Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Status Board; iPad app for control freaks - One More Thing

Nowadays you like modern man or woman a lot to keep an eye on: your agenda, your emails, tweets, and your favorite sites such statistics from your own blog. Would not it be nice if you can collect all that information in an easy app? Software maker Panic thought so and is therefore released with Status Board: Everything you want to monitor, clear the screen of your iPad … or a HD display.

status board screen

screenshots Status Board

staus Board consists of a virtual page where you can drag widgets in itself. In addition, you can choose from the weather, the time, your calendar, RSS feeds, tweets and e-mail. What Status Board however unique are the widgets that you have analytical data can translate into real-time graphs and diagrams. There is also a widget to display HTML content in your Status Board to get. You should therefore set to work but Panic has made tutorials which explains step by step how you charts, diagrams, and HTML widgets makes. Also there are two data-gathering services already Status Board integration offering.

If you do not want to limit all that information to your iPad but also like to show others, such as narrowcast screens at the front desk of a company or school, it has a special Panic HD TV mode built-in. It is your Status Board scaled to 16:9 ratio of a widescreen. The video signal is output via AirPlay or may be using an HDMI adapter to a screen sent.

As we know from the app Panic is not cheap. You pay € 8.99 for Status Board. If you output to a monitor to use then a further € 8.99 when using an in-app purchase.

If you yourself want to work, the RSS feed of OMT is easy: / rss.

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