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install and use iCloud Drive app on iPhone and iPad – iculture

iCloud Drive iCloud Drive already been introduced in iOS eight, but there was no separate app to your files on iPhone and manage iPad. Since iOS nine has changed. You can use it to manage files stored on iCloud Drive: browse through folders and files, copy and move. This tip explains how to install the app and iCloud Drive used. This is probably the only way of file which Apple will allow officially on iOS. Until now, Apple believes that you can not just allowed to have access on an iPhone or iPad files.

Installing iCloud Drive app

To use iCloud Drive app, you will need to install it first. If you take a new iPhone or iPad to use, all you immediately will see a pop-up, with the offer to install the app. Do you want to later install the app, you can do the following steps.

Installing iCloud Drive app.

So you can install the app manually iCloud Drive:

  1. Go to Settings in iOS 9 or later.
  2. tap iCloud .
  3. tap iCloud Drive .
  4. Clear the On the Home screen .

 iCloud Drive, install separate app.

iCloud Drive app is now visible. It gives an overview of all documents and files stored on iCloud Drive. You also see the files you have saved in the Finder on the Mac.

Folders in the iCloud Drive app.

iCloud Drive app: move and delete

You can use the iCloud Drive app folders and move files. Also you can delete them from iCloud Drive. It works as follows:.

  1. Navigate to the folder that you want to move the files
  2. Tap the link Select , right of the screen .
  3. Tap the file or folder and choose Move at the bottom. You want to throw away files or folders, you naturally tap remove .

iCloud Drive app on the iPad.

As you can see, you have many fewer options than in the Finder Mac. When iOS nine wild apple still allow a certain way to manage in an easy way files and folders via iCloud.

Waar iCloud is the Drive app in iOS eight?

22-9-2014 · iCloud Drive offers a cloudmap which you can access from any device, but why is there no central iCloud Drive app for iOS?



Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Supreme fells final verdict: iPad is a computer, no phone – Volkskrant

Ruling Supreme

About the iPad in the Christmas gift tax must now be paid. Lees here the ruling of the Supreme Court.

The judgment means that employers who pay their staff do an iPad gift on that payroll. RTL Netherlands donated 664 workers just before Christmas 2010 an iPad worth 699 euros. The media company had about this donation 323 687 euro salary deduction to the tax authorities. RTL found that iPads under the partial tax exemption for ‘business use’ of ‘communication tools’ were therefore demanded 239 528 euros (74 percent) back from the tax authorities.

The tax inspector refused the refund because the RTL staff iPads would use mainly private. Nor would an iPad in any legal sense of communication, but a “computer” are. For the latter category the tax rules are much stricter. Employers that their employees’ computers and similar equipment “shall not be required to pay income tax if the employee computer store used almost exclusively for his work. In all other cases, the employer payroll tax is payable

No appeal

 Wiebe Minister of Finance. State Wiebes of Finance. © Reuters

But if an iPad falls into the category of ‘telephone, Internet and other means of communication – the position of RTL – does the employer only to show that the business use’ of more than incidental interest “in order to qualify for the tax exemption. RTL Netherlands submitted to the judges using a survey of 31 employees as evidence. It gave a majority to the iPad at least 10 percent of the time to use for work.

After the Tax Office’s request for tax refund was finally rejected, RTL went to court to get his right. The court in Haarlem, the Tax Administration said in November 2012 in the same. RTL won in September 2014 appeal to the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam, after Secretary Wiebe of Finance in cassation went to the Supreme Court.

That highest court has now handed down the final judgment, against which no appeal is possible . The Supreme Court finds the iPad a computer, because people there “mainly perform computer tasks with it.” Because of his versatility is an iPad much more with a computer than with a much more limited smartphone, according to the justices.


Monday, September 14, 2015

Supreme Court: iPad is indeed a computer, not a big phone –


A customer holds an iPad stuck in a shop maker Apple. EPA Photo / Andrew Cowie


After a legal battle of almost five years, the Supreme Court finally clarified: Apple’s iPad is a computer. The device has “digital calendars, mini-laptops and GPS devices” thus appearing more like a computer than a communication tool, as oordeelde the highest court .

The Supreme Court thus goes against the judgment of the Court of Appeal of Amsterdam, the iPad properly inschaalde in the category of “telephone, Internet and similar means of communication.” The question which of the two groups is the product resulted from the dispute or an employer personnel tax may give an iPad.

According to the college’s iPad is characterized by “his versatility for processing and storage of data. ” This allows an iPad to be used according to the college to text, numbers, images and sound processing. Also with the device can be searched on the Internet, and it can be used for relaxation.

as it acknowledged previously those properties as well. But the court added to this that an iPad by his “screen size and input options” works less convenient than a computer, for example when entering long texts. In this sense, one iPad more like a large phone, according to the justices.

The thing about iPad stemmed from a dispute between the Tax Office and an employer that his staff did such a device present. A telephone-like communication have an employer because no payroll tax to be paid to the tax authorities, but on a computer or

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Hoge Council


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tele Wiki: Apple iPhone 6s, 6s and iPad Plus Pro – All About Phones

With Apple’s event this week was the subject easy to choose this Tele Wiki. That is why we are also going this week about the new products Apple then announced namely:. IPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Pro

In plate direct the new iPhones announce, Apple came first show with a somewhat ‘surprise’: the iPad Pro. This iPad is simply a larger iPad. This is just not entirely correct. The iPad Pro namely many new features / specifications better than previous iPad models. So you can find to start a huge 12.9-inch screen on the iPad but also the new A9X. This was announced to be two times faster than the previous chip in the iPad Air 2. Furthermore, Apple also has its “brand new” iPhone and iPhone 6s 6s Plus. On the outside, both seem like two drops of water on their predecessors. However, it is replaced with a 7000 aluminum aluminum, like on the Apple Watch, to avoid a bend gate. On the inside there are very few improvements / changes happening. So now you have the new and more powerful A9 processor. Also, do you find a 12MP camera and 5MP selfiecamera on both iPhones back. One of the biggest changes is the introduction of 3D touch (or touch Force). This allows the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be able to feel the difference between the pressure exerted on the screen. This additional options for diverse applications. This Tele Wiki, we have many talking about this and more!


Monday, September 7, 2015

Course acquainted with the iPad – Our Island (press release) (blog)



Diekhuus the Down Zandpad 7 in Middlesbrough starts on Friday, October 2nd with the course Meet the iPad.

Course acquainted with the iPad

The Diekhuus the Down Zandpad 7 in Middlesbrough start on Friday, October 2nd with the course Meet the iPad.







Home / Nieuws / Courses acquainted with the iPad


Softracon, iPad courses

]] & gt;

The Diekhuus the Down Zandpad 7 in Middlesbrough starts on Friday, October 2nd with the course Meet the iPad.

The tablet is a whole new way of computing emerged, without clutter, keyboard or monitor where a work room or corner of the room to be decorated. The tablet is so small and light as a small book and can be operated on the screen with your fingertips. It almost does not require any particular skill. The establishment of the tablet is simple and fast. This makes the tablet is the ideal device for seniors.

Meet the iPad
Who is somewhat wary of new technological developments or the step into the digital world has not yet made, there is the course ‘GETTING TO KNOW THE IPAD “. Except for those who have never previously seated at a computer course is also designed for people who already have reasonable computer at home, to think of replacing their old slow machine but look reluctant to start a completely different system. In the lessons we hit difficult stories about and go straight to work practically with the iPad. Is practiced with fingertips how to operate the device by means of an appealing program. The emphasis then is on the two most important functions that we want to comply with a computer, e-mail and internet. Attention is also paid to the dangers that lurk on the digital highway. For those who have no iPad has made available a number of free devices during classes. Applications are encountered using a beamer which it performed by the students on the iPad. The course is taught on Fridays 2 and October 9 from 9:30 to 12:30 and costs 55 euros. For those who can already somewhat with the iPad from the feet will soon release the follow-up course work with the iPad. Registrations and information 0645482948 or Note: Apple iPad, no other brand

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Apple also comes with cheaper Apple Watch and iPad keyboard – TechTastic

Apple Watch Sport It is already clear that Apple on Wednesday, September 9th, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus going to reveal, but the company has also a few surprises in store for us. According to The New York Times namely Apple will also introduce a new iPad keyboard and a gold cheaper variant of the current Apple Watch design.

Apple Watch

The newspaper quotes a few people be aware of what is next Wednesday is announced. During the event there will be some new metallic finishes are shown for the Apple Watch. This connects to a report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, published in March, in which the analyst then suggested that Apple could be introducing three new materials for the Apple Watch for the Christmas season.

the options would be a cheaper variant of the Golden Apple Watch Edition. The cheapest gold variant is currently available from € 11,200.00 for the 38mm version with a 18-carat rose gold cabinet. Other materials that Apple could introduce its gold, titanium, and even ceramic.

Apple Watch Sport

iPad 4 and iPad Mini Pro

In addition, the article suggests that the new iPads, iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4 also be announced at the press event, and that is a little surprise since Apple tablets are usually announced at another event in October.

According to the sources of the New York Times Apple also comes with a new iPad keyboard later this year might appear. It is unclear whether this wireless keyboard that was recently approved by the US telecoms watchdog FCC, along with a new Magic Mouse, or that it is a completely different product. Currently Apple does not iPad-specific keyboard.

The article does not mention the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which should appear later this year with a Bluetooth stylus.

Apple TV 2015

Apple TV (2015)

The report further confirms the rumors about the new Apple TV (2015), including the suggested retail price of $ 149 (€ 149) and the remote control with touchpad and gyroscope. The remote control may also be used for games, similar to the functions of a Wii remote.

Other new features of the Apple TV requires an App Store for the Apple TV, which allows users of apps and games to download This play on the big screen. The Apple TV also features Siri support and a universal search, so you can easily search for content across multiple sources, including Netflix, iTunes or YouTube.

If the rumors are correct to date, we can at Wednesday, September 9th iPhone 6S, 6S Plus iPhone, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro, Apple TV (2015) and some new Apple Watch expect models. For Apple fans, there is certainly a lot to look forward to.


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Skype for Android, iPhone and iPad redesigned –

The Skype app for Android and iOS has a new design. The search function has also been improved by Microsoft.

Skype on the iPad has gotten a lot of features from the iPhone app, which were missing until today. The Android version of Skype uses Material Design.

Bottom right of the Skype app is now a floating action button. This makes it possible to quickly send a video message or make a call.

According to Microsoft, the search function within the Skype app improved so important contacts and conversations to be found quickly. Android is now better indicates whether a message is read.

Download Skype for iPhone , iPad and Android



Toshiba shows tablet as a competitor for iPad Pro and Surface Pro – Hardware.Info

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