Tuesday, April 23, 2013

iPad 2 in popularity at the expense of new iPads - Tablets Magazine

Apple iPad 2 2nd 2iPad popular at the expense of new iPads

iPad 2 is still selling well to this day. The old free iPad and retina is widely seen as a more economical option than the current iPad 4 , but the iPad mini also remains a popular choice.

according to a recent survey of U.S. consumers by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). This study shows that the iPad 2, which is offered as a budget tablet by Apple still sells very well and that this is at the expense of the fourth-generation iPad.

iPad 2 recently taking a share of 32 percent of all iPad sales. That was last year only 27 percent. The iPad 3 and 4, or iPad retina, plummeted this year from 43 to 36 percent, and the iPad mini was approximately equal to 30 to 32 percent of all iPad sales. The figures are for sales within the United States.

According to the CIRP are iPads with the least capacity sold the most: 60 percent of all sales are Apple’s iPad tablet with the least GBs of storage


price comparison below shows that the iPad 2 is still sold in the Netherlands. The lowest price is at the time of writing at 355 euros, slightly more than an iPad mini costs.

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