Monday, December 14, 2015

PDF files sign on your iPhone, iPad and Mac do so – iculture

Steve Jobs signature The iPhone can open all kinds of files, such as attachments in e-mails. Sometimes it is necessary, for example, to sign a PDF file, and to send back, for example, to confirm a hotel reservation. This tip explains how you can do exactly on the iPhone and iPad. Also on the Mac to do this easily.

sign PDF files on the iPhone and iPad

Signing a PDF file on your iPhone or iPad is a piece of cake. You just need to follow the following steps to accomplish this:

  1. Open sign the Mail app and open the PDF file
  2. tap on the lower right. tool.
  3. Bottom Right now hosts a signature icon. Tap.
  4. You choose from existing signatures or create a new one. Draw it on the screen.

    Signature Create the iPhone.

  5. Place the signature then the correct place in the file. The colors can be your signature also send in a different color.
  6. tap Ready and the signed file is automatically placed in a new email, reply to the original email.

PDF attachment sign on the iPhone. Signature place in a PDF file on the  iPhone.

Your signature is not placed in the PDF file, but is same time stored for future use. Moreover, it is replicated to all of your devices, including your Mac.

sign PDF files on the Mac

You get sent a PDF file, you can not only to manage your sign iPhone or iPad. Also on the Mac is dead simple to do this:

  1. Open sign the appendix in Preview (the default PDF program on the Mac)
  2. in the click. menu bar, click Extras , followed by Annotate and Signature .
  3. Select an existing signature or create a new one (see below ).
  4. Place the signature in the right place in the file and save it.

Signature Making the Mac.

Do you have the Mac no signature, you can at this Making two ways:

  1. Go to Extras & gt; Annotate & gt; Signature & gt; Administration signatures
  2. Click on Create signature
  3. You can now choose two methods:.. The camera or the trackpad. If you work on an iMac without a trackpad, you can only choose the camera
  4. Camera:. Write your signature on a white piece of paper and hold it in front of the camera
  5. Trackpad.: Click Click here to start and put your finger on the trackpad your signature. Press a key on the keyboard to save your signature.

Then put the new signature through the steps above in the file. All signatures are synchronized between different devices, so you always have them with you.


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