Friday, December 27, 2013

New iPhone or iPad as a present? This you should know -

iphone-gift-small Have iPad Santa? like a new iPhone or Then iCulture helps you on your way with all kinds of useful information for beginners. From setting up your iOS device at first use to explain iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime and other concepts for the experienced Apple user might be a piece of cake, but which sometimes raise questions for beginners. How do you move easily from one iPhone to another? And where can you go when you just got a gift iPhone or iPad is not functioning properly? How was it doing with that 1 -, 2 – or 3-year warranty on Apple products? You can find it all in this handy list.

Beginners Tips

  • Setting up your iPhone or iPad : Our guide will succeed to set . li>
  • Install iCulture app : This day you stay up to date on the latest news and the best new apps
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  • iCulture user forum : The iCulture forum can help you with all your questions. Check it that your question has been asked before, then you have even faster response.
  • More than 400 tips : Did you know that iCulture has more than 400 tips on using the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch? Everyday there is another tip passed on the frontpage and the

Existing data transfer

  • Migrating from another iPhone or iPad via iCloud : This tip is for people who have previously used an iPhone or iPad . How do you ensure that all the apps and settings are immediately on your new iDevice, thanks backups you’ve made. ICloud
  • Migrating from another iPhone or iPad via iTunes : This tip is for people who have previously used an iPhone or iPad . How do you ensure that all the apps and settings are immediately on your new iDevice, thanks backups you made in iTunes.
  • Apps transfer to new iPhone or iPad : Have you previously downloaded apps, you can transfer them to a new computer
  • iCloud.

Miscellaneous info on Apple services

  • more explanation enter Apple ID: The Apple ID is used for all sorts of services from Apple. This tip explains what you need for an Apple ID and how it works.
  • Explanation of three security questions : When setting up your new iPhone or iPad will get you whether you want to enter three security questions. Here you can read more about the three security questions. You can always change the security questions later, if you have forgotten them.
  • About iCloud : Read all about the use of iCloud, Apple’s free storage service
  • .

  • About iMessage : Read all about iMessage, Apple’s handy messaging service that allows you to exchange messages for free
  • .

  • About FaceTime : Read all about Apple’s FaceTime, the app lets you make video calls and conduct audio interviews
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  • About Apple Maps : Read all about the free map service from Apple, with which you can navigate
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  • iCulture user forum : We mentioned it before: on iCulture forum, please contact problems. There is a big chance that someone else has already been approached.
  • at the exact same problem
  • About Warranty : Where can you go when you newly purchased iPhone or iPad not quite functioning as expected
  • ?

  • Explanation iPhone insurance : Is it necessary to assure to your iPhone or iPad ? In this article you read about options such as AppleCare + and about the sense and nonsense of insurance. Often your iPhone and iPad because all insured through the contents insurance.

Inspiration for apps

  • Best Dutch apps for iPhone and iPad : Here is a list of all known Dutch apps
  • .

  • Best productivity apps : From task list for better calendar app, there are many apps that let you be even more productive with your iPhone or iPad handles
  • Best music apps for iPhone and iPad : Start listening to music. iCulture selected the best music apps.
  • Best photo apps for iPhone and iPad take photos: Ever since the first iPhone a popular pastime. The camera has become better and more fun apps. We made a selection.

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