Monday, December 23, 2013

GeoGame for iPhone and iPad: Addictive Google Street View game -

geogame Who follows the popular Twitter @ Earth_Pics is regularly treated to beautiful nature photos in his timeline. The Dutch owners of that account have now designed a witty app called GeoGame. In the game you need using Street View images and Photo Sphere guess where you are. As a user, you will be dropped off at any location, then you need to find out where you ASAP. You do this through good look around you, to walk back and forth, in and zoom out and look. Clues Once you know it, tap on the world map and place the fuck your Guess Marker. The closer you put it at the actual location, the more points you get.

You can use GeoGame test your own knowledge, but also friends challenge through multiplayer mode. In the app, so you can search for clues, but not on your dead gemakje. The intention is that you ASAP surrounding buildings, monuments, landscapes, signs and flags scans to find the right location for 30 seconds your score begins to decline. After 60 seconds, the round is over and your score is 0.

pisa map

GeoGame Each game consists of five rounds. The aim is to gain much as possible. Compasses You start the game with 10 compasses, but every single player game will cost you 1 compass. That compass earn back when you score 40,000 points or more, but for scores of more than 75,000 points you get an extra compass. In multiplayer games, you can challenge friends or random people for compasses much as you want. The winner gets them all.

Altogether GeoGame a pretty addictive game, because both good tracking and speed to go. A little general knowledge and have traveled here and there helps too. The idea of ??a Street View game is not new, but as an app never executed. This app is well put together, however, and since the publication has a lot of fans gathered. And those enthusiastic users the app again a lot more attractive for new users, since they can challenge. Kinds of people There is currently only an iOS version of GeoGame available, but you can also play the game through the website.

Download: GeoGame (free, universal, iOS 7.0 +)

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