Sunday, January 31, 2016

The three best new apps for your iPad # 131 – Tablets Magazine

The many available apps make the iPad of course the most. That’s why we bring you weekly the best, most interesting, best and most useful apps for your new iPad. Including an app that lets you movies can stream to your iPad from your MacBook.

Air Video HD

Do you have an iPad with only 16GB of storage memory, and you still want all movies in HD see on the tablet screen? Then Air Video HD for a few euros you greatest friend. This app lets you movies stored on your MacBook or iMac, stream it to your iPad. This works so well that the app currently with five stars is valued in iTunes. The limited space on the iPad with this app is no problem. Would you like with the iPad on the road without Macbook, it is possible to transfer a movie right to the iPad. Watch your movie on the Macbook and want to look further on the iPad, then the thread is picked up at the point where you stopped.

 Air Video HD

Air Video HD is to get 4.99 euros on the App Store.

The Divergent Series Fandom

Fans of the film series Divergent know it already: on March 18, the third film will premiere in theaters. Allegiant promises to be blood clots more than the other two films, Divergent and Insurgent together, and the main characters Tris and Four should do everything to save the encircled town where they have never been outside of evil that just comes from outside. Do you want to know everything about the upcoming film, the main characters and the actors, it’s a good idea to install the app The Divergent Series Fandom. You will not miss any news about this successful film series.


The Divergent Series Fandom is a free download from the App Store

3D Earth -. weatherForecastAjax.jsp and widget

Weather Amateurs will find this app amazing, but if you’re just interested in the movements in our atmosphere is wonderful to see this app. You will see a simulation of the globe with the flow again. You can zoom in cities and the local weather picture there get a detailed picture, including weather forecasts. The app allows temperatures, humidity, wind speed, air pressure and still see a world clock, and you can choose whether the app three hours or fifteen days to predict, and everything in between.

3D Earth - weatherForecastAjax.jsp and  widget

3D Earth – weatherForecastAjax.jsp and widget can be downloaded free from the App Store The app is temporarily free, you can to.. 4.99 euro also download a weather widget from the app.

What apps do you use?

Do you have any apps that should not be missed on an iPad? I like to read about in the reactions, then I take them for next time.


Saturday, January 30, 2016

News Week 4: 7 Plus iPhone, iPad Air 3 and dangerous adapters –

Every Saturday we put in our weekly summary of the most important iPhone news the past few days for you at a glance. If you are in a few minutes with all the developments in the world of Apple!

iPhone 7 Plus get dual camera lens for better pictures

 iphone seven plus dual camera lens The iPhone 7 Plus is reportedly equipped with two camera lenses on the back to ensure that the picture quality is substantially improved. KGI predicts that Apple camera software will provide a function that the two photos shot are, together into one picture quality. In addition to a dual camera lens would fit Apple iPhone 7 Plus with optical zoom (2-3 times), a wide lens with optical image stabilization and a telephoto lens with a significantly narrower field of view. Only the Plus 7 variant of the iPhone would have a double camera.

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‘Annunciation iPad Air 3, iPhone 5SE and Apple Watch straps in March

Air iPad 2 Review Last year, the brand new iPad Pro and an update to the iPad mini to the market, but Apple kept quiet about a new iPad with standard size of 9.7-inch. The latest rumors say the iPad Air 3 will be announced in March at the alleged Apple event. A schematic diagram would show that the iPad Air 3 an LED flash get on the back, which leads to better pictures in low light. And the iPad Air 3 would, like the iPad Pro, the disposal get four speakers (two below and two above). Nor would Apple iPad panels tested to work with the Apple Pencil.

Apple launched exchange program for shock dangerous adapters

apple- adapter exchange Apple has determined that its power adapters breakage in exceptional cases, so users can get a shock when touched. For that plugs start a business exchange program. It involves AC adapters with two pins, designed for Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Argentina and Brazil. How many adapters it is exactly is not known. According to Apple involves plugs supplied between 2003 and 2015 with some Mac and iOS devices. Even if you have an international travel adapter from Apple, it may be a wrong. here you can see if you are eligible for a replacement adapter.

‘Apple introduced in 2017 wireless charging remote

Charging iPhone According to reports Apple is working on a technology that makes it possible to remote devices wirelessly recharge. The functionality is possible next year with the launch of the new iPhone introduced. Currently, there are already several devices on the market, such as the Apple , Which can be recharged wirelessly but for another dock or mat benodigen. The technology of Apple is charging remotely possible, all technical barriers still have to be overcome, such as the loss of power as the distance between the device and the charger increases. The new wireless charging technology should also mean that Apple can continue to sell its products at a premium price tag.

Mac and iOS users experienced problems with Safari

 great safari On Twitter and forums including Reddit came this past week dozens of messages of iOS users who complained about Safari. The browser was forcibly stopped when entering search queries.


Friday, January 29, 2016

Air iPad 3 with 4K panel comes along with iPhone 5SE in March? – Hardware.Info

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Course ‘work with iPad’ in Zierikzee – Our Island Schouwen (press release) (blog)

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]] & gt.;

The Zeeland Volksuniversiteit holds a course” Anything with the iPad ‘from Tuesday, February 2nd in Zierikzee. This is an advanced course and is intended for people who are already pretty handy with their iPad.

In this course, participants take a step further with the iPad: Apps (applications or applications) make it possible to manufacture the iPad documents, edit, send, store or share with others. In three meetings install students under the guidance of the teacher an app for secure storage of documents. When asked, still covers several other apps, such as apps on music and television.

To follow this course must be set the iPad on the possibility of buying apps. Costs for the purchase of apps used in this course are about 12 euros. The course will be given on Tuesday 2nd, 9th and February 16th from 9:30 until 12:30. The training facility is the MFC, the Huybert Street 35 in Zierikzee. Register of advance is required and can until Monday February 1st. More information can be found at: .

02-02-2016 09:30 t / m 12:30
Zeeland Volksuniversiteit
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Apple calls chargers iPad and Macbook back – RTL Z

Some chargers for the iPad or MacBook can give an electric shock. Apple is therefore launching an exchange program and urges customers to check on their charger.

The corresponding chargers in the period between 2003 and 2015 including Europe sold, Apple announced today. This relates specifically to thicker chargers for tablet and laptop, and not the smaller charger for the iPhone.

You can check whether you can swap the plug your charger at Apple in the connector cable to attract and to see the inside. If you do see the EUR logo, it’s a charger that does not shock. If you there four small figures or sees no figures at all, you can swap may plug the charger for a new one.

“The safety of customers, Apple top priority. Therefore, we own accord decided each affected AC adapter free of charge to exchange for a new, redesigned adapter”, Apple leaves know.

How to Trade the charger?
You can redeem the charger from the Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. It is also possible to online to apply for a new by entering the serial number of your device. In the box you will receive the new charger, you can return the defective

Source • RTL Z / Daniel Verlaan

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

“Air New iPad gets ultra high-definition screen –

The new iPad Air supposedly get an ultra high-definition screen and 3GB of RAM.

This was reported by DigiTimes sources within the production chain. The new iPad Air also would have a better battery life than its predecessor.

The new tablet from Apple will probably not be equipped with a touch-sensitive screen, like the iPhone and the Apple Watch do have.

The production of the iPad Air will start according to the initiated in the second quarter of 2016. According to previous rumors, the tablet is already presented in March , what therefore would indicate that the new iPad will not be available immediately after the presentation. The new iPad would be equipped with a flash.



The iPad Smart Pro Connector can update accessories – iculture

That iOS 3.9 a major update with veel New features was clear. As more beta versions, however, appear united diving more and more features for iOS 9.3 on. So now that the Smart Connector of the iPad Pro can install software updates for accessories. It works from the second beta of iOS 9.3 .

 iPad Pro with keyboard

The new feature of the Smart Connector was discovered by Stefan Wolfrum, a German developer after installing iOS 3.9 beta 2 is Logitech Create Keyboard to be connected iPad Pro.

iPad Pro Smart Connector, how does it

At the bottom of the iPad Pro is a subtle new gate installed: the Smart Connector. What can you do with these three spheres and what it promises for the future?


Popup shows installation process
 Smart Connector can update accessories At that time, there appeared a message on the screen asking if he key now or later wanted to provide an update. Then you will see the percentage of what the situation is with the installation. If this counter disappears reached the hundred percent the message, and you will therefore not see what the update has changed.

of the Logitech Create Keyboard Users could without that info yourself or figure out why an update was necessary. Several users complained namely about delayed input. They also complained that the keyboard in some cases pressed key not passed. Those problems would be solved after installing the firmware update.

tweede beta of iOS 3.9 appeared earlier this week to developers, and since last night also downloadable for public beta testers. Exactly how this works you can read in the article below.

Publieke second beta of iOS 3.9 appeared with Night Shift button

27-1 · The second public beta of iOS 9.3 has been released today by Apple. iOS 3.9 adds several major new features such as the special night mode.


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Messaging Line Optimized for iPad – Tablets Magazine

The creators of the free to use messaging Line have optimized the iPhone version of the app for the iPad. The application includes fortunately still a lot of its features which you will find on the iPhone.

Line is messaging application on iOS provide an update, so iPad owners can now make good use of the messaging service. The new app includes many of the features that you find in the iPhone version, such as sending messages and making calls with one another, with or without video. However, it is still not possible to use Line Pay, you look up friends with their phone, buy themes and stickers or to call a landline number

For the attentive reader.: yes, there is already an iPad application of the service. But that is much less comprehensive than the new universal version. The two apps does not do the same. So you can not call the old version, with or without images. You can also use the old version only if you have already registered on the existing iPhone version (that has now updated). It is an unnecessarily confusing situation for the time being will not change, since both apps now in the App Store. However, the download link is the new version.


iPad in education on the wane – Volkskrant

Her assistant principal bursts out laughing: “It is a shock, then!”

The gymnasium erasmianum in Rotterdam, one of the oldest schools in the Netherlands, known as solid and traditional. Yet they were here three years ago, after a trial of a few years, in the basement entirely to teaching through the iPad.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

“Air iPad 3 will be unveiled in March ‘-

Apple’s iPad Air 3 present in March, along with the iPhone 5SE and new bands for Apple Watch.

It has long been claimed that the new iPhone will be shown in March. Now sources claim of 9to5Mac that an iPad with 9.7-inch screen will also be displayed. The iPad will likely be called the iPad Air 3.

Possibly adds Apple support for the new Pencil stylus to the iPad Air 3. This can be used at the moment only the iPad Pro.

The new iPad would get a flash on the back for photos. The speakers are on the bottom, according to the same site as the bottom of the iPad Pro. A new Apple Watch not shown, but Apple would introduce new bracelets.

The iPhone 5SE is a cheaper device with 4-inch screen, making it as large as the iPhone 5s. The same device was previously called the iPhone 6c.

The event would be organized by Apple on March 14. Apple has not yet confirmed plans



Library Lelystad provides workshop iPad –

Lelystad – In the library of Lelystad Tuesday, February 2nd from 11:00 to 12:00 held the workshop iPad privacy and security ‘

Many apps have access to contacts and personal photos on. iPad. This can be prevented by proper privacy settings. Who wants to know how to do that can learn in the workshop ‘iPad privacy and security. This workshop will help participants on their way to safely use their iPad, even at public Wi-Fi networks.

In addition, this year again the workshop iPad offered photos and well on Tuesday, February 23 from 11:00 to 12:00. There are costs associated with participation in two workshops. Library Members receive discount. A minimum number of participants of four and a maximum of ten persons per workshop. Ticket can advance through the website of the library.

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Record sales for Apple, iPad sales attracts not yet – Tablets Magazine

Apple last night announced quarterly results for the last quarter of 2015. From this we can conclude that the company once again achieved a record turnover and that the iPad sales still does not attract, despite the launch of the iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro .

About the adopted general we can say that it is still very good with Apple. The company in the fourth quarter of 2015 achieved a turnover of as much as $ 75.9 billion, an increase of 1.75 percent from the same quarter a year earlier. The profit of $ 18 billion to $ 18.4 billion increase.

The iPhone is responsible for the growth in sales and profits. The smartphone went into the fourth quarter of last year, a whopping 74.78 million copies sold, which led to a turnover of over 51.6 billion dollars. Apple warns, however, so much for coming quarter. The company expects namely that iPhone sales will decline for the first time.


As for the iPad, Apple still knows no increase. In the fourth quarter of 2015 there were 16.12 million iPads over the counters, versus 21.42 million units in the fourth quarter of 2014. In total, sold 49.55 million iPads in 2015. This represents a decrease of 24.7 percent. The iPad Mini 4 and the pricey iPad Pro seem so no pots to break.

Please read our iPad Pro review .


Record sales for Apple iPad less in demand –

Wednesday January 27 2016 07:06 Apple Inc. (AAPL) has met its own revenue guidance in the last months of 2015 and put new sales records in the books, as it turned out the figures for the first quarter of fiscal 2016, ended December 26, 2015.
In the last quarter, Apple posted record revenue of $ 75.9 dollars, compared with $ 74.6 billion a year earlier. That met the manufacturer to the previous quarterly publication issued revenue outlook of $ 75.5 billion to $ 77.5 billion for the last three months of 2015.
The gross margin increased from 39.9% to 40.1% and net income increased from $ 18.0 billion to $ 18.4 billion, or $ 3.30 per share.
The sales for both the iPhone and Apple Watch Apple TV broke records.
In total were sold in the last months of 2015 74.8 million iPhones, compared to 74.5 million units a year ago. The iPad was 16.1 million copies sold and the Mac 5.3 million times. Of other products, such as Apple Watch and Apple TV were sold 4.4 million.
The sales did indicate a waning enthusiasm for the iPad, which still 21.4 million last year were sold, and the Mac. Of the latter there were a year earlier, 5.5 million copies.
For the current quarter, Apple expects annual revenue of $ 50 billion to $ 53 billion, with a gross margin of 39.0% to 39%, 5 percent.
Meanwhile, Apple has $ 153 billion of the planned $ 200 billion flow back to shareholders in the form of dividends and share repurchases. Over the past quarter, shareholders can expect a dividend of $ 0.52 per share.
After Apple’s share in regular trading closed 0.6% higher, the fund fell in electronic trading after market close 1.0%.

By: ABM Financial News;; Editors: +31 (0) 20-578 24 80

(END) Dow Jones Newswires
January 27, 2016 01:06 ET (06:06 GMT)


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rumor: ‘Air iPad 3 gets four speakers and flash’ –

The rumors surrounding an alleged four-inch iPhone and the iPhone 7 move frequently around the web, but also on other Apple devices leaks sometimes something out. Thus there is more known about the iPad 3. Air

Air iPad 3 rumors

is expected to be the iPad 3 this year Air on the market and Apple would have taken inspiration from the iPad Pro . Should the Air would also get three four speakers for better sound. New is the flash that would come under the lens on the back, so that pictures can be better illuminated.

This was reported by the French website Nowhere Else based on a leaked drawing. Although the site does not guarantee the authenticity, the same source it had to be right in two of the three cases in the past.

More possible features

This is a simple drawing of the alleged new iPad, where you have four speakers – two above and two below – you can see clearly. Besides an extra circle top left where the camera lens is – probably so the flash, there is little to see. There is not much known about the Air iPad 3, but according to rumors, the tablet will not get 3D Touch support. More likely additions are faster or A9X A9 chip and an improved camera.

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In addition, Apple may choose an Oxide TFT display, which allows the color and brightness being improved. Also, the Air 3 take over more functions of the iPad Pro, for example, the technology allows the Pro battery savings when static images on the screen. The Air iPad 3 this year to be renewed, the last update dates from October 2014. When the iPad Air 2 was presented.

It is expected that Apple shows off his new iPad Air in March on a media event. During this event also Apple Watch updates expected and perhaps a 4-inch iPhone .

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