Monday, December 30, 2013

King with iPad ensures continuity - Wedding

12/30/13, 17:42 – Source: BuzzR

© ANP. Koning Willem-Alexander puts in his office at Noordeinde Palace signed a number of laws.

King Willem-Alexander in the first eight months of his reign only minor visual changes to the way that worked at the court. Queen Beatrix preferred to written correspondence, the new king has his iPad always within reach and works between the acts by e-mail on request.

One of his first appointments was that of an IT expert, so the palace company could be equipped for the demands of modern times better. When the king is abroad, do not have to be faxed, but laws can be signed by the iPad. Willem-Alexander had said at his inauguration: “Every king gives his own interpretation to the office.” That explains new techniques, more openness on the agenda and a new way to go in neighboring countries. Quickly and efficiently to visit

The king has also explicitly raised as a bridge builder. “I want to make connections, identify relationships and communicate what unites us Dutch, even in times of great joy and deep sorrow” was the April 30. “By going connections to people can develop a force that can move mountains together” he said in the Christmas speech. “The monarchy is a symbol of continuity and togetherness,” he stated at the inauguration. At that Directive Willem-Alexander held up well.

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