Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nokia shares sneer out to iPad in advertising - the Stentor


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Espoo – Nokia has launched a new advertising put on the internet for the Lumia 2520 tablet. In it the Finnish company stressed that the device can also be used. In bright sunlight That would not apply to the iPad.

In the animation, which can be found among others on YouTube, we see a dog with his mistress go to the park while the sun is shining. The woman just wanted to look at her iPad, but only in the shade. The Dachshund fed it firmly on. The other people with whom the animal wants to play rush in no time for a sheltered spot.

Luckily, one of the park visitors were smart to purchase. Lumia 2520 He throws a Frisbee off the dog, which of course very happy with it. Then you can see how the guy everyone ordering pizza, and all the others spontaneously in racing the sun. The dachshund is working at the very end a delicious slice of pizza away.

It is certainly not the first time the iPad on the grain is taken. Nokia did that for example by insinuating that the tablet is a turnoff for women. Microsoft suggested that multitask with the iPad is not really possible. The Lumia 2520 is still not out for sale in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is not known when this situation changed.

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