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iPad Mini vs iPad 4Vijf reasons to opt for an iPad

Because we sometimes just too easy to assume that all of our readers the most important properties of the various mobile operating systems do know we publish a series of articles where it is once again put all in a row. In a previous article we wrote about five reasons to choose Android and in this article we will discuss five reasons to choose.

for an iPad (for iOS so)

1. The biggest and best app offerings

Apps are extremely important for a tablet and Apple currently has a very large app offerings, especially in the field of tablets. With 300,000 optimized specifically for the iPad apps and 800,000 apps in total there is something for everyone.

also called over the same or similar apps on the Android platform. the quality of the various apps regularly a lot better Whether this has to do with the likes of iOS users to pay for apps more often and more may well be, but by a limited hardware range is simply easier for developers to develop apps for iOS platform. It is not necessary with 1001 different screen sizes and other hardware specifications into account.

Apps optimized for the tablet format, especially also for the retina resolution, are a huge advantage, and a sore on Android. Although the supply of hardware with high resolution screens on Android tablets is growing significantly, you can only conclude that in terms of apps you currently have a lot more to the high-resolution display on an iPad.

iPad apps five reasons to choose an iPad

for iPad

the basic functionalities are on both platforms incidentally find enough apps same goes for popular games etc. However, it is at this point that most apps are first released on iOS, and that you as a user of Android long (er) is waiting for the same apps. Think of apps that you release watch live TV, apps, new social networks, and so on. Television provider Also apps you creative can rally under the banner are generally more available and better than on Android. Think of photo and video editing, but also as an app Foldify.

Finally, Apple itself a depressing range of apps that can be. supplied in addition to standard apps purchased Apps like Pages, Numbers and Keynote as well as iMovie and GarageBand are of high quality and are very interesting to make.

the use of the iPad better / nicer

2. Simple and clear (but closed)

Every disadvantage has its advantage and this wisdom go for mobile platforms. It is quite true that Apple’s system is compared with Android a lot more closed and that there are also more controlled within the system to “violation of the rules. The metaphor often used is that of an enclosed garden.

The advantage of such closed and managed garden is that all shrubberies nicely raked and maintained. And that the manager does his best to get back new beautiful plants and flowers bring.

blossomed every season

Apple’s control and involvement have you as the end user a bit more certainty about the quality of the apps and services that you can use within the system. And of course it is also important that you (a lot less or at least) at risk by this control also not that you install an app or adjustment makes to your tablet / smartphone allowing your device ‘piece’ can go.

3. The best hardware / software combination

One of Apple’s biggest advantages is of course that they have full control and responsibility over both the hardware and the software they offer. This gives Apple the opportunity for optimal compatibility go resulting in the best user experience. Although Apple does not always work with the latest and most modern components (eg processors) by this optimization the Apple devices do just as quickly, and according to some self the fastest .

Apple releases a year or sometimes two new products within their various lines. So a new iPhone every year and a new iPad per year. Prior to the launch of such a new product is a very natural process. A simple comparison with, for example Samsung and its calculation can not but result in Apple more time given to developing a product. This is particularly evident in the build quality back. Apple used not only luxury but also develops special materials production to continue.

these materials as tightly as possible in each

New iPadVijf reasons to opt for an iPad

for iPad

iOS product is always guaranteed at least two software upgrades, which are available on the day that Apple releases for the latest devices. Although not all features (like Siri) it is a guarantee that you can walk.

as the end user with an up-to-date system around

A combination of the above is also responsible for ensuring that Apple’s products are very solid value. iPad and iPhone are about the only products that you can sell for a large part of the original value after one year. (or two) I have regularly managed to sell to go.

a relatively small fee again for the latest iPad my devices

4. Continuity and compatibility

Although it can be best described as boring course iOS can be mentioned. huge consistent system in recent years There is no need to get used to a new layout or with each new device to get used to a custom skin of the manufacturer. With each new update Especially for buyers who just want a device that works easily without too much fuss and opportunities to personalize the iOS system is an interesting option.

Because Apple

its hardware and software itself, there is also an optimal integration between the products. Not only can you apps you’ve purchased an iPhone just use an iPad (often even in optimal resolution) but you are also assured that the connection with other devices (like your Mac computer or Apple TV) is infallible.

5. Huge accessory range

iOS devices are hugely popular and every iPad and iPhone are therefore sold millions of copies. This results in there for every accessory really wish something to find. Want an aluminum case for your iPad, no problem? Want one of wood or one with a built-in keyboard then there or what to find. Accessory manufacturers themselves but need to focus on a limited number of best-selling products and it is therefore very large range.

iPad Miniot cover five reasons to choose an iPad

for iPad

Car Holders, radios, thermostats and scales … You can not think that there are manufacturers who make special products for iOS accessories you for no other product can actually find. Besides the app offerings are the accessories extremely important to always find iDevices.

new applications

And there’s more

course there are more (good) reasons to choose for iOS but it is almost impossible to mention all that. in an article Fortunately, we do have a reaction possibility under this section where you can record your favorite reason (s) itself and thus make clear to the readers of Tablets Magazine.

We have already written a similar article for Android and soon we will also discuss the benefits of Windows 8 . At the time that other platforms also gain more traction we will go there an article on car.

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