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Three apps that should not be missing on your iPad # 30 - Tablets Magazine

many available applications make the iPad of course the most. That’s why we bring you the weekly best, most interesting, best and most useful apps that should not be missing on your iPad. This week, an app for a TV program for your site and info on your iPad


The latest creation of John de Mol called ‘Utopia’. In this television 15 people followed and filmed 24 hours a day. You can follow at home through the apps and the website of Utopia. It is also every evening at half past eight on SBS 6. The iPad app Utopia is beautifully designed and has many functions, the most important is of course the view of the live streams. This is only possible if you have a so-called passport, which costs 2.50 euros per month.

ipad utopia 600x350 Three apps that should not be missing on your iPad # 30

Furthermore you will find the latest news and you can view the 360-degree camera rotation. This app is free to download on the App Store for free, but does require a subscription of € 2.50 per month.


Most of the websites are created using WordPress. Similarly it. With WordPress it is easy to post and adding material. The app has recently received an update that adapts the appearance of iOS 7. You can simply add your own website or create a free blog at

ipad wordpress 600x350 Three apps that should not be missing on your iPad # 30

If you have a account, and these are also linked to your site, you can also view your visitor. This app is free in the App Store.


the settings on the iPad you can display the status of various components retrieval, including the use of the battery and the capacity you have left. In ActMonitor neatly put all this information among themselves. Also, you can see how long some apps are already open and you can see how much data you have used on your WiFi or 4G network.

ipad actmonitor 600x350 Three apps that should not be missing on your iPad # 30

This app is now available for free in the App Store, but normally costs 99 cents.

What apps do you use?

Do you have any apps that really should not be left on an iPad? I love to read about it in the comments, I’ll take them for next time.

Analyst: iPad attend any more - BN DeStem


image ANP

NEW YORK – analyst Rhoda Alexander of IHS does not see Apple moment with a 12-inch iPad coming. Opposite CNET let them know that there is indeed tested in the industry with tablet screens for laptops, but until a final product from Apple is that it considers not result in the short term.

“When the rumors about the big iPad erupted, it was said that the demand for a 12-inch iPad would come. from education, but people who say that do not understand. market look at where education now works with, as the iPad 2 is still by far the most popular. “

a hybrid iPad – with a touch screen and a detachable keyboard – Alexander sees it not come. “Why should they? I see no practical applications for such a device. Perhaps it is useful for Office applications. And it’s true that Microsoft is working on an Office suite for the iPad.”

Lovers of large tablets do not have to count the time being, but rival Samsung will come with a 12-inch tablet. Apple At CES, the Korean company showed for the first time the Galaxy Tab Pro to the general public.

Huawei MediaPad X1 spotted with 7-inch Full HD display - Tablets Magazine

Two weeks ago popped the first information about a new 7-inch tablet from Huawei, but many important details were missing. Today, the first specifications of the tablet, which goes under the name MediaPad X1, surfaced.

Huawei comes this year with a large number of new Android tablets . This is evident from the various rumors and tasty but also has shown to refresh. Tablet offerings the company itself One of the first models that we see is probably the MediaPad X1 7.0. Of these 7-inch tablet today the first details emerged.

Documents from Chinese TENAA we can pick up the X1 7.0 MediaPad 7-inch tablet with a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels. This Full HD resolution is still a rarity. 7-inch tablets Furthermore, the tablet would feature a quad-core processor with a clock speed of 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM, 16GB of storage memory and a microSD card reader that allows the storage memory can be.


Huawei MediaPad Huawei MediaPad 7 X1 X1 7 inch Full HD display spotted

Also, the tablet features a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front, a 5 megapixel rear camera, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. The design of the tablet reminds me of the iPad mini, but it runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The tablet is 7.5 millimeters thick and weighs 239 grams.

The expectation is that we get the Huawei MediaPad X1 7.0 at MWC to see in 2014.

How you do it: Edit files on your tablet - Computer Total

It does not matter much whether there are more tablets than computers sold. Not so strange, tablets are very handy and can increasingly. The more serious tasks like editing Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. But how does that really the best?

We will examine and edit Office documents on a tablet. We also show how to get the necessary documents (which are usually stored on a computer) to our tablets.

Tip 01: Always Access

To do so you can see them with a tablet and edit documents anywhere within reach, it’s a smart idea to store them online. There are now several services that you offer many gigabytes of free storage. Examples are Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Box.

a document that is “in the cloud” is (which is your own piece of online storage), you can always open, as long as an Internet connection is available. Viewing and editing can thus your tablet, but also with a smartphone or other random computer.

Tip 01 Make accessible through an online storage service.

Tip 02: Mobile Office

A handy app allows you to view and edit documents, both Quickoffice. It is also good to know that this app is available for both Android tablets like Apple’s iPad. If both types of tablets in house or switching once, so do not get used. Another app

Quickoffice has taken a while ago by Google and the good news is that the app is completely free since. That is of course a bonus. Before we dive deeper into Quickoffice, we show you how to documents on your computer is also available on your tablet.

Tip 02 Quickoffice is available for both Android tablets and the iPad .

Tip 03: Google Drive

The easiest way to create documents for a tablet, is available – as we already mentioned in tip 1 – by using online storage. Existing documents on your PC, you simply copy a piece of online storage that is yours, so they are available anytime, anywhere via the Internet. We will illustrate this by means of Google Drive. Not least because this service works particularly well with the aforementioned program Quickoffice.

on your computer with the browser to and sign in with your Google Account. In the (rare) event that you do not have one yet, you can register on the same webpage.

Tip 03 Google Drive we use as a conduit for documents.

Tip 04: Upload

After signing in to Google Drive you see in the left column under the word Drive icon with an arrow pointing up. Click the upload icon, then you can designate files stored in Google Drive should be retained. Online on your computer It is a copy, so each original file remains on the computer.

can in principle all kinds of files, but in our case it is specific to Office files, such as documents and spreadsheets that you have created. Word and Excel Everything you so keep in Google Drive, neat appearance to stand in the browser in an inventory. You see nothing, then left click on My Drive .

Tip 04 Copy documents that you want to edit on your tablet an online storage.

Tip 05: Local directory

There is even an even easier way to upload your documents to Google Drive where you do not have to work. using the browser Well, you do have to go to download. Get something back once It is possible because to install a program on your computer, then you get an extra folder. Everything you copy to that folder using Windows Explorer, so automatically placed online in your Google Drive (if your computer is connected to the Internet). Could hardly be easier.

This program can retrieve

by going to Google. Drive in the browser The screen is immediately seen. Download Drive for PC button Click on it and run the program (googledrivesync.exe). A similar program is available for Mac computers (installgoogledrive.dmg).

Tip 05 Google Drive can a local folder on your computer put.

Tip 06: Sync

After installation is asked to sign in with your Gmail Account. After a few screens you can still Advanced Installation to designate a folder itself or on Start Sync to simply default folder called Google Drive to be used under the current user. Files are kept in sync automatically from now. That is, documents that Google Drive are automatically to the newly created folder Google Drive on your computer are copied. Conversely are automatically copied to your online Google Drive.

files that you store in the local directory,

Whenever a file changes, it is also synchronized immediately. Now you can just use Windows Explorer to copy files to and from Office Google Drive and do it in principle impossible to open the browser. Before

Tip 06 Choose an advanced installation if you do not the default Google Drive wants to use.

Tip 07: Quickoffice

Once you have placed some files in Google Drive can be easily on your tablet bringing to view it with Quickoffice or edit. Quickoffice you simply download the application store from your Android tablet or iPad.

Launch the app and tap the Home screen Getting Started . On an iPad, you give the details of your Google Account, and you can opt for an account, if it is already known to the tablet. Immediately under Android Then you get a list of permissions that the app needs. Click on Accept . Prompt the files to see if having. In the left column on your account tapped into your Google Drive

Tip 07 Quickoffice will automatically see all documents in Google Drive.

Tip 08: Documents

Editing a document is easy. Tap the file, after which it opens. That can be a document, spreadsheet or presentation. What editing, you have unfortunately not all options from the appropriate Office programs (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) available to you. It is not, after all, the entire Office suite from Microsoft that runs on your tablet. It is mainly about basic operations. The documents are in any case to see fine and you can make changes as needed.

Keep in mind that the layout is slightly different than on your PC can see out. Especially if there are a lot of markup in the document. Quickoffice is primarily intended not to edit too complicated documents or commentary. Of course you can also create new documents.

Tip 08 Select a document and start editing.

Tip 09: Edit Document

Choose your

such as a Word document, it will first be retrieved from your Google Drive. It is now indeed still online. At this point it is essential that you are connected to the Internet. Then the document on the screen, and you can read and edit. It is a large document? Keep your finger pressed on the right line, then browsed through thumbnails quickly through the document.

changes that you make are always undo and very convenient is that even keeping the option Changes , as we know it from Word, is available. So you can always go back to see what’s changed. Also a convenient option to edit documents. Others

Tip 09 Browsing through large documents quickly.

Tip 10: Printing or saving

From the iPad you can even print documents, if your printer supports AirPrint. Many modern printers can handle it fine here. You then print wirelessly from your tablet on the printer if both are connected to the same wireless network.

Close your document, you are asked whether you want to save the document under the same or a new name or you want to discard the changes. The file is stored in a secure Google Drive, so you always have the exact same version of your documents available on your computer and any other (mobile) devices. Did your tablet temporarily internet, the file is stored locally and updated online as soon as the connection is working again.

Tip 10 Save the modified document or save it as a new one.

Tip 11: Local files

an Android tablet you in Quickoffice also open documents located anywhere on the tablet itself. In the left column of the main screen, tap on this SD card . Then you’ll see a folder structure where you can search just as you would with a regular computer for files. It is wise to where you place all the local papers. Their own folder to You’ll never get lost something.

your Android tablet contains a card reader, you can easily carry your documents by copying them to your computer to a memory card and then put that. ticket in the tablet Thus, you do not always through an online storage service like Google Drive to work, which is in fact a small detour. You do need to take care of themselves for synchronizing files between your computer and tablet.

Tip 11 also allows you to edit local files on an Android tablet.

Tip 12: Documents on iPad

on an iPad documents can be stored locally. Only here you can not freely between all the folders that exist wander. You will only see a folder strictly Quickoffice is granted. So the iPad now works once. Local files are therefore only useful to occasionally make you transfer later (for example) Google Drive. New documents Useful if you are often in places without internet. You can still create new documents, and modify.

Do not forget to copy the new documents regularly to Google Drive if it is just to have a backup and synchronize. them with your computer To copy a file from the iPad to Google Drive can keep your finger pressed on easy in Quickoffice and then to your account in the left column, drag the document.

Tip 12 Touch and drag a document to copy this .

Tip 13: New Document

With Quickoffice, you can easily create new documents. Tap an iPad in the main right corner of the document with the plus sign. On an Android tablet, tap the top right of the plus sign. Then indicate whether it is (Document, Spreadsheet and Presentation called) to a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document. Once you close the document, you can specify a name under which the document will be saved. The main screen of Quickoffice, you can also create new folders so you can organize your documents. Neatly To do this, click on the folder with the plus sign.

Tip 13 Create new documents directly from QuickOffice.

Tip 14: Open from Drive

Google Drive is, as we have seen, approaching from Quickoffice directly and that is so easy. That does not mean that there is a separate app for Google Drive exists. Which also can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store. On an iPad, you can see a preview of the documents. To edit a document, then tap the top right of the three spheres. This choice appears Open , so you can still for Quickoffice or possibly select a different program.

an Android tablet, you often get immediately when you open the file already choose from a number of programs to view or edit the document.

Tip 14 on an iPad directly through the Google Drive app View and edit documents.

Tip 15: Other Storage Services

As we said at the beginning of this article, there are several online storage services such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Box. These online storage services have apps for your tablet, they offer similar opportunities as we have just seen. Google Drive You see a list of files and once you choose a document, there may be a preview of view.

, to edit a document, you indicate in any app that needs to happen. You can then still choose to Quickoffice. Regardless of what service you use, there is always an opportunity to come to edit them. Documents with you

Tip 15 also through other storage services are simple documents in Quickoffice opening.

Tip 16: iWork

Have an iPad and you are looking for more sophisticated ways to edit documents, then you can look at Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Apples that are alternatives to Word, Excel and Powerpoint. You buy them each (approximately nine euros) and if you have recently purchased an iPad, they are even free.

Via Open from the example app Google Drive, you can select one of these apps to edit a document. The apps from Apple or use a different file format, but you can choose when saving documents still save. In Office format Note, again, there may be differences in the transposition of the lay-out.

Tip 16 Pages, Numbers and Keynote are advanced Office apps .

Tip 17: Office 365

Do you have a subscription with Microsoft Office 365, you can also store your documents online through this service and edit. Office 365 offers adults opportunities to edit documents, there can be significantly more than for example with Quickoffice. Well you edit online now, so that a stable internet connection is essential. For smartphones Microsoft Office Mobile app has been made available, which documents locally can be, provided you have an Office 365 subscription.


tablets, this app not yet available. According to Microsoft, this app will get through, but it is unknown when. Let’s hope it will not be long, and especially that the app is usable without subscription, though the chance is pretty small.

Tip 17 Editing can also be via a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 .

Tip 18: Sharing Documents

Want to share your documents, so that not only you but also others can look at it and possibly edit, this is perfectly possible with an app like Google Drive. From the main screen on the information icon in the document and give people access to the persons who may in this particular document. You can indicate whether a person can edit the document, there are comments in may places, or it just may display. On the same sheet is the slider Available Offline incidentally a local copy of this document will be stored on your tablet. Very useful if you are not online.

Tip 18 Documents you share.

Tip 19: Alternatives


addition, there are numerous alternatives if you’re looking for a handy Office suite for your tablet. All of these solutions are not always free. For an Android tablet is a well known and Kingsoft Office for iPad Polaris Office. Documents To Go is even available.

for both platforms

Change your online documents or create new ones to you, remember – no matter what office suite you use – not to make it through to copy documents to a local directory extra regular backups. What you edit online or removing, changing or automatically disappears in Google Drive folder on your computer. The action was unintentional, it is reassuring if you’ve saved. Recent copies

Tip 18 There are several alternatives for Quickoffice.

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iPad remains the market leader, but for how long? - One More Thing

research firm IDC yesterday published new figures on the tablet sales during the last quarter of 2013. The table in which the tablets sold by brand comparison shows that Apple’s 33.8% remains the frontrunner in the tablet market. The largest competitor is Samsung with 18.8%.

tablets with a total of 217.1 million sold in the year 2013, there remains a large increase in sales. Nonetheless take compared to previous years, this elevation. The enormous growth rates were previously listed are no longer an issue. Manufacturers Samsung and Lenovo saw their market share rise compared to the fourth quarter of 2012, while the company from Cupertino had to hand.



Tablet Sales during the fourth quarter of 2013 – Source: IDC Worldwide Tablet Tracker

Apple saw its market share rise compared to the third quarter of 2013, where she then continued stabbing at 29.8%. Compared with the fourth quarter of 2012, Apple has, however, less well. Where iPad -maker in the festival months of 2012 had a market share of 38.2%, appeared as written earlier, the market share to be 33.8%.

cheaper tablets from other manufacturers were so popular gifts during the festive months of 2013. However, Apple could announce an increase in our sales of the iPad. During the conference call three days ago, Consumers were there all right, but more often chose a tablet from another manufacturer. So it seems that Apple leaves behind what is now filled by manufacturers like Samsung and Lenovo. A piece of market share It is time that Apple is going to release a budget tablet?

Nintendo does not want to make games for smartphone or tablet - De Gelderlander


image EPA

TOKYO – Nintendo wants despite a sharp drop in profit does not release games on smartphones and tablets instead of consoles. That said president Satoru Iwata Nintendo after the publication of the quarterly figures.

The Japanese company, known for iconic games like Mario and Zelda, struggling with disappointing sales of the Wii and experiencing fierce competition from games on smartphones and tablets. Still, Iwata remains the current strategy are, where a very important role for consoles to play.

“Many people have advised us in recent years to align our business considerations on smartphones,” said the 54-year-old chief executive, who has his own salary because of the poor results has decreased. temporarily by half “But our games launch on smartphones is not our approach.”

Iwata is not going to ignore smartphones and tablets completely, partly because they happen to be a lot better than selling game consoles. Nintendo wants such as smart devices use to advertise. “However, we believe that our games on these platforms launch not a good idea.”

Researcher wants flexible smartphone and tablet Rubik's Magic Puzzle Making -

Belgian scientists are working on a concept for a smartphone-cum-tablet where the base is formed by Rubik’s Magic Puzzle. According to the researchers, the design ideal because the user device easy to build.

Paddle, as the researchers call their concept would eventually be able to do, as well as a game controller, e-reader or smart watch., not only as a smartphone or tablet service Based on the Rubik’s Magic Puzzle design can be used as a clamshell to take the phone a bracelet to scroll through a list or a small book to browse. Few pages by Unfolded, it is a rectangular or square tablet, while the regular smartphone format is a possibility.

The advantages of the flexible design are not only using a single device for multiple purposes, but also that the user experience would be better. physically with other forms “Our results show that people structures and content easier to remember if they for example physically by a book leaves on the Paddle, than they do with traditional touch screens,” says Raf Ramakers, student Human Computer Interaction at the University of Hasselt in Tweakers, “The Paddle combines the flexibility of touch screens with the qualities of physical control. “

Currently, the appearance of the interface to the various forms adapts by making use of an optical tracking system in combination with a projector. “We use the Natural Point Optitrack system that includes eight infrared cameras. Cameras illuminate the room with infrared light and markers on the Paddle reflect this. Cameras capture this and by combining the images is the position for less than one millimeter to determine, “says Ramakers,” Even finger positions can be so determined. “

Paddle Paddle

In time it is intended that the Paddle touchscreens will contain. “Thanks to innovations in flexible electronics and displays within the next five to ten years can be produced with a small integrated display version” estimates Ramakers.

could be that the base of the device is a puzzle is an obstacle. “Puzzles are made to be as we strive simple transitions. Complex moment we make the user clear example activates the calendar functionality as he performs a particular action by lighting. Certain spots in the interface, this takes time to learn, may be too complicated if more functionality is added and creates visual clutter . “

The researchers will present their project at the end of April at the CHI conference in Toronto, Canada. There they hope to manufacturers interested in the Paddle. Raf Ramakers working on the project together with the professors Johannes Schöning and Kris Luyten of the University of Hasselt.

Starter Guide: Getting Started with the iPad and iPad mini - Computer Total

Before you go play with your new device, you probably want to set. Thanks to the step-by-step activation process of iOS Apple has quite simply made it easier to get started, but in case you need some extra help, we have a comprehensive manual for your new iPad made about activating and transferring data from an older tablet or your computer, plus a number of suggestions for exploring new features.

Put your old data on

You switched on the latest in the world of iOS, so let your old device for what it is. But before you surrender it, you must decide whether you want to transfer the data. To your iPad or iPad mini Here are the different ways to do that, depending on whether you are switching from an old iPad, a different tablet, or you just want to transfer. Data from your computer

Upgrading an older iPad

If you are upgrading from an older iPad or iPad mini, you can see all apps, data and settings to your new device. (To add your music and videos you have your new device still sync with iTunes.) But to do that you must first create a full backup (via iTunes or, if you are running iOS 5 or later, via iCloud ). You can back that up then your new device recover during the setup process.

a backup with iTunes: If your old device to iOS 4 or older is running, you must use iTunes to create. backup To update your backup (or create a new one), connect your old device via USB to the computer you normally sync, open iTunes , select the device in Devices menu, and click the Summary Back Up Now .

Backing up with iCloud: If your old device is running on iOS 5 or later and you have an iCloud account, you can use iCloud backups to your to store data. Your device will automatically make a daily iCloud backup while locked, plugged in, and connected to a Wi-Fi network, but you can force a manual backup when using Wi-Fi by Settings app on your device Go to iCloud> Storage & Backup , and make sure iCloud Backup is enabled. From there you just have to Back Up Now button to start the process. (Note: iCloud backups can take a lot longer than uTunes backups, so it might not be the best option if you want your new phone quickly underway.)

Upgrading another tablet


you an Android or Windows tablet over the air or iPad mini? Depending on how your information is set, it should be possible to transfer.’s To your new device relatively easy

E-mail, contacts and calendars: If you have a Gmail account or other POP or IMAP based e-mail account for use on your smartphone synchronizes the device with all a central server, and you would also need to be able to account virtually hassle to add. to your new iPad Apple’s iOS has automatic setup for people who use Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, or Hotmail, but you can also manually set up a POP or IMAP account for mail, LDAP or CardDAV for contacts, or CalDAV calendars. You can also use Apple’s free iCloud service to make. A new e-mail account

music, videos and photos: Your new iPad uses iTunes to sync local music, TV, movies, and photos from your computer to the device. If you already have that information synchronized with your smartphone or tablet, then it is very easy to synchronize data with your Apple device – you just need to know where this information on your old appliance, and to transfer it to your computer . Add the once that is done to allow iTunes, to sync your photos, add them to iPhoto or Aperture (on a Mac) or put them in your Pictures folder (on a PC).

If you have purchased content with your old tablet that is not copied to your computer (for example, because you’re using Amazon Cloud Drive), you would be able to download to your desktop system, or you can at least have a app on the Installing iPad that gives you access to the information (such as the Kindle app for books purchased).

Apps and miscellaneous: Unfortunately you can not use Windows or Android apps porting your old device to your new iPad. But hopefully you versions of those apps on Apple’s App Store to find (for example, if you used on your old tablet Dropbox, you can use the iOS app company download your Dropbox data remain approximate). If you have apps with important information that you do not want to lose (note apps, task lists, etc.) you can look around to see if you can export that information, otherwise you have unfortunately unlucky


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Tablet deals with VAT MediaMarkt action (and BCC) - Tablet Guide

Traditional VAT MediaMarkt campaign has started again. Until Sunday, February 2 (18:00) applies to almost all the items a discount of 17.36 percent converted. But beware! Not all offers look as good as they are. Tablet Guide puts some calculation examples and best tablet deals for you in a row.

The terms of the tax MediaMarket action are as follows: In the offices of Media Markt and in the shop, a discount of 17.36 percent on the price of almost all products. The discount is valid on orders of Wednesday, January 29th 18:00 to 18:00 Sunday, February 2nd. There are some exceptions apply, including all models of the iPad and iPad Mini.

course does the BCC again along with all the action from all major electronics retailers. All terms and conditions also apply to purchases in that period at the BCC BCC stores and shop.

We do not know whether it is accidental, but some tablets are “suddenly” disappeared from the shop MediaMarkt and BCC. It could be that the tablet is not in stock, but may be doing this on purpose to suffer on the tablet no loss. Do not miss a tablet in the shop, you can always check with a branch or the tablet in stock.

Please note that the discount applies to the price of the manufacturers. This means that this need not always be the cheapest price. In addition, it is still the private copying levy on the price. So always check the current price of other tablet vendors

A good tool here is the comparator tablet, the tablet largest database of Netherlands with all specifications, photos and actual prices (including shipping and copying levy). Find the tablet PC of your choice in the tablet comparator and click ‘prices’ for an overview of the exact price of each operator in the Netherlands.

Good Tax offers MediaMarkt (and BCC)

These are the editors of the six best Tablet Guide offers this tax action:

ASUS MeMO pad 10

Specificaties |  Review | VAT action: â, ¬ 167.17 ( MediaMarket ,  BCC)


 Asus MeMO Pad 16GB 10

Asus MeMO Pad 10 16GB

  1.  BCC € 167.17 In Stock Buy Now
  2.  Shave Soother and € 219.00 in stock Buy Now
  3. € 229.00 Buy Now

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)

Specificaties |  Review | VAT action: â, ¬ 446.50 (Media Markt,  BCC)


 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi 32GB (2014)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi 32GB (2014)

  1. € 446.50 In Stock Buy Now
  2.  BCC € 446.50 Buy Now
  3. € 548.03 in stock Buy Now

Microsoft Surface 2 Pro (128GB)

Specificaties |  Review | VAT action: â, ¬ 810.14 (Media Markt,  BCC )


 Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB 2

Microsoft Surface 2 Pro 128GB

  1. € 810.14 In Stock Buy Now
  2. € 979.00 in stock Buy Now
  3. € 979.00 in stock Buy Now

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Specificaties |  Review | VAT action: â, ¬ 330.80 (Media Markt,  BCC)


 Sony Xperia Tablet S 16GB WiFi

Sony Xperia Tablet S 16GB WiFi

  1. € 330.80 In Stock Buy Now
  2. € 399.00 in stock Buy Now
  3.  BCC € 399.00 in stock Buy Now


Specificaties |  Review | VAT action: â, ¬ 115.93 (Media Markt,  BCC)


 Asus MeMo Pad HD 16GB WiFi 7 Asus MeMo Pad

HD 7 16GB WiFi

  1. € 115.93 In Stock Buy Now
  2.  BCC € 115.93 Buy Now
  3. € 139.00 in stock Buy Now

Google Nexus 7

Specificaties |  Review | VAT action: â, ¬ 206.84 (Media Markt,  BCC)


 Asus Google Nexus 7 32GB WiFi (2013)

Asus Google Nexus 7 32GB WiFi (2013)

  1.  BCC € 206.84 In Stock Buy Now
  2. € 206.84 in stock Buy Now
  3.  Paradigit € 229.00 in stock Buy Now

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