Monday, April 29, 2013

Google Now available for iPhone and iPad -

The latest update of the Google zoekapp for iOS Now Google has made the service available.

Hitherto Now, a service that include live calendar, weather and traffic shows, only available on Android.

This information is shown in the app ‘maps’, which are adapted to the situation of the user. For example, any route information displayed when the user for a location recently searched on Google.

local tourist attractions can be displayed when operating abroad, as well as local events. If the user has a flight confirmation in his Gmail, live departures can be displayed.


Not all features from the Android app coming to iOS. According to The Verge, 22 of the 29 types of cards available for Apple devices. The ability to store boarding passes for flights on one of the features that the move to iOS has not made.

be no pushnotificiaties used to the attention of the user to get. important cards However, Google Now on iOS in the background retrieve the location of the user, so it does not need to be refreshed.


Google Android was introduced in version 4.1 (Jelly Bean), in August 2012.

By: / Jeroen Crane

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