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10 Tips: PC control with your tablet or smartphone - Computer Total

your tablet and smartphone are unlike your PC or Mac all day at your fingertips. Would not it be nice to integrate these systems together We give 10 tricks to decrease the gap. Between the computer and your mobile devices

What are we gonna do?

, we explain what VNC is, how do you stream your music wirelessly through your home and how you’re accessing files both from your computer and from your tablet or smartphone as easy as possible.

Tip 1: VNC

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) allows you to control a computer. remote Previously you could do it from another PC, but now also comes with your tablet. The connection is made via your home network, a fast wireless network is required. Both the tablet and the computer must be notified on the same network and both devices must be enabled. On your PC, you must install a server program on your tablet install a client app. The client sends information to the server: you move your fingers on the tablet, the mouse will move on the screen of the computer. VNC on your tablet can be tremendously useful if your PC is not close state and you just want to read. Evening from the bank nevertheless a document on your hard drive The tablet gives your entire PC system back then and shall no operation is performed on your tablet. The only thing that you are doing mobile device, showing a display of your computer. Basically it makes you think of the tablet multitouch control.

The app Remoter VNC VNC is a connection between a iPad and PC are made.

Tip 2: iPad (1)

The best choice for iPad owners is Remoter VNC. With this app you can easily board a Windows PC or Mac. The installation is very simple and the app only costs 3 euros. On your PC, you must first install the free program as TightVNC. This server program can be found at here. Put a check mark in the installation of Chartered Tight VNC Server as a system service, click on the Windows taskbar, click the TightVNC icon and choose Customize. Note the number behind Main Port Server and create a new password by password below Primary on Change button. Also note the password and click on OK. If Windows display a message that changes be made to your PC, then you need to approve it. Then move the mouse over the TightVNC icon and write the IP address that appears in the bubble. All this information you have to initialize your iPad.

Remoter VNC

On the PC server program must be installed TightVNC .

Tip 3: iPad (2)

Go to Remoter VNC on your iPad. In the upper left corner, tap Discovery List, which your PC will appear as an option immediately. You see the Windows logo and the name of the PC, which is made up of the name of the PC and the name of your router. Tap and then choose after server type Select / Screens VNC Herring. Verify that behind VNC Port the port number and fill behind VNC password in the password. Tap Save to save the settings. Your pc not appear automatically, follow the instructions in the following tip and enter the IP address of your PC to the place of the address of the Mac. Go back to the home screen by tapping the icon in the upper left corner and select your PC. The screen of your Windows PC is now displayed on the iPad. With sweeps you navigate on the screen and if you want to type something, tap the keyboard. Do you want the scroll bar of the PC mimic, tap the middle icon at the bottom left. By swiping across the screen, for example, you scroll through a Web page. You close a session by tapping. Upper left corner of the icon Remoter VNC incidentally also works on the iPhone.

Now you see on the iPad screen of the PC and serves him by sweeps.

Tip 4: Mac and Remoter

your Mac ready for use with VNC you do not have to download. Click alone System Preferences / Sharing and select Screen Sharing. Then click Computer Settings and check the box for VNC viewers may control screen with the following password. Enter a password and select OK. Go to System Preferences / Network / Wi-Fi and note the IP address under Status. In Remoter VNC tap Discovery List and then Add Session Manually. Select at VNC Server type weather / Screens Herring and enter the IP address behind VNC Hostname. The password you enter at VNC Password. Tap Save and then you can log on to the Mac.

with iPad

a Mac you need to manually set to use Remoter VNC .

Tip 5: Android Remote

People with an Android tablet benefit from the app TeamViewer for Remote Control. Download the free app from Google Play. You need to install on the target PC Team Viewer program. Click on the link under All-In-One and go through the installation. Select Install if you have administrator rights on the PC, and select Private when you start using the program. For non-commercial purposes In the next window, No (default) Choose if you want to set up a temporary connection to the PC or Yes if you want to log. Often on the same PC Do you go for the second option is selected, you must go through a wizard to create. Include a password for the PC At the end of the wizard, an ID appears. This number you enter in the app on your tablet. Touch Remote control to start, enter the password of the computer if you are prompted. You will see on your Android tablet the screen contents of the PC.

The Wizard of TeamViewer.

Tip 6: Google Drive

Hoof you to operate, no display but want access to your documents on both your PC and tablet, opt for a cloud solution. Google Drive is an example of this. On the PC you install the Google Drive application. Download it here. Sign in with your Google account, such as your Gmail address and password, and click the blue Login button. Do not have a Google Account, click on the red Login button and follow the steps. After logging in, you will see the download button to install Google Drive for PC. Install the program on your PC and log into the program again in with your Google data. On your system a separate folder for Google Drive. You can drag this folder on your PC files. As long as you have an Internet connection, Google Drive will automatically files with a specified time interval to synchronize with your Google Drive in the cloud. On the tablet you install the app Google Drive. From an Android phone, iPhone or iPad, you can view and share all files. Spreadsheets and documents you can edit and files can be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone.

Google Drive, you can even edit your documents on a tablet .

Tip 7: Dropbox

Dropbox has a similar principle, but it is only a cloud storage service. So this allows you to edit any documents and spreadsheets. On dropbox, create a free account and click on sign up. Do you already have an account, please log in by clicking in the upper right on sign. The Dropbox application is available for PC, Mac and mobile devices. On the PC, click Download Dropbox and install the program. Login with your account information, and even Dropbox creates a folder on your system. On your mobile device, you download the app from the App Store or Google Play store. The device has a camera, then Dropbox will offer to copy it to your Dropbox account. All the pictures automatically In the home screen, you can optionally specify that you want to allow, by tapping. Enable this Only standard Wi-Fi is selected. You want pictures be uploaded through your data connection, then tap Wi-Fi + Cell. Dropbox can open many file types, but you can edit anything. The service provides 2 gigabytes of free space, which is considerably less than the 5 GB that Google Drive makes available for free.

Dropbox offers no editing.


iCloud and SkyDrive are two other storage services. They work pretty much the same as Google Drive and Dropbox. Apple’s iCloud service is closed, you can not just drag files to all sorts here. An advantage of iCloud is that it is perfectly integrated into the device from Apple. SkyDrive is Microsoft contrast perfectly integrated into Windows software and provides the advantage that you prefer assigned. 7 gigabytes of storage for free

Tip 8: Photo Transfer

If you want to send some pictures of your smartphone or tablet to your PC you can of course do this by a self addressed mail as an attachment they ‘stick’ or hang. single cable between the two machines Fortunately, there is a more elegant solution. Install on your mobile device, the Photo Transfer app, and then tap Send. Choose whether you want to send by clicking. One of the two icons of the photos to a Mac or PC Tap Select to some pictures and videos to choose and tap Done when you’re finished with the selection. On your PC, launch your browser and type in your address that appears in the app. This address is always the same within your home network and you can then save it as a bookmark. Each device has its own address, so if you have the app installed on both an iPhone and an iPad you can get with different addresses from both devices pictures. The browser is then that the photos are ready to be downloaded. Click Download all photos as a zip file in full resolution and the photos and videos will be sent to your PC via your wireless network.

Photo Transfer App works on Android just like an iPad or iPhone.

Tip 09: iTunes
To enjoy your favorite music, you do not have to sit at the computer. You can complete your iTunes music library namely also understand from your tablet or smartphone and play, provided you have at least an iPhone or iPad. To make use of this option you must activate your computer Home Sharing in iTunes. Music instead of the left, select the Home Sharing option. Log in with your Apple ID, and then click Turn On Home Sharing. On your iPad or iPhone, install the Remote app. When your mobile device is registered to the same network, the app will automatically recognize your iTunes library. If you tap it, you see all your music on the iPad or iPhone, you control iTunes on your PC now using your mobile device. Mind you, the music comes from the PC and not the iPad or iPhone, you just use it as a remote control. Do you have an AirPort Express from Apple, then you can select it as the output source from the computer from the app. You control this way the PC with the iPad or iPhone, and PC all the music wirelessly to your AirPort Express send.

Control your PC from the couch and let music wirelessly to your speakers stream.

Remote for Android

There is also a version of Remote for Android devices on the market, though it does not come from Apple itself. The app Remote for iTunes costs 5 euros, but offers a lot of functionality. Even AirPlay is supported, the protocol that lets you stream wirelessly. Example to an AirPort Express or AirPlay wireless speakers An AirPort Express to connect speakers. You can create multiple AirPort Express stations in your home sites, so you can hear that while driving from the iPad.

your music anywhere

Tip 10: Bookmarks

Want to sync bookmarks and tabs on all your devices, then this may be the best means of Chrome, Google’s browser. On your PC or Mac, go to Settings in Chrome by clicking on the top right. Make sure you are signed in with your Google Account. If you have not already done so, you choose Login. On the tablet or smartphone, you install the Chrome app, you launch the app and tap here right corner of the icon and then click Settings. Are you logged in with the same account here, then tap the bottom on other devices. Here you will find the other PCs, smartphones and tablets. You immediately see which tabs you have open on your PC and you can navigate there directly by tapping. Should sync in Chrome are disabled, with you then you can activate it in Settings. Tap Joined Chrome and make sure that the slide behind Sync is enabled.

To synchronize bookmarks and tabs are best to Getting Started with Chrome.

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