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Dropsy is a bizarre and beautiful adventure game for iPad –


Dropsy 9.99

Dropsy is an exceptional adventure about a misunderstood clown who just wants to hand out hugs. The world is bizarre, but the story memorable.

Dropsy is a strange game with at least some peculiar protagonist. Ie you play as ugly clown Dropsy that is trusted by no one. The only thing he wants is to make people happy, but if they run away crying with him is difficult. Therefore he will be in a colorful but tough world are best to do to show that he has the best for everyone.

The gameplay does reminiscent of old adventure games, with an inventory of all the collected objects and a lot of characters to speak. All calls are made via graphics that you need to figure out what the characters want to see before they trust you. The game stands out because of its unique style. The combination of many colors and yet uncomfortable dirty world, the game actually provides a unique identity to be more unique than the face of Dropy itself.

iPhone 6S + additional 1GB + € 10 discount p / m

Device: € 0, – | Everywhere Superfast 4G

300 min

Unl. SMS

2 GB

€ 59.00 € 49.00 p / m


The game is on the expensive side. With a price tag of 9.99 euro sits far above the price of an average iOS game. This is because the game was first released for the PC with the same price and the iOS version for that version does not include. What you get back is a nice story where the heart is in the right place. It is one of the most unique games that appeared last year for the PC and now also for iOS.

Dropsy download

Dropsy only playing on an iPad that is running at least iOS 6.0. The game requires 227MB of free space and you play the story in about five hours.

 Dropsy (AppStore link) Dropsy
Developer: GHI Media, LLC

Review 12 +

Price: € 9.99

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