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"Do not let the iPad children to their fate '- Volkskrant

OPINION – Renee Braams – 04/21/13, 07:00

© Reuters. An animation during a press conference on the Steve Jobs school. Gallup is co-initiator of the new type of school in which children from an early age to learn to deal with the tablet computer. This happens in a physical school environment, but also at home in a virtual school.

column Steve Jobs-school sounds to dignify legitimate neglect, find columnist Renee Braams.

  • the Steve Jobs-schools, the teacher “coach” and they called the children ‘follow’ rather than to teach. I find legitimate genteel neglect.

Montessori school next to the school my daughter is a Steve Jobs-school, along with nine other schools who would like to enter. renovation adventure I have little faith in. That is not so much because of the iPads, but more because of the story around it.

My son, who is studying mathematics, you should find that each computer smells like Youtube and Facebook, always be aware and therefore the working concentration by definition less. Doing sums and words teach you do with pen and paper, he says.

I myself am quite excited about the computer programs and Maths Garden Squla that my other child is working at home, simply because you get access to for several decades a huge amount of corporate training materials.

Working independently
But what bothers and disturbing is the ideal of self-reliance, which is always associated with working with computers in me education. “They can get to work completely independently,” said a teacher in Amsterdam a promo video of Maths Garden. “Yes, you had a dream,” I snapped. “Nice and easy to yourself that making wise! ‘

This is again too hard, because I understand that the requirement of inspection that teachers differentiated education should provide teachers to despair. Give each child during rekenuur but once instruction at their own level and then hold the rest sensible to work … it seems to me difficult, and can offer a program like Maths Garden outcome.

But no teacher and no parent can imagine that iPads are going instruction, help further explain again and again help but again, unnecessary making.

Classy legitimate neglect
The Steve Jobs-schools, the teacher “coach” and they called the children ‘follow’ instead of teaching . I think genteel legitimate neglect. Much as we would like it be otherwise weak readers you one on one with an adult to read aloud, twice a day for at least twenty minutes. Weak calculators you need to put on a table in groups of about four with a teacher who has sit still and plows every day with the children through the curriculum.

What would that new ‘track’ of pupils mean? Of my piano students, I increasingly hear that they can not ask an enigmatic rendering demand, because teacher on her laptop is busy and can not be disturbed. Teacher at school to help

In Maths Garden, a child endlessly the sum 171:9 get dished. What is it fine as a teacher is watching and even explains how to proceed in such a sum.

In Squla get after each sum and ask to read a text with explanations fine, but not all children are skilful and careful readers …
me a training day with your iPad seems especially so terribly lonely. You’re only one to dabble in your fiddle or dreams, no one watching you. Fortunately, you can of teacher occasionally on Facebook.

Renee Braams is neerlandica, music teacher and columnist for

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