Saturday, December 21, 2013

The new iPad read as Niels' t Hooft - Bright

After 10 years, Niels’ t Hooft his debut novel Restrooms available for free on iPads. He made sure a new way of reading on tablets.

Former Bright blogger Niels’ t Hooft wrote in 2003 his first novel: Toilets . About a young couple who are living together in a small apartment with two toilets. Now the ten-year anniversary is reached, ‘t Hooft brings his book again. As a free iPad app.

“The paper book will disappear,” says’ t Hooft in the tutorial video below. “The digital book is emerging.” But reading on the iPad never worked exactly as Niels’ t Hooft like it did. You can scroll through a huge piece of text, but then you are constantly working with your finger and looking at what line you left off. A direct translation from book to screen (like iBooks) also operates according to him, then sentences aborted midway because the page must be turned, the same limitation as a paper book


invented ‘t Hooft something new. Focus Blocks. This dynamic should read works on the iPad. You always get a block of text in the image and when you reach the end of it you tap the bottom for a new block, which in turn upward. So you’re not getting the scrolling and browsing. Incidentally, you can scroll it, if you necessarily want.

For the occasion, Toilets immediately audio features. You do not want to read, then you have to carry voice actor by Sjors Houkes the story. He begins to read from the block you tap the text blocks and run with it. Hands can also follow along.

Toilets Free Download for iPad (from iOS 7).

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