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iCreate 74: iPad Pro – Can he replace the MacBook? – ICreate Magazine

The iPad iPad Pro is the largest ever. Not only in size but also in terms of opportunities, power, sound … and price tag. What can it all, in which he excels, and for whom is it intended? You can read all about the iPad Pro in iCreate 74 that is now in stores!

 iCreate 74

iCreate 74: The large annual and 10 x creative with your photos

2015 was a busy year in the Apple universe: exquisite products, mad rumors and noteworthy news. We look back at Apple’s year and is already looking forward to what was coming. Furthermore, we show you in this edition of iCreate 10 cool projects that you can perform with your own photographs. You make everyday fun photos, add some fun with it!

And more …

  • 28 pages of practical workshops for your Mac, iPhone and iPad.
  • Reviews on inter alia the Mini Connected, the Bowers & amp; Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless and several iOS apps
  • Numerous Apple Tips & amp;. Tricks that you will not want to miss

So go now to the store and buy iCreate. 74 in our webshop .

Downloads: index and workshop files

Through the link you can download the workshop files iCreate 74 below. In the zip file you will also find an overview of all articles and workshops that have been published to date in iCreate.

  • Index- and workshop files iCreate 74 (zip, 90.4 MB)


“Chinese are not enthusiastic iPad Pro” – Telegraaf.nl

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Dropsy is a bizarre and beautiful adventure game for iPad – iPhoned.nl


Dropsy 9.99

Dropsy is an exceptional adventure about a misunderstood clown who just wants to hand out hugs. The world is bizarre, but the story memorable.

Dropsy is a strange game with at least some peculiar protagonist. Ie you play as ugly clown Dropsy that is trusted by no one. The only thing he wants is to make people happy, but if they run away crying with him is difficult. Therefore he will be in a colorful but tough world are best to do to show that he has the best for everyone.

The gameplay does reminiscent of old adventure games, with an inventory of all the collected objects and a lot of characters to speak. All calls are made via graphics that you need to figure out what the characters want to see before they trust you. The game stands out because of its unique style. The combination of many colors and yet uncomfortable dirty world, the game actually provides a unique identity to be more unique than the face of Dropy itself.

iPhone 6S + additional 1GB + € 10 discount p / m

Device: € 0, – | Everywhere Superfast 4G

300 min

Unl. SMS

2 GB

€ 59.00 € 49.00 p / m


The game is on the expensive side. With a price tag of 9.99 euro sits far above the price of an average iOS game. This is because the game was first released for the PC with the same price and the iOS version for that version does not include. What you get back is a nice story where the heart is in the right place. It is one of the most unique games that appeared last year for the PC and now also for iOS.

Dropsy download

Dropsy only playing on an iPad that is running at least iOS 6.0. The game requires 227MB of free space and you play the story in about five hours.

 Dropsy (AppStore link) Dropsy
Developer: GHI Media, LLC

Review 12 +

Price: € 9.99

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“Larger iPad Pro will not run in China – NU.nl

The iPad Pro, Apple’s new tablet with a larger screen size, knows sales of his predecessors unmatchable.

In the first month that the device in China was in the shops, have triggered over 49,000 copies in the country. Air to the iPad 2 last year there were over 11 times more.

That’s according to data the Chinese market researcher Data Talking to Mashable has provided. The iPad Mini 4, which is also only a short time on the market, with 92 000 activations did in a month slightly better than the Pro.

The lower sales number of the Pro probably has to do with the price of the device, which is almost twice as high as the price of the iPad Air 2. In the Netherlands the larger iPad costs 919 euros, while the Air 2 for 499 euros Located in the shop.

The iPad Pro Apple has created a special keyboard and private stylus available. As the iPad for the first time also touted as a device to work.

China is increasingly important to Apple. The iPhone sales in the country rose sharply, causing revenue from China has doubled in the last year.

Pricey tablet is not  suitable for most work scenarios

See also: Review: Great iPad Pro especially suitable for small niche

By: NU.nl


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Review: Great iPad Pro especially suitable for small niche – NU.nl

The iPad from Apple Pro has a large size, excellent specifications and two interesting accessories. But the tablet seems only really suitable for little scenarios.

The difference between 9.7 inches (the size of the iPad Air) and 12.9 inches (iPad Pro) may not sound very big. But appearances are deceptive: the iPad Pro is much larger than the tablets that most people will be accustomed

The iPad Pro reminds of a laptop without a keyboard.. Although he weighing just over 700 grams is not particularly heavy, you slide the Pro less easily tap into a bag than the iPad Air or Mini.

Apple presents the new variant therefore primarily as productivity tablet supported by an optional stylus and keyboard cover. The Pro thus moves in the waters of the Microsoft Surface and other hybrid devices running Windows 10. But a true laptop replacement is the iPad Pro not, and the unit price of at least 919 euros for few people will be worth.

See how the keyboard and stylus works:

Review: Pro iPad with keyboard and stylus


The design of the tablet is excellent, as we expect from Apple. The finish of the aluminum housing is neat, and the device feels solid. The edges of the screen to be relatively thin, so that the tablet is not unnecessarily large.

The screen itself has a resolution of 2732 by 2048 pixels, so that the pixel density remains approximately equal to the ipad air. As with the other tablets from Apple falls on the screen quality irreproachable.

The iPad Pro has a fairly large screen of 12.9 inches. © NU.nl/Jeroen Crane

The machine does almost more like a laptop without a keyboard than a tablet. © NU.nl/Jeroen Crane

Furthermore, the iPad is more or less the same as previous versions, with Touch ID and the familiar aluminum enclosure. © NU.nl/Jeroen Crane


Under the sleek aluminum on the back of the iPad Pro is the new A9X processor, which is quite a powerhouse. Particularly to graphics tablet leaves the competition far behind. The A9X is even faster than the chips found in many laptops, including the 12-inch Macbook from Apple itself.

For the first time an iPad four speakers:. Two on top and two on the bottom. This managed to produce a decent volume. Nice detail is that the speakers consider the orientation of the tablet, so the bottom speakers always provide the bass. That makes a small but audible difference.


Also new is a magnetic connection on the left side of the tablet. Since the iPad Pro Keyboard Cover can be connected. The cover, which is available separately for the rather shocking price of 179 euros, has a significantly less attractive design than the iPad Pro itself. Closed, it is not quite flat, but puts part of the cover that off.

iPad Pro – Smart Keyboard

The iPad Smart Keyboard Pro is available, a keyboard and a stand for the tablet. © NU.nl/Jeroen Crane

Smart Keyboard is connected to the side of the iPad Pro, through this new connection. © NU.nl/Jeroen Crane

When folded, sticking out of some key; not a very elegant design. © NU.nl/Jeroen Crane

When folded, the Smart Keyboard a pretty thing; the middle part can be folded for use as a standard. © NU.nl/Jeroen Crane

The keys stabbing not very far off the cover and can not be pushed very far; which takes getting used to. © NU.nl/Jeroen Crane

It is in the beginning quite complicated to cover as folding the tablet upright. The keyboard itself is quite small, and it is not possible to put the device on another corner down.

The keys themselves are not bad, and it is possible to type on the Smart Keyboard, but compared with for example the Type Cover of the Microsoft Surface Pro series of Apple keyboard is insignificant.


second accessory for the Apple iPad Pro has made a stylus called Pencil. This pin (at 109 euros) is impressively accurate, though most iPad users will have none need.

The Apple Pencil is an impressive stylus that works accurately. © NU.nl/Jeroen Crane

During charging, plug the Pencil in a rather clumsy way from the tablet. © NU.nl/Jeroen Crane

Fortunately expires charging very fast, so the stylus is not so often have to stabbing. © NU.nl/Jeroen Crane

The lightning connector sits under a cap. Unfortunately, the Pencil can not be inserted into a slot of the tablet; You must therefore store it separately. © NU.nl/Jeroen Crane

As a non-artistic person I was after half an hour signs weather bored with the Pencil, but I was immediately impressed by the accuracy and pressure sensitivity of the pen.

Awkward is the accessory via the Lightning port of the iPad is charging. While doing this puts the Pencil far from the tablet, which looks weird. If you do not use the Pencil there is no way to stabbing him in the tablet or to hang on to, so you have it yourself store them properly.


The biggest problem with the iPad Pro is not in the hardware but in the software. The device runs like all iPads and the iPhone on iOS. That is an excellent mobile operating system, but it’s just not optimized for productivity scenario that Apple Pro will allow.

The home screen of the iPad Pro is almost comical by the waste of screen space. There’s an enormous amount of unused space between app icons and widgets and other useful additions still missing from the home screen; for that you have to turn to the notification panel. Therefore it sometimes feels like you’re using a huge iPhone.

There are some small changes to make it more useful to the big screen. It is possible to have two apps side by turning each other, a feature that was already standard in Windows 8 and also for many years by Samsung on its tablet is made available.

this on the iPad Pro works intuitively and nice. Many apps scale automatically entered when you change the size of the two windows. True multitasking on an iPad Pro, however, still a lot less possible than on a Windows or OS X device. A whole day working on the iPad Pro was not there for me.

This is also due to the lack of applications that are made specifically for the iPad Pro. Among other apps from Adobe and AutoCAD, and the drawing app Paper are already optimized for the larger version. For designers is nice, but many other frequently used apps display on the iPad Pro even a scaled-up version of the existing iPad app, so they get blurry.

Probably, many existing apps in the near future support iPad Pro installation, but it is still questionable whether there will be many apps developed which are specially made for the Pro. That will depend inter alia on the number of tablets sold and the willingness of users to pay for iPad Pro apps.

Screen Size 12.9 inches
Resolution 2732 x 2048 pixels
Processor Apple A9X
Storage 32 to 128 GB
Battery Capacity 10 307 mAh
Cameras 8 and 1.2 megapixel
weight 713 g
Dimensions 305.7 x 220.6 x 6.9 mm
Price From 919 euro


The iPad Pro is a good tablet with impressive specifications, but for most people it will not be interesting are. Who wants to buy a tablet to work on and a lot of text processing on, is still better off with a Surface from Microsoft or a compact MacBook.

With a price of 919 euros, plus 179 euros for the keyboard, the iPad Pro is also slightly cheaper than a high-end laptop. Perhaps the device interesting for designers or artists with the Apple Pencil want to work, but most other people the iPad Pro can safely ignore.

  • Beautiful design
  • High performance
  • High price
  • Software unfit for work


Shop Price Score
€ 880.31
€ 915.0
€ 917.18
€ 919.0 LikeTweet

The three best new apps for your iPad # 125 – Tablets Magazine

The many available apps make the iPad of course the most. That’s why we bring you weekly the best, most interesting, best and most useful apps for your new iPad. This week include the latest app from the creator of Flappy Bird

Grand Theft Auto:. Liberty City Stories

Did you play much earlier GTA? Perhaps you know Liberty City Stories still. This game came out in 2005, but is now also play on the iPad and iPhone. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories contains many elements from the first version of the game, but is also greatly improved. The game is smoother, has higher resolution artworks and you can watch a lot further. In addition, the ministry has been updated. Who 6s an iPhone or iPad Pro, the game can also play at 60 frames per second.

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories will cost € 6.99 in the App Store

Swing. Copters 2

The maker of Flappy Bird has released a new game, Swing Copters 2. The app is a sequel to the first version of Swing copters and I can already tell you that the game is as difficult (perhaps more difficult) as the first version. The graphics of the game have been improved and you can play with multiple characters. The game contains ads, but you can through an in-app purchase disappear.

Swing Copters 2

Swing Copters second is the free download


. Do you have the latest iPad and iPhone in the house, then it pays to update the Google apps. For example, last week launched a new version of its search app. IPhone users can 6s through 3D touch quickly begin a search. Owners of the new iPad can now do a quick Google search via Slide Over and Split View


Google is available for free in the App Store.

What apps do you use?

Do you still have applications that should not be missed on a iPad? I like to read about in the comments, I’ll take them for next time.


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Microsoft Surface eat Apple’s iPad – Macworld


PDF files sign on your iPhone, iPad and Mac do so – iculture

Steve Jobs signature The iPhone can open all kinds of files, such as attachments in e-mails. Sometimes it is necessary, for example, to sign a PDF file, and to send back, for example, to confirm a hotel reservation. This tip explains how you can do exactly on the iPhone and iPad. Also on the Mac to do this easily.

sign PDF files on the iPhone and iPad

Signing a PDF file on your iPhone or iPad is a piece of cake. You just need to follow the following steps to accomplish this:

  1. Open sign the Mail app and open the PDF file
  2. tap on the lower right. tool.
  3. Bottom Right now hosts a signature icon. Tap.
  4. You choose from existing signatures or create a new one. Draw it on the screen.

    Signature Create the iPhone.

  5. Place the signature then the correct place in the file. The colors can be your signature also send in a different color.
  6. tap Ready and the signed file is automatically placed in a new email, reply to the original email.

PDF attachment sign on the iPhone. Signature place in a PDF file on the  iPhone.

Your signature is not placed in the PDF file, but is same time stored for future use. Moreover, it is replicated to all of your devices, including your Mac.

sign PDF files on the Mac

You get sent a PDF file, you can not only to manage your sign iPhone or iPad. Also on the Mac is dead simple to do this:

  1. Open sign the appendix in Preview (the default PDF program on the Mac)
  2. in the click. menu bar, click Extras , followed by Annotate and Signature .
  3. Select an existing signature or create a new one (see below ).
  4. Place the signature in the right place in the file and save it.

Signature Making the Mac.

Do you have the Mac no signature, you can at this Making two ways:

  1. Go to Extras & gt; Annotate & gt; Signature & gt; Administration signatures
  2. Click on Create signature
  3. You can now choose two methods:.. The camera or the trackpad. If you work on an iMac without a trackpad, you can only choose the camera
  4. Camera:. Write your signature on a white piece of paper and hold it in front of the camera
  5. Trackpad.: Click Click here to start and put your finger on the trackpad your signature. Press a key on the keyboard to save your signature.

Then put the new signature through the steps above in the file. All signatures are synchronized between different devices, so you always have them with you.


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pro iPad Review – Heavy tablet, but wonderful device – XGN.nl

Bigger is better. That must have thought Apple when the company recently launched the iPad Pro. It is the biggest tablet ever. Our verdict read in this review iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro is a bin of beast, a monster. But it may also if you need to reach pretty deep into their pockets. Because you’re not ready earlier than 919 euro and that is a considerable amount. You pay for advanced technology, because the iPad Pro is a pretty cool eh .. PC tablet with famous features as you might expect. Think about Siri support and using a finger scan to log in.

The tablet has a 12.9 inch screen and a resolution of 2732 x 2048. Which application you use, everything looks in great detail and that is very pleasing to the eyes. And if for example you play a movie via Netflix you can not help but realize that you will be completely blown away by the quality. And let’s be honest: a larger screen to watch a movie or look back at the one television program is much finer than in a smaller size as the iPad Air 2 (or the rest of the previously released models)

Delicious watching movies with the built-in speakers

What is also of very high added value, the four built-in speakers. Especially if you are a movie setup, you notice that the sound quality is better than previous iPads. You can safely say that if you’re somewhere iPad and want to create your own little small cinema, you can. Less important, but indeed it is convenient that the sound is adapted to the way you tilt the iPad and thus have in hand.

However, most will not get an iPad (let alone this Pro) at home to create a movie somewhere. Maybe you’re a video creator himself! Professional or not, almost everyone nowadays movies to make and therefore the assembly. Apple goes well with the times, because if something is hot under video creators, then it is called 4K. For example if you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S possession, you can shoot images in 4K and mount on the iPad Pro. Again, handy when you’re on the go. In addition, the Pro does everything except slow, due to an improved chip and a faster processor compared with the iPad Air 2.

pro ipad review

The iPad Pro is for everyone

An important question is whether the iPad pro can and should be considered as a laptop replacement. Yes and no. Maybe that Apple is a resounding ‘yes’ ambition, but let’s be honest: if you’re working simultaneously in many programs, and to work quickly, then that as always are always better on a laptop or desktop (with the mouse) than an iPad Pro. It’s good to see that the options are more sophisticated, but be aware that the Pro is certainly not a replacement device.

You do not go the whole day working on an iPad Pro. That seems almost unlikely. Though it is true that there is a keyboard for the Netherlands is in the works (which unfortunately we have not been able to test)

The second important question is to whom the Pro is actually exactly meant. Many people think it’s just for businessmen. That is a wrong notion. Make no mistake: the iPad Pro is actually for everyone: for you, for me, for your mother, your neighbor. This sounds silly, but that is certainly not meant to be.

Thanks to the fine options and many (small) improvement is simply a fine device for various people. Whether you just want to surf, a game wants to play, wants to check an app, the iPad Pro is your best friend. But if we are critical, we recommend’m not really that kind of users. Gaming is not, for example up to its promise. A game like Geometry Wars looks ridiculously good further out also sounds great with all those built-in speakers, but the Pro is much too bulky in the hand to play games really nice. The previous smaller models are more appropriate. Although there is the possibility of a controller to buy.

People who really value the Pro can take include engineers, doctors and artists. Ingenious have many design and drawing. The iPad Pro is very suitable. Thanks to a pencil (not included), this group can draw to your heart’s in AutoCad and with much precision.

pro ipad review

Twisted handy pen

That pen should not be underestimated, because the possibilities are endless. A thick stripe, a thin line and everything in between: the thing registers everything. And everything seems to run smoothly. A modern paintbrush in hand and so it is a fine piece of engineering for cartoonists and other artists.

Furthermore, the iPad Pro can be very useful in science. An example which yours truly got the hots for example is that a doctor talking to a patient can show via the iPad Pro drawings of the human body and then gives more information. The Pro is graphic such a monster, that enough can zoom in on details. How many people do not come to call, and then think that a doctor talking abracadbra? Such a Pro would partly because of its size can help.

In addition, you can on the iPad Pro multitasking (for example, though it was also previously on the iPad Air 2). While you have left a page open, you can just as quickly swipe your notes and get it. You can quickly switch between your thoughts and what you’re watching. Or suppose for example, that you quickly through swipe to open your email. You choose your preference!

pro ipad review

Nice but expensive

We’re definitely enthusiastic about the iPad Pro, because this is simply the best tablet that Apple has delivered. Only the device is not recommended for everyone. You should be aware that the device is expensive (the most expensive variant is about 1200 euros!) And heavy in the hand. He is relatively light and lighter than a laptop. But if you are a person who often just want to surf and take an iPad at hand, then the Pro is not suitable. Then we recommend the iPad Air 2. The Pro puts you more down on a table.

Think of it not as a laptop replacement in the office, especially if you do a lot of video editing. Indeed you want to have around for example the Pro settings go. This also applies to other audiences: it is a very nice tablet which is very desirable in many applications because it provides easiness. It’s a monster of a device that works very well, but ask yourself what you ‘m going to use. And then do you know if you really have to open up your wallet. Our advice is: not for everyone, but for many. Though it remains duur!