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Logitech Fabric Skin for a better typing experience on the iPad - Hardware.Info

 by Clemens van Renesse , Saturday, April 27, 2013 08:11, views: 111, source: Logitech

That tablets are only used occasionally to do a game or a movie to watch seems with the advent of Windows 8-based tablet and accompanying keyboard to be past. These are increasingly seen as a minicomputer which you should also be able to type.

fine emails and word documents

Now this is the iPad is not always easy. Logitech is responding to spend. From the Fabric Keyboard Skin This new case for the iPad comes in four different colors namely: red, black, blue and a combination of yellow and gray what Logitech “Urban Grey” has dipped


The design of this new case has some similarities with Microsoft’s Touch Cover, but does have a number of other properties. Thus, the Fabric Skin by Logitech water resistant and is connected via Bluetooth. Logitech also claims a battery life of three months at an average use of two hours per day. The color tube of Logitech is compatible with iPads in the third and fourth generation.

Logitech Fabric Skin can be booked via the website of Logitech.

at the moment for 150 euros

Blue Logitech Fabric Skin Case for iPad


The Skin Fabric can be used. both landscape and portrait

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