Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Child indicate in town may soon by iPhone or iPad – iCreate Magazine

Have you had a son or a daughter? Then you should within three days after the birth do in the municipality where the child is born. If you do not feel like to speak to the births, deaths, you can also soon regulate the birth registration via the iPhone or iPad -. At least for the most part,

App to join burgerzaken regulate

shortly Doing such a declaration is possible via a special app, reports the AD . This iBurgerzaken app is soon available in as many as 100 municipalities with a total of four million inhabitants. The app was developed by software company PinkRoccade and already tested in 25 counties. Through the app, you can also declare such as a move, a marriage or a death, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Login with DigiD

As with a lot of government is the case, you should keep the use of the app you DigiD at hand. At birth you must however, continue just as quickly back and forth to the town to put a signature on your return, but there is now also tested with a digital signature. For removals would shortly certainly no intervention of an officer are required.

Benefits of digital declaration

The app saves time and money. According PinkRoccade save municipalities with the app about 2.5 to 5 euros per capita. Municipalities could save about 16 million euros thanks to the digital aangifite capability and that money could be invested elsewhere in again. Besides time and money profits, marking test counties too, residents are more satisfied with the service.

Another benefit is called, is the risk that there is a spelling mistake in the name of a child sneaks a piece becomes smaller. The chance of a wrong name registered decreases as father and mother themselves the name of their freshly squeezed baby typing. However, we fear for autocorrrectie names. Imagine, soon we get a generation with names like Dikshit, X’Jeàneyshá-Treángelys or Kommer

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