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Corner Tube is a YouTube app for the iPad with Picture in Picture, widget and more – iculture

 Corner Tube icon. Picture in Picture, Picture in Picture in Dutch, is an iOS nine feature for the latest iPads allowing you to view your movies while you use another app . The movie is played in a smaller window in one of the corners of the iPad screen. The official YouTube app still does not support this feature, but Corner Tube is a new alternative YouTube app with which it is possible. Other functions such as a widget in the Message Center is made possible by this app

Corner Tube:. Picture in Picture and a widget

Corner Tube is an unofficial YouTube app that implements all sorts of iOS features. You can in the app simply search for your favorite YouTube videos, but the app distinguishes itself with various features. Each video you open the app, you can also see through Picture in Picture.

But the app adds a lot more to than just this feature because each copied YouTube link will automatically appear in the Message Center thanks The widget Corner Tube. The widget shows a screenshot of the copied YouTube link, so you’ll know which video is still in your clipboard. With a tap on the widget Corner Tube will open that allows you to view the video.

Picture Picture in use on the iPad so it works

Since iOS 9, it is possible to show videos on the iPad to play while you use other apps. The Picture in Picture mode can be activated in different ways and in this tip you read all about it.


Corner Tube: easy sharing

In addition, Corner Tube has another function. The app also has its own extension to the Share menu. This allows you to open a YouTube link from another application directly into Corner Tube, without you having to search for the video. And with the Split View mode on the latest iPad models, view your video on a split screen, while you can continue working in another app.

 The widget in the YouTube app Corner Tube.

Incidentally Corner Tube is not the only alternative YouTube app that lets you view a YouTube video via Picture in Picture. In the following article you will find yet another alternative app, as well as other opportunities to view YouTube videos in this manner. Picture in Picture is also still supported by a number of other apps, such as the famous video app Vimeo. RTL XL also supports Picture in Picture, though here quite a premium subscription is required. Or YouTube in the future its official app will update for Picture in Picture, remains to be seen. Until then, you can use this new app or other alternative methods in any case.

YouTube see in Picture in Picture on the iPad: these are the options

Because the YouTube app is not yet adapted for Picture in Picture, it is not so obvious to a YouTube video on To view the iPad in this multitasking mode. In this tip, we put four alternative options so that your YouTube videos so as picture you can see in Picture video.


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