a bound coffee table book with portraits of all his works. The collection is € 69.95 for sale via the webshop Volkskrant, at Free Record Shop and Fame and order with Bruna, Jumbo, Plantation, The Read Shop and Vivant. Subscribers Thursday received the DVD from 2001: A Space Odyssey sent home, they can buy the box for € 59.95


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Logitech Fabric Skin for a better typing experience on the iPad - Hardware.Info

 by Clemens van Renesse , Saturday, April 27, 2013 08:11, views: 111, source: Logitech

That tablets are only used occasionally to do a game or a movie to watch seems with the advent of Windows 8-based tablet and accompanying keyboard to be past. These are increasingly seen as a minicomputer which you should also be able to type.

fine emails and word documents

Now this is the iPad is not always easy. Logitech is responding to spend. From the Fabric Keyboard Skin This new case for the iPad comes in four different colors namely: red, black, blue and a combination of yellow and gray what Logitech “Urban Grey” has dipped


The design of this new case has some similarities with Microsoft’s Touch Cover, but does have a number of other properties. Thus, the Fabric Skin by Logitech water resistant and is connected via Bluetooth. Logitech also claims a battery life of three months at an average use of two hours per day. The color tube of Logitech is compatible with iPads in the third and fourth generation.

Logitech Fabric Skin can be booked via the website of Logitech.

at the moment for 150 euros

Blue Logitech Fabric Skin Case for iPad


The Skin Fabric can be used. both landscape and portrait

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Queen-action: Win an iPad! - New Bank - New Bank (press release) (subscription)

April 26, 2013

this page

* What should you do?
* Register your number!

More than this Queen your own flea clutter in the Vondelpark or Sarphatipark. And win an Ipad

What to do

For a chance to win one of two iPad’s, do the following:?

* Getting to the beginning of the day vuiniszak on one of the employees of the district. They are at all entrances to the parks.
* Collect all your waste during the day in the bag and throw it at the end of the day also all remaining clutter. Do not leave anything behind!
* Deliver the bag back to the employees of the district as you leave the park and get a garbage bag for each lot.
* Enter finally your number (s) and your personal information in may of 30 April on the registration form.

Register your number!

Sign of lottery numbers to 7 May 2013. Then we draw from all entries 2 winners. If you’re one of the lucky ones, we will call you!

Do it as often as you want. More bags, is more tickets, is more likely to Ipad!



* nature and the environment
* Amsterdam


* Events *
environment and safety
* Tourism & Leisure
* Housing & environment
* South

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Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes on iPhone and iPad released - iphoneclub.nl

Lego Batman DC Super Heroes iPad header Superheroes storm the touchscreen. This morning came Iron Man 3 for the iPhone and iPad, and earlier this month we have fought with Superman, Batman, Robin, Green Lantern and more Injustice: Gods Among Us. That game took advantage of the comic book heroes of DC Comics and the same group will return to the now released Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes. You can be up to 80 characters and superheroes play in an adventure game is shrouded in a Lego sauce.

Lego Batman and Catwoman next iPhone Lego Batman: DC Superheroes came earlier from a variety of platforms, including the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3D S. It is the portable version that served as a donor for the game on the iPhone and iPad. Which was criticized because he did not have the large open game world of the big brothers, but was still nice reviews because he had the co-op mode for two players on board. This function is unfortunately killed in the iOS version. What remains is a story mode for a player with a great replayability. In Lego games you play the first time with the heroes you play according to the story, but you can replay each level with all the characters you have collected. That makes for great additional features because of the specialties of the heroes.

Thus, for example, a Batman Batarang which he can reach higher places, Superman is equipped with its freezing breath and heat vision and Robin in a hazard suit ? Who carries a gun to opponents from a distance have vigorously. Lego Batman DC Super Heroes was the first Lego game where the characters talked, and that is put into the iOS version. It helps that the game is up to 1.33 gigabytes large. The YouTube account Touch Gameplay placed an impression of thick playing 40 minutes of the game:

Lego Batman DC Super Heroes can control in two ways. You can choose a traditional design with virtual buttons and stick in a virtual image, but also have a touch-option as an alternative where you tap more and wipes. If you are accustomed Lego games on TV, you will need some time to switch. The camera is much closer to the action on the iPhone and iPad, shows the characters more than the environment. The disadvantage is that the action feels a bit slower.

Like other Lego games, is also DC Super Heroes fun in a second session of play in one level. Or perhaps a third, if you have all the right buttons below the characters and thus get to know all the secrets of a level. Game Center achievements have behind the door give a lot to play. The latest Lego should perhaps not as works by the lack of cooperation mode be laughable if the big brothers, it’s a game you can play for a long time


Download: Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes (€ 4.49, universal, iOS 5.1 +)

IPad market share decreases, Android is growing and is on Windows - Tablet World

FIGURES --- dots --- ocean At the beginning of a new quarter looks big business back on the previous months and give the shareholders and the press information on the sales of the quarter. This information shows how a company is doing, or not doing.

iPad market share drops

The iPad has long been a master lord, this model has the product form tablets and these models are still supreme in this market. But Android now begins to gnaw the legs from Apple because of the presented figures show that Apple’s market share has fallen.

The Apple iPad is still good for a 48.2% market share and that was a year ago 63.1%. Obviously, the Android OS that the percents of Apple nibble away. Android now has a market share of 43.4%, while they were last year. Nop 34.2%

Hello here is Windows!

For the first time, the Windows 8 and Windows RT in the lists along. Microsoft now has a market share of 7.5% and that was a year ago (logical) 0%.

We can say that the market for tablets to be competitive and that multiple platforms play a role. Apple’s iPad with its still-powerful and that moment will still remain. When you as a brand with two models almost half of the market in the hands have just that very well.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Zutphens salivating on the iPad - the Weekkrant


IPad library organizes workshops - the Weekkrant


Switching devices via your iPhone or iPad - Hardware.Info

 By Richard Schouw , Wednesday, April 24, 2013 17:25, views: 1988, source: Made4Phones

the ESaver iConnect Home Control Starter Kit can lights and electronics connected remotely on or off. Using iPhone or iPad to your devices such as television, printer and game console controlled remotely. This starter according to the automaker’s first step towards a smart home, help you save by stopping slumber power energy. The system can be operated with a free app.

iConnect starter kit consists of the gateway and four on / off sockets. The gateway is connected with the supplied LAN cable to your wireless router. By downloading the iOS application are the on / off sockets and other sensors to add. The iConnect socket is a connector between the socket and the plug of the unit is to be placed. This is to be coupled to the one-time iConnect gateway, after which a turn on or off the linked products directly.

ESaver iConnect system can be expanded with various sensors to monitor wind, temperature, humidity and energy. Thanks to the free download ESaver iConnect application shows all information and control via iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

are electronic equipment and lamps


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Quarterly figures Apple second quarter 2013: iPad still popular - Tablets Magazine

quarterly Apple Apple 2013Kwartaalcijfers second quarter 2013: iPad still popular

Last night, Apple announced quarterly results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2012/2013, the quarter ended March 30, 2013. around 23:00 Dutch time Although frequently seemed lately like Apple very bad to perform is have the exact figures yet (again) proved the contrary.

Apple figures generally

Most information can be found in this piece is of course the iPad specific. We do our best to Tablets Magazine to be natural as possible. But for the sake of completeness it is of course very interesting to also equally sharing.

the overall picture
  • Apple’s revenues: $
  • 43.6 billion

  • Apple’s profit: dollars
  • 9.5 billion

  • Number of iPhones sold: 37.4 million
  • Number of iPads sold: 19.5 million
  • Number of Macs sold: 3.95 million
  • Turnover iTunes / App Store: Dollar
  • 4.1 billion

iPad sales and sales – y / y changes

sales and sales iPadKwartaalcijfers Apple second quarter 2013: iPad still popular

Apple has sold in their second quarter of 2013 as many as 19.5 million iPads. These sales are responsible for a turnover of some $ . 8.7 billion Compared with the same quarter of 2012, the number of iPads sold has increased by 65 percent and revenue growth is 40 percent. It is almost superfluous to mention but Apple has more iPads than ever sold compared to the same quarters in previous years.

Compared with the previous quarter

Although not the best method is to measure it seems similar to the previous quarter, an increasingly popular way to be. Of course, you know that Q1 is the quarter where both the holidays (Christmas / Santa Claus: Presents) in it and sometimes new product announcements take place (this year iPad mini)


  • 2011: -36% and -38% sales units
  • 2012: -24% and -28% sales units
  • 2013 : -15% and -18% sales units

Despite frantic messages on the Internet is the difference between the previous quarter and the current quarter smaller than in ever. The ‘reduction’ in demand compared to gifts season is therefore entirely along.

Average price


The iPad 1 is replaced at one point reached by the iPad 2 and the sale. Then Apple iPad 2 continue to offer, even after arrival of the iPad 3 and even the iPad 4 . In the previous quarter, there is then also added the iPad mini . Cheaper and smaller version of Apple’s iPad The graph shows that the average selling price of iPads is on the decrease. From $ 662 to $ 449 at launch in the last quarter. This reflects not only the success of the iPad mini but also means that the iPad more and more people an affordable option.

gem sell apple Apple quarterly second quarter 2013: iPad still popular

Revenue from the iTunes / App Store

Apple has since last year reporting the turnover achieved from sales from the iTunes App Store and slightly adjusted. This change is the information we have about previous quarters not quite complete. I have only the information that Apple itself after the adjustment and associated recalculation has released included in my chart again. In addition to revenue from the App Store and iTunes Store are also income from licensing deals for eg lightning products and AppleCare included in the figures.

Yet it is clear to see that revenue is growing in this area, which can be just as well for developers, consumers and Apple itself.

very good news interpreted

There are currently 850,000 apps including 350,000 apps for iPad on the App Store. Apple has paid a total of $ 9 billion to developers. A total of 45 billion app downloads and unique, new apps downloaded at a rate of 800 apps per second (!).

Apple’s press release:

37.4 Million iPhones Sold, 19.5 Million iPads Sold

CUPERTINO, California-April 23, 2013-Apple ® today Announced financial results for its fiscal 2013 second quarter ended March 30, 2013. The Company posted quarterly revenue of $ 43.6 billion and net quarterly profit of $ 9.5 billion, or $ 10.09 per diluted share. These results compare to revenue of $ 39.2 billion and net profit of $ 11.6 billion, or $ 12.30 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 37.5 percent Compared to 47.4 percent in the year-ago quarter. International sales Accounted for 66 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

The rest of Apple’s press release of course you can read on the website of Apple itself. There you will find more information about Apple’s increase in the dividend, buy back shares and more.

Photojojo launches 12x zoom lens for iPad mini - NU.nl

The new zoom lens on the camera eye to the back of the iPad mini will be confirmed and has a focus ring, which one can focus manually.

accessory makes it possible to connect to an iPad without using the digital zoom. the tablet zoomed photos When using the digital zoom, existing photo of pixels, which is detrimental to the image quality.

addition to a 12x zoom lens for the iPad mini, Photojojo also launches a 10x zoom lens for the iPad 3 and 4. The intent lenses cost 25 dollars each and are meant only to order online.

By: NU.nl / Jeffrey Weller

Apple: iPad Mini nibbles margin - z24

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. Photo EPA

That made the tech company announced on Tuesday.

Net income was $ 9.5 billion (7.4 million), significantly less than the $ 11.6 billion a year earlier. It was the first profit decline since 2003.

The disappointing results are due to the lower gross profit margin. Which was 37.5 percent compared to 47.4 percent in the same quarter in 2012. For the coming quarter, Apple provides a lower gross profit margin of 36 to 37 percent.

More competition in tablet market

The decrease is due to the increasing competition in the tablet market. This year there are an estimated 30 to 40 percent sold more tablets. The biggest growth is in the cheaper 7-inch models are often run on Google’s Android. According to market researcher IDC, Apple this year’s leading position in the tablet market losses on Android tablets.

To defend market share last year Apple introduced the iPad Mini. The profit margin on the smaller and cheaper iPad is however lower.

The lower price of the iPad Mini (335 euros compared to 505 euros for the latest iPad) has affected the turnover, as well as the affordable iPad 2 (405 euros).

That is reflected in the average selling price of the iPad, obtained by dividing the number of copies sold.

sales by product category

The average selling price of the iPad was still a half years ago, over $ 600, but has now dropped to $ 449.

Dividend increased

Apple also announced to increase to $ 100 billion through the end of 2015. its share buyback program Also, the dividend increased by 15 percent. Apple has long been for more money to return.

under pressure from shareholders

trading in New York after market Apple’s share went up nearly 4 percent. Investors reacted satisfied with the expanded share buyback and higher dividend.

More iPhones and iPads sold

The company from Cupertino sold more iPhones and iPads last quarter than a year earlier. Apple sold 37.4 million iPhones worldwide, compared with 35.1 million last year. The iPad was 19.5 million sold, compared to 11.8 million units in the first quarter of 2012.

recent weeks appeared ominous reports about the selling include the iPhone and the iPad mini. That would be disappointing.

sharply in the first three months of this year

Investors took this an advance by sending Apple shares last week. below the level of $ 400 Eight months ago tipped the price a historic high of more than 700 dollars.

The total sales of Apple over the past quarter was 43.6 billion dollars (33.5 billion euros).

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

iPad 2 in popularity at the expense of new iPads - Tablets Magazine

Apple iPad 2 2nd 2iPad popular at the expense of new iPads

iPad 2 is still selling well to this day. The old free iPad and retina is widely seen as a more economical option than the current iPad 4 , but the iPad mini also remains a popular choice.

according to a recent survey of U.S. consumers by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). This study shows that the iPad 2, which is offered as a budget tablet by Apple still sells very well and that this is at the expense of the fourth-generation iPad.

iPad 2 recently taking a share of 32 percent of all iPad sales. That was last year only 27 percent. The iPad 3 and 4, or iPad retina, plummeted this year from 43 to 36 percent, and the iPad mini was approximately equal to 30 to 32 percent of all iPad sales. The figures are for sales within the United States.

According to the CIRP are iPads with the least capacity sold the most: 60 percent of all sales are Apple’s iPad tablet with the least GBs of storage


price comparison below shows that the iPad 2 is still sold in the Netherlands. The lowest price is at the time of writing at 355 euros, slightly more than an iPad mini costs.

Via: TabTimes