Monday, April 15, 2013

"Parents worried about iPad school -

There is fuss in at least one of the ten schools iPad in August the doors open. Certainly ten parents have their children of the primary school in Sneek Driemaster achieved.

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writes the Telegraph Monday.

In August open at least ten iPad-schools their doors. All students will be equipped with an iPad and the schools are (partly) on a new lesmodel developed by Education for New Time (O4NT).

That means no permanent classrooms, and teachers more times. Moreover, we are working on other skills which O4NT, an initiative of including Gallup, in this century are needed. For example, innovation, creativity and flexibility are new focus points.


The new school system was Monday was presented to the parents of pupils at the Driemaster in Sneek. Meanwhile, ten parents decided their children out of school while only 77 students at the school.

parents fear that new teachers have technological knowledge, but do not know how to give lessons. Moreover scares the abolition of fixed classrooms and meeting times.

The director of the school thinks that changes the education benefit. “All an iPad does not mean they do not learn to write by hand,” said director Janet Fisher. “And there is much need for flexibility in school hours is concerned, we can now offer. It does not really: just when you come.”

By: / Colin Angle

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