Monday, December 23, 2013

Nokia: iPad users ignore dogs - One More Thing

We can not deny that there are creative people working in the marketing department of Nokia. Where the Finnish manufacturer this summer iPhone User portrayed as zombies, this autumn figured that ignoring a dog by iPad users a nice theme for an advertising message.

In the new commercial for Nokia is to see how iPad users lose their attention for a dog. The reason for this is that the users go in frustration to the poor legibility of the iPad in full sun. Fortunately, there is a lifesaver: the Nokia 2520, a new Windows 8 tablet. Where we thought that Nokia had developed with the iPhone zombies, the most bizarre commercial from 2013 they clearly do their best to outdo themselves.


particularly the commercial is, Nokia has to address it here. weak point of the iPad The iPad is hard to read in the sun. However, the question is whether you should attack before offering your own product. Your new target Have you ever forgotten your pet because you could not read your iPad

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