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GTA San Andreas on iPhone and iPad released -

GTA San Andreas iPhone true A new year, a new near-Christmas Rockstar on the App Store . After Grand Theft Auto III in December 2011 and Grand Theft Auto Vice City last year, is now GTA San Andreas released on iPhone and iPad. The final part of the trilogy was originally released on the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox and has now been put to iOS. Everything that made the game so distinctive and pioneering, there again. In addition, the game where you go all the freedom of, and have now also iOS 7 controllers.


No touchscreen game

We tested the game unfortunately not with the current iOS 7 controllers like the Logitech PowerShell or here already available MOGA Ace Power to them to try the game, but like its predecessors, is also playing with a multitude GTA San Andreas to virtual buttons on screen. This time you have a choice of three settings buttons, including one with two virtual sticks to walk and watch. The standard control using action buttons. If you mean at the beginning of the game the first few meters on a dirt bike is that you can lean forward and backward, and four control buttons on the right are in the image and a virtual stick left, you’ll be in great reminded that GTA is not really an ideal touchscreen game. That was also the case with its predecessors, and it is a fact that undoubtedly frustrates a few times during the game. Fortunately, you can efface for a good part of the atmosphere of the phenomenon called GTA.

more serious and bare

GTA San Andreas in 2004 was a huge bang by its much larger game world to move freely relative to the predecessors through, but also bore a stir with its theme. In hindsight put San Andreas bridge between the mostly humorous GTA’s purpose, to the rougher Grand Theft Auto as we know it today.

GTA San Andreas iOS car driving

The story of Carl Johnson who is deep in trouble, it is difficult to call it a joke. In the introduction, you will learn all about the death of his mother, the betrayal of friends and his bitter relationship with the police. The game world is rougher than before. Los Santos is here and there a desolate city, with impoverished and crime neighborhoods. During the day, the game would thereby sometimes look very bare – with the glow of some cars as the only visual bright spot among the still very outdated animations and environment. In the evening light, however, San Andreas looks beautiful, with nice street and house lights blazing across the brings hood to life.

Unprecedented opportunities

Opposite the balder what city are the gigantic dressed possibilities of the game. GTA San Andreas is not just a game where you run, ride, shoot, socks, murder, and commit other crimes. It has parts of a life simulator. You make clothes for another appearance, measure yourself an afro hairstyle to the hairdresser and even all the facets of your body workout! You already do by playing in a certain way (much running is more athletic), but even more by example really work out in a fitness school your muscles. Whether you strength to follow. By boxing lessons You will not only dragged into a story of a dangerous, superficial underworld – you also have room to develop


Note: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is 1.91 gigabytes in size. That means you need to install the game. Nearly 4 gigabytes on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch free A restart of the device is then advisable to avoid. Lockups

Losing yourself

GTA San Andreas was on consoles and PC in 2004 an unprecedented and comprehensive game on iPhone and iPad is almost inappropriate, so much freedom and opportunity you have in it. That the movies are now look clumsy, the game in daylight rather bare and doing to the faces of the main characters are rather static, all be seen from the finger. Rockstar has once again a successful game for the iPhone and iPad put through, which retains the feel of the original. Yes, it sends less than on consoles despite three control options, but hey, it’s still a game in which you can lose.

yourself completely,

Download GTA San Andreas (€ 5.99, universal, iPhone 4S + iPad 2 +, 5 + iPod touch, iOS 4.3 +)

GTA: SA has just been released. It may take some time before it is visible in the App Store.

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