Monday, April 29, 2013

Google Now released for iPhone and iPad -

Google Now Teaser Google has just released Google Now for the iPhone and iPad. The feature that you are trying to use Google as a personal assistant, can be used after an update of the Google Search app for iPhone and iPad. Then log in and swipe the home screen up and you get the location service image. Now by Google shows the longer you use it, the more targeted information tailored. On you and your life rhythm The voice service reminiscent of Siri is not in Now for iOS: you can still enter any Google search terms with your voice

The. Google Search update describes the following features:

Get Google Now the right information at the right time.

  • Weather and traffic conditions before you start your day.
  • Updates on your favorite sports teams and always up to date on the latest news.

Find out about how Google Now you can help

Learning based on your location

The great trick of Google Now is that the service learns from your routes via GPS. In theory, Google learns following location and rhythm when you get home, when you go from home, when you are at work and when you usually eat. The application is in the application that you get to see accordingly before you even have to ask a question. So you get to see what is relevant for you.

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Unlike Google Now Android 4.1 and later, Google Now no deep integration with the mobile operating system. This is due to limitations that Apple imposes on third-party applications. So you can on Android for example herinningen set to be arrested. By Android On the iPhone, the function will not sync again with the default Reminders app from Apple. That right is reserved to Apple’s personal assistant Siri.

Download: Google Search (free, universal)

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