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iCulture test: best streaming music app for iPhone and iPad -

Best iPhone iPad Apps stream music on iOS Spotify, Deezer, Music Unlimited, Rdio or much later released Google Play Music maybe? There are a lot of services that you can have unlimited music listening for 10 euros per month. But the iPhone and iPad app is the best? And what application you can most free music streaming on iPhone and iPad? We highlight each service, the strengths and weaknesses and put in a row that the apps have to offer.

iCulture advises: Spotify

Spotify search and playlists iPhone Spotify for iOS can visually more modern and easier and also has Spotify is not the greatest music offerings. Yet it is the best streaming music app for iPhone and iPad. That’s because Spotify has by far the best support of users and other apps. Thanks to all sorts of music discovery apps that use Spotify’s Premium subscription, there are dozens of ways outside the app to discover new music. At the same time you can subscribe to the app on all playlists from friends, browse through new releases and there is a new feed those numbers in your area of ??interest shows. The editing of playlists in the app itself are good. Only a separate list of favorite albums sadly lacking. The credit for the trial period, you can bypass with Spotify credit cards in shops.

Cost : 9,99 euros per month or free in some KPN Subscriptions
options without a subscription . trying 30 days
<. strong> Database of Music : “More than 20 million songs’
Strong . Also on iPad, vibrant community friends, Spotify is the basis for other Spotify apps Less strong : Somewhat outdated appearance, no list kept albums
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Download:. Spotify (free, universal iOS 6.0 +)

2. Deezer

listen Deezer album iOS 7 Deezer began as an app where you could enter an artist and on that basis artist was told. That feature is still there and is even completely free to use, including full songs. Around it is a music streaming service built that can compete with the competition. There is a news feed with music that is recommended list of new releases and you easily approach the full profile friends. Besides you can also save playlists albums approaching quickly and the app additionally looks good. Spotify wins anyway, thanks to the comprehensive app and user base. But Deezer convinces.

Cost : 9,99 euros per month or less combined with some T-Mobile subscriptions ..
Options without subscription : try 15 days, 30 second samples and listen free radio feature
Database of Music . ‘More than 25 million songs’
<. strong> Strong : Great music database, application fine, reasonably lively music community by T-Mobile operations, many listen without paying
Less strong . Loose app for iPad, with little integration . other apps
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Download iPhone: Deezer (free, iPhone, iOS 5.0 +)
Download iPad: Deezer HD (free, iPad, iOS 5.0 +)

3. Rdio

Rdio new album view iPhone The application of Rdio exudes calm, with a clear sliding menu where you not only your approximates own album collection, playlists and listening history. In addition, you get access to many twisted plates on Rdio, new releases, charts and personal recommendations. Recent Activity collects clear what your friends listen to, but because Rdio is not very popular in the Netherlands, it can remain empty. Geinig that other users can listen, they encounter music that you listen regularly. Transmitter to your personal The test options are good, but buy a subscription through the website: that’s 4.99 per month compared to the app


Cost : 9,99 euros per month through the website
options without a subscription . trying week long, then listen to 30 second samples of each track .
Database of Music : “More than 20 million songs’
Strong . Also on iPad, application exudes calm, good try opportunities, reasonable integration with other apps
Less strong . less known, so less alive among friends
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Download. : Rdio (free, universal, iOS 5.0 +)

4. Google Play Music

google play music 2 Newcomer Google Play Music is a disappointing first impression. The app is only on iPhone and you can sign in with your existing Google account, but must then visit a website on your desktop to create … with a credit card. Play Music account Did not you, then you have nothing else to look for in the app. Did you do that, you will see a beautiful and modern apartment. There you can also save playlists except own individual songs. You see (offline) back into your library on the iTunes-known manner. You can sort songs by genre, artists, albums and songs. In the discovery section focuses on playlists instead of albums, choosing from selected genres and playlists. Finally, you can go to “stations” listen based on your favorite artists.

Cost : 9,99 euros per month
options without a subscription . trying 30 Days
Database of music : “More than 18 million songs’
Strong . Name recognition and reputation update-Google, good backup apps available by independent developers (such gMusic 2)
<. strong> Less strong
: Not optimized for iPad, credit card required for trial
Read more about Google Play Music
Download:. Google Play Music (free , iPhone, iOS 6.0 +)

5. Music Unlimited

Music Unlimited offline music play Sony’s Music Unlimited is the outsider in this list and that is because of the availability of This streaming music. You can only have a subscription through other Sony PSN accounts and SEN, designed for the PlayStation and Xperia phones. However, you can also create an account on the website. It looks sadly out of date, and the same is true for the iPhone app. Fortunately the functions neatly in a scrolling menu, your saved playlists and albums neatly distinguished from charts and channels. In the last search you playlists by genre, feeling, popularity and great fun: era. Your downloads for offline use also useful a separate page. Social features are missing from the application, and outdated design also promises not bode well for future updates.

Cost : 9.99 euros per month, but occasionally cheaper via the PlayStation
options without a subscription . 30-second samples of each number
Database of Music .. “More than 18 million songs’
Strong : Every now and then a lot on offer via the PlayStation, clearly see which songs you download
Less strong . Not optimized for iPad, aged appearance, no social interaction, regular crashes
Read more about Music Unlimited
Download: Music Unlimited (free, iPhone, iOS 6.0 +)

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