Thursday, April 25, 2013

IPad market share decreases, Android is growing and is on Windows - Tablet World

FIGURES --- dots --- ocean At the beginning of a new quarter looks big business back on the previous months and give the shareholders and the press information on the sales of the quarter. This information shows how a company is doing, or not doing.

iPad market share drops

The iPad has long been a master lord, this model has the product form tablets and these models are still supreme in this market. But Android now begins to gnaw the legs from Apple because of the presented figures show that Apple’s market share has fallen.

The Apple iPad is still good for a 48.2% market share and that was a year ago 63.1%. Obviously, the Android OS that the percents of Apple nibble away. Android now has a market share of 43.4%, while they were last year. Nop 34.2%

Hello here is Windows!

For the first time, the Windows 8 and Windows RT in the lists along. Microsoft now has a market share of 7.5% and that was a year ago (logical) 0%.

We can say that the market for tablets to be competitive and that multiple platforms play a role. Apple’s iPad with its still-powerful and that moment will still remain. When you as a brand with two models almost half of the market in the hands have just that very well.

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