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Review: The iPad Pro is a great tablet for a small target – Personal Computer Magazine

The iPad Pro is a giant tablet, but is suitable for a small audience. What use is that? We went with the colossus to work, and could familiarize surprisingly quickly to the large size.

The iPad Pro

Apple has been struggling for a while disappointing sales of the iPad. The problem is that people do not replace every two years as a smartphone and tablets go much slower piece. How do you solve that problem? By making the tablet a lot bigger, so you have a completely different audience it appeals to. That solution is called the iPad Pro.

The Pro iPad has a screen of 12.9 inches, which is quite a bit bigger than the normal iPad (9.7 “) and even less than the iPad Mini (7 , 9 “). The frame of the screen adds certainly on the top and the bottom a few centimeters, but the sides the unit is rather thin. Together, the iPad has a size of 30.5 by 22 centimeters.

You can see that of course the weight of the device, but that is really bad. The iPad Pro weighs 713 grams, which is as much as the old iPad 2.

Familiar design

The rest of the design is exactly as you would expect from an iPad. At the bottom is only the home button (including fingerprint scanner), on top of a camera for video calling with, and on the back shines only the Apple logo and a completely disappeared camera lens.

The on / off Button is still the top right and top left you’ll find a 3.5 mm jack for headphones. Two volume buttons are on the top right side. Little special so

You can see that the iPad Pro is especially designed for landscape mode

There are two things that do stand directly on the design:. On the left side There are three copper pins, which are intended to connect to the optional keyboard. However, if you use the iPad as a tablet, you do not notice it.

Another notable feature are the four speakers on the sides. These are the first indication of where the iPad Pro must be used: If the laptop, rather than as a substitute tablet. While other tablets or hybrids are especially designed for use in landscape mode, Apple with its tablet always remained true to the traditional portrait mode

These speakers are not only conspicuous by their position, but also to their sound.: There will be a big noise from bin. That makes the tablet perfect for watching movies without headphones.


The iPad runs on Apple’s own A9X Pro processor, up to now the fastest CPU of the company, and it is noticeable. Partly because iOS simply is a lightweight OS, mark you rarely if ever anything was in the operating system, or a slowness when switching between apps. Even heavy games like Infinity Blade run seamlessly on the device, and look through the screen insanely good.

Battery life

The device’s battery life is not outstanding, but good enough for what you can expect. You get there one day work with, though you should be careful when locking the keyboard to the Pro. The “Smart Keyboard” because it gets its power from the tablet, resulting in a shorter battery life.

The charge of such a huge battery lasts quite a while

Charging the device contrary, it should painfully slow. Because the battery is so large, it easily lasts 5 hours before the battery is fully charged. That’s fine if you have the Pro at night depends on the charger (though of course he never fit on your nightstand …) but not if you want the tablet during the day to charge the same rate.

Who uses that camera anyway?

Well, how important is a camera in a device like the iPad Pro? You’re not going to photograph here – do that only people who have no sense of social decency, so you do not have too much to expect here. The camera is also great for the few tasks you must perform them:. Scanning receipts or documents for example

Fingerprint Scanner

As in all modern and iPads iPhones also sits on the iPad Pro is a fingerprint scanner in the home button. And just like in the iPhone 6s which is insanely fast. The difference is that the scanner a lot less useful here because it is an unfortunate place where you can not put your thumb down on the whole. But actually that’s a detail

Expensive. Attachments: Pencil

Not only the iPad Pro, but the entire iPad line is seen for years as the ideal apparatus for graphic designers, “and while we ourselves are not, we realize that added value indeed. And just the iPad Pro is attractive for this target group, which is mainly due to the optional stylus.

The stylus looks like Apple, but has a major design flaw

In the first place stylus is very Apple: A sleek, virginal white stick without any eye-catching features, where you immediately 129 euro may lay

Now. 129 euro which is definitely overpriced for what you get, but the Pencil is a very good stylus. In the first way you see little special things, though you can detach a cap on the back where you see a lightning charging socket. The cap is quite loose, which is a little sin, but mainly charging the Pencil is ridiculous, and frankly uncharacteristic for Apple:

However, you also get
a little bit of connection with the stylus, which allows you to recharge its battery from a wall outlet. All you touch this thing pretty quickly lose:

But the really impressive aspect of the Pencil is the replaceable writing area. It lets you draw magnificent namely, not just. Pressing harder draw a thicker line, and by keeping the pencil diagonally you can make rough sketches.

You can by no means draw in every app, but in applications where it may (Paper, OneNote ) it can add a lot, also for writing quick notes anything. We are not designers, so we can hardly say that the Apple Pencil much adds up pen and paper, but the technology is certainly already very impressive. The only question is whether you as much money for you over.

Keyboard without feeling

Another accessory is the “Smart Keyboard”, the first keyboard is specifically designed for the iPad. The keyboard can not be used alone separately but is included in a special cover so you can fold the whole -. Just like a laptop so

That there also folded does not look very nice, because making the bulge the whole ugly thick and it feels like the Pencil, not just as Apple.

The keyboard itself sometimes does have the Apple-feel, because the whole consists of one piece and the keys So one part forms the base of the keyboard.

The keyboard has (too) little feedback

That means that you have little effect on the keys and you feel so hard when you have a key pressed. Therefore typing feels rather unnatural, which is unfortunate because the iPad Pro or a keyboard needs to make yourself more productive. However, there are plenty of other external keyboards for sale for much less money, so it’s definitely worth considering.

iOS is not a useful operating system


iPad clearly is made to act as a laptop replacement, you still have to deal with iOS, the mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads. And unfortunately that still delivers some restrictions.

iOS is primarily a passive system. It’s perfect for consuming content, such as reading Twitter or Facebook, and the (short) answering emails and a keyboard you can easily write a large piece of text (proof: This review is written on an iPad Pro ) but if you want to do more often you come into the mess

iOS is fine, but not a replacement for a desktop OS

This is not a new problem.; the limitations of iOS games on every iPad. But because Apple Pro as well as laptop replacement in the market place, that’s a problem. For simple things like resizing images, you need separate apps for writing code, you should also have specific software, and most apps are generally very limited. So you can use Office for the iPad quite write some text, but you miss the many options of Word for the desktop for the right to edit a piece of text.


What does work reasonably well is multitasking, a feature that is in the ninth since iOS operating system but especially on large iPads as Pro comes in handy. This function is possible from the right side of the screen inwards to sweep and a second app to open next to what you already have open stand.

The problem is that both apps must support multitasking, and that is far from the case everywhere. Many important and frequently used apps can do that, but once you start working with niche apps you still need to toggle between applications. And that is detrimental to your productivity …

Prices and varieties

The iPad Pro comes in two variants in size from 32 GB and 128 GB. It is good that Apple finally gets rid of even the basic models with the paltry 16 GB, but on the other hand, it is a pity that there is no middle of 64 GB. Indeed, you must do a lot of trouble to get the full 128 GB.

For whom is this iPad?

There is also a version available with 4G / LTE, but that option can only in the expensive, large 128 GB. Anyone who so wishes on the go online, must equalize the wallet for the most expensive Pro. Then you might want to tether to your phone

The cheapest Pro (32GB) will cost € 919,. -. The 128 GB model, you pay € 1.099, – and with 4G / LTE capability comes as € 150, – to. Do you want the accessories still there, count it € 109, – euro for the Pencil, and € 179, – for the keyboard

Who is the iPad Pro actually.

The most expensive package therefore amounts to € 1537, – a significant sum for such a device. Moreover, this is also the price of a good laptop, in which case you will have also a device that you DO can really multitask and can run entire programs.

The question then remains for whom the iPad Pro really is intended. These are in the first place only the real Apple fans. For most users, the regular iPad is the best tablet you can buy, but you have a real Apple adept if you have more than € 1,000, – euro have a larger variant that can not compete with a laptop <. / p>

Beyond that, there is undoubtedly a market for this iPad. Which will be mainly in business, and especially to users who do a lot of graphic design. Which can make sure the Pencil beautiful things on the iPad Pro.

But for the majority of the Pro iPad is just a big iPad, and therefore no replacement for both the iPad Air OR laptop. And because the device that falls in the middle, you fall into a very specific demographics you want to remove the iPad Pro in house.

Screen: 12.9 “
2732 x 2048
264 ppi
2.26 GHz
Camera (rear) 8 megapixels
Camera (front) 1.2 megapixels
Battery 10.307 mAh
Memory 32 GB / 128 GB
4G / LTE Only 128 GB
Operating System iOS 9.0.3
Price 32GB: € 919, –
128 GB: € 1.099 –
128 GB + 4G: € 1.249, –


The iPad Pro is a giant tablet where you get used to it fairly quickly. If you are, you have a tablet in (both) hands with a stunning display, a powerful processor and all the familiar aspects of an Apple device

A fine device -. But for the niche

However, there is only a small target for the device, because the iPad Pro falls exactly in the middle of two major groups. For a tablet it is too expensive and too overpowered, but as laptop replacement it is too narrow. Especially for the price you pay, you have to be a very big Apple fan are you want to get it in the house.

But if you can, then you have an absolutely beautiful tablet in hands.


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