Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Google Maps will again default on iPad and iPhone - Volkskrant

17.04.13, 19:01 – Source: BuzzT

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Google director Eric Schmidt wants Google Maps again as the default map application in Apple’s iOS. At the launch of iOS Apple replaced the Google service by Apple’s own Maps, a decision that users do not really appreciated.

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Schmidt, who previously sat on the board of Apple, is now saying during the AllThingsD Mobile Conference to have why Apple would rather do it yourself. clueless As far as he is concerned, Google Maps today again the default application. “For Apple it does not have to be difficult. They can take as our app from the App Store and install standard on iOS devices. That’s all, it’s that simple. “

Before the arrival of Apple and Google Android had strong ties and the search giant was pretty much the main supplier of web services in iOS. After Google came up with Android, the case changed. The late Steve Jobs said his former partners even war. Not much later fell Google Maps and YouTube as standard within iOS apps.

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