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Tomb Raider 1 for iPhone released - iphoneclub.nl

Tomb Raider I iPhone iPad The original Tomb Raider was released in 1996 for PC and PlayStation, has now been released on iPhone and iPad. The action-adventure game already knew 17 years ago, women and girls playing games to get through girl power , but also was appreciated by many male gamers probably by preventing the now world-famous protagonist Lara Croft. The game is for 89 cents from the App Store to download and hence a gift for anyone who cherishes nostalgic feelings for the game.

Treasures Tour

Lara Croft takes a contract to Jacqueline Natla to detect. an ancient artifact Before that, she does several tombs to start, in a system of caves that are partially covered with snow. Even ancient Rome, pyramids, and a lost valley on the program. It does not take very long to unfold that you are looking for the city of Atlantis and the secret behind it. It takes about 15 fairly large levels.

Control of time

Tomb Raider exploring Anno 2013 you should immediately note how much has changed in the control of action games then and now. Tomb Raider 1 has a logical button layout on the iPhone and iPad, which is an achievement because the game obviously is not designed. The touchscreen But how do you bet the buttons, which is an outright trip down memory lane . Should you jump to a higher ledge? For that you do not use the jump button, but press the hand to get you to draw about it. And the way you walk is not of this time. With the left button on the screen, walk forward and backward, but with the side buttons can only run when you are stationary. Would you run into a corner, then you use before the two directional buttons on the right between the action buttons that you use loose for cautious steps aside. It seems in retrospect be unfounded.

Tomb Raider battle with dinosaurs


Tomb Raider for iPhone and iPad stay true to its roots and that means not only control, but also the unevenness and the camera work are maladjusted that. It is possible that you are in a fairly dark cave you drowsy looking for an opening to the next room, or you just lingers as a tile on the floor is slightly higher than the previous. In the tradition of the game, we performed the test also already completely stuck against a wall, and we could no longer side. Then it is bitter that a modern option to restart, a part of a level is missing. That shooting in fights with all these evils can also be challenging, we do not need to stress.

Tomb Raider puzzles with spines iOS

Charm maintain

Despite all its quirks and issues that are now as many negatives weigh heavier than then, has its charm Tomb Raider 1 on iPhone and iPad. Besides control are also not adjusted the images, so you can still see here and there edges between pieces environment that just do not fit properly. And also remained. Enhancing the atmosphere, minimal noise These are aspects that you directly back to 1996, when triggered the game so much for female gaming and sexism in games. New players, we can not recommend the game. The nostalgic is that 89 cents that Tomb Raider I on iOS takes no bump fall.

Download: Tomb Raider I (€ 0.89 Universal iOS 7.0 +)

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