Thursday, April 11, 2013

DA for iPhone: Dutch DirectAdmin app for iPhone and iPad -

DA for iPhone iPad One of the biggest management panels for website creators and hosters, now from the iPhone and iPad to operate with a new Dutch app. DA for iPhone, despite what the name suggests, a universal application for Direct Admin. In the application you can manage hosting for different domains. In addition, you have all the important DirectAdmin functions under the button: you can create new subdomains, email addresses and databases create new administrators appoint your consumption view and change passwords.

If you’ve lost the way in the introduction, DA for iPhone is probably not for you to play. It is not that the application you need if you are in possession of a website: DirectAdmin is just more of a tool for the (remote) control of websites, a layer above it so. However, you are in the application of Erik van Heck visit three different departments. You can access the app as administrator, reseller or user, depending on the settings of your DirectAdmin panel.

In the first case you system information is available, go to the reseller management, admin management, statistics and the Service Monitor. If Reseller sit there in functionality one step below. In it you manage customers, packages, cronjobs, DNS management, consumer statistics and system information. You can also log it as a client, to determine what the customer sees in Direct Admin. You can DA for iPhone therefore user-level use. So you go about managing domains and subdomains, FTP users, statistics, Perl modules, databases, email accounts and forwarders. In this module you’ll find DNS management and cronjobs.

DA for iPhone DirectAdmin app administrator DA for iPhone server service monitor

It is not really necessary for an application with a specific functionality, but DA for iPhone is unfortunately not very nice. In particular iPad see the application quite simple. The application feels like a mobile website. But he is very fast. Pages load quickly and adding new users for example, is done in a jiffy – all the feedback from the app or a step was successful or not, clearly. Another oddity is that the port at the host name is not filled in by default, while it is almost always 2222. They are small pain dots on an application that DirectAdmin as well and soon to the iPhone and iPad brings.

Download: DA for iPhone (€ 1.79, universal, iOS 4.3 +)

Thanks to Jelle for co-testing!

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