Saturday, January 30, 2016

News Week 4: 7 Plus iPhone, iPad Air 3 and dangerous adapters –

Every Saturday we put in our weekly summary of the most important iPhone news the past few days for you at a glance. If you are in a few minutes with all the developments in the world of Apple!

iPhone 7 Plus get dual camera lens for better pictures

 iphone seven plus dual camera lens The iPhone 7 Plus is reportedly equipped with two camera lenses on the back to ensure that the picture quality is substantially improved. KGI predicts that Apple camera software will provide a function that the two photos shot are, together into one picture quality. In addition to a dual camera lens would fit Apple iPhone 7 Plus with optical zoom (2-3 times), a wide lens with optical image stabilization and a telephoto lens with a significantly narrower field of view. Only the Plus 7 variant of the iPhone would have a double camera.

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‘Annunciation iPad Air 3, iPhone 5SE and Apple Watch straps in March

Air iPad 2 Review Last year, the brand new iPad Pro and an update to the iPad mini to the market, but Apple kept quiet about a new iPad with standard size of 9.7-inch. The latest rumors say the iPad Air 3 will be announced in March at the alleged Apple event. A schematic diagram would show that the iPad Air 3 an LED flash get on the back, which leads to better pictures in low light. And the iPad Air 3 would, like the iPad Pro, the disposal get four speakers (two below and two above). Nor would Apple iPad panels tested to work with the Apple Pencil.

Apple launched exchange program for shock dangerous adapters

apple- adapter exchange Apple has determined that its power adapters breakage in exceptional cases, so users can get a shock when touched. For that plugs start a business exchange program. It involves AC adapters with two pins, designed for Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Argentina and Brazil. How many adapters it is exactly is not known. According to Apple involves plugs supplied between 2003 and 2015 with some Mac and iOS devices. Even if you have an international travel adapter from Apple, it may be a wrong. here you can see if you are eligible for a replacement adapter.

‘Apple introduced in 2017 wireless charging remote

Charging iPhone According to reports Apple is working on a technology that makes it possible to remote devices wirelessly recharge. The functionality is possible next year with the launch of the new iPhone introduced. Currently, there are already several devices on the market, such as the Apple , Which can be recharged wirelessly but for another dock or mat benodigen. The technology of Apple is charging remotely possible, all technical barriers still have to be overcome, such as the loss of power as the distance between the device and the charger increases. The new wireless charging technology should also mean that Apple can continue to sell its products at a premium price tag.

Mac and iOS users experienced problems with Safari

 great safari On Twitter and forums including Reddit came this past week dozens of messages of iOS users who complained about Safari. The browser was forcibly stopped when entering search queries.


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