Sunday, January 24, 2016

The three best new apps for your iPad # 130 – Tablets Magazine

The many available apps make the iPad of course the most. That’s why we bring you weekly the best, most interesting, best and most useful apps for your new iPad. Including an app that lets you learn how to create your own iOS apps



Swifty is an app for people who want to make their own iOS apps, and want to learn a simple way to program. Swifty helps the upcoming app developers step by step through the process going. The creator of Swifty find that programming primarily should be fun, so the app is here and there ‘pimped’ so that the programmers aspiring not going to find too boring.

Swifty is free in the App Store, but if you gradually want to know more about how to program apps for the iPad (and iPhone), your chapters have to buy.



Of course you do not snore. All those complaints from the person who is next to you, notwithstanding. But maybe it’s time yet to secretly install SnurkLab the app on the iPad, and put it on the nightstand. This app measures all night snoring in the bedroom, its power, and gives morning even scores – compared with snorers all over the world – to show how much (or not) it is. Turns out you now to snore anyway, the app provides helpful hints and tips about how that can be reduced.

SnurkLab is free to download from the App Store. There is also to buy a premium version without ads, which costs 6.99 euros.

Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga

Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga

Completed with drie Star Wars games which we previously brought to the attention, but not yet finished with the theme, then there is still something in that area. Earlier we have paid attention to Lego Star Wars . A game where you control the main characters from the Star Wars films are made of Lego bricks. Beat your opponent to smithereens with your lightsaber, then there is no blood, but Lego bricks.

Lego Star Wars is now free to download, but if you want more episodes than the first, then you have to pull the exhibition


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