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Become your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad sometimes used by children? Then you surely not that they are confronted with violence, nudity and other explicit content or they just buy an expensive app. Apple offers you the opportunity to determine what things children can or can not do. This guide shows you how using constraints your kids safe on your iPhone, iPod or iPad can play.

Enable Restrictions
The restrictions for children can be enabled and configured in the settings of your iPhone. Therefore, open the app Settings and scroll to the General tab . Open the Restrictions . Press the Enable Restrictions to the restrictions on. The iPhone now asks you for a password which you give to the restrictions in the future, you can disable or change settings. The password you have entered twice. The restrictions are enabled.

Which apps should children use?
It is possible to determine which apps children can and can not use. In the list below the text Allow are many apps shown you using a switch or just from shifting. It refers only to Apple’s own apps. Other apps can not completely block. The list also includes switches for installing and removing apps possible or impossible. For Siri is possible explicit text off, so you are sure that Siri always neat way will answer. This option is for us in the Netherlands less interesting, since Siri today still do not speak Dutch.

Make use of eg the camera and FaceTime impossible

Which material is allowed?
Children can on your iPhone, iPod or iPad with all kinds of content are confronted not suitable for them. You can happily choose what type of content children on your iPhone, iPod or iPad can view. First, select under the Permitted material Age Rating option Netherlands . iOS uses now the Dutch guidelines for the assessment of content.

each type of content it is possible to impose restrictions. Thus, your music, podcasts and books on explicit texts filter, so content which occurs in such epithets blocked. It can also be given an age where movies and apps should be fit before they can be viewed or opened. TV programs can only be completely blocked.

Block explicit words in music, podcasts and books

Under the heading Permitted material you can also find the ability to block in-app purchases. Set this switch behind the Buy from apps from. Before an in-app purchase can be made should always read the password from the Apple ID must be entered. This password will be remembered for a few minutes, which means that in this period a new in-app purchase can be done without the password needs to be entered. When Require password is it possible to specify the number of minutes the password must be entered.

It is of course important that the privacy of your child properly safeguarded. Again, you can therefore many restrictions. Thus, it is possible, the location services for specific applications or to block in its entirety. You can also prevent new apps from the installation still consent may be given to the location of your child trying to figure out. These options are available in the menu Location Services , that under the Privacy can be found. It can also be shown or apps may obtain access to the address book, calendar, reminders or photos on the device.

Turn Location Services off to prevent the location of children can be traced

via Bluetooth is possible for example to send photos to another smartphone, a tablet or a laptop. Via the menu Share via Bluetooth under the Privacy you can specify which applications to share data via Bluetooth. The same options are available for data sharing via Facebook and Twitter. The option Allow modification not to turn you’re sure that newly installed apps not have this feature.

Other Options
Do not you want kids institutions to change the accounts that you have set for your email, calendar and contacts? You can prevent this by selecting the Allow changes not to switch the menu Accounts .

You can also make it impossible to adjust the volume of your iPhone, iPod or iPad to adjust, so you can prevent children from hearing damage. Do not you want kids online gaming? Block or multiplayer games by under the Gamecenter option Multiplayer Games off. It is also possible only adding friends via Game Center block, which prevents your children can come into contact with strangers.

Block playing multiplayer games through the limitations

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