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Work faster with Safari on iPhone and iPad with these tips – iculture

Safari iOS
Safari is the default browser on your iPhone and iPad, so everyone has to deal with this mobile version of Apple’s web browser. Safari includes a lot of useful features that make it easier to use. In this guide, we highlight some useful features at a glance so you can more easily and quickly using Safari. Did you for example accidentally closed a tab, do not worry. You can transform this simple re-emerge.

# 1 for words on a page

How often do you use on desktop feature to search for specific words on a web page so you can find quickly what you are looking for? Did you know that these zoekfunctie Also is just present in Safari on iOS? You can access this function in two ways. You can type a keyword into the entry bar, and then you scroll all the way down. Here you see the Here . Here you will immediately see how many results were found. However, you can also use the share function. Tap the bottom of the tray on the middle icon and select the bottom row Search page . Then enter the keyword and the arrows on the left you can see the next and previous results.

 Search for words on a webpage in Safari on iOS.   search for words on a webpage in Safari via the  share menu on iOS.

Webpagina Safari search on iPhone

Are you a web page viewing with large pieces of text, but you’re actually looking for a single word? Then you can search for keywords easily in Safari on iOS without having to read the entire page.


# 2 Taskbar disappeared? So it gives you quick out

surfing to keep as tight as possible, Apple’s Safari on iOS made so that the content gets full attention. When scrolling vanish both the upper and lower beams, so that most of the screen occupied by the relevant webpage. The beam then reappears when you have a big swipe from zero to give the bottom or the top, but that is not always convenient. Did you know you can tap two places to make appear out the top and bottom bar? Touch the screen at the top or at the bottom briefly and the bars appear once again. On the iPad, this only works by tapping briefly at the top of the screen.

 Disappeared toolbar in Safari on iOS. Taskbar to appear in Safari on iOS.

# 3 recently closed reopen tab

While surfing to Safari, the amount of open tabs add up quickly. Do away a tab to clean up your tabs accidentally done that you wanted to keep still, there is not a man overboard. the tab overview, you can quickly open recently closed tabs back. instead of tapping the plus icon bottom of the screen, hold it briefly. this makes the complete list appears recently closed tabs. Tap one of them and it will be immediately opened again. you save a lot of sorting through your internet history.

 Tabs list in Safari on iOS. list of recently closed tabs in Safari on  iOS.

# 4 Personal data and credit card automatically fill in Safari

If you often purchases via Safari and there is a credit card used, it is not necessary to achieve this repeatedly re-enter. Safari can include securely store your credit card, so that the required data is automatically filled in. This option can be found in the Safari settings. also you can fill your personal information such as address and phone number. Do you the drop something in a shop or have a different form where you must fill in your data, you can do it automatically

Both options can be found at Settings & gt;. Safari & gt; fill . Select the appropriate contact and then you can automatically fill in your personal information. Learn more about using your credit card in Safari can be found in tip below.


Creditcardinfo and store other information in iCloud keychain

iCloud Keychain (English: Keychain) can be passwords, credit cards and all kinds of other personal information securely store, for example, filling out forms


# 5 blocking websites

If your iPhone or iPad ever lend to, for example your child, you do not want this on websites lands that are not intended for him or her. In Safari Restrictions settings, you can set your browser to explicit material limited. be Safari even set that you can visit only specific websites, you can choose a number of standard websites, but you can also enter a website which can be visited only on that device, you can find the setting under Settings & gt;.. General & gt; Constraints & gt; websites.

 Restriction site in Safari on iOS. List of allowed websites in Safari on iOS.

# 6 Use 3D Touch Safari smart surfing

 3D touch in Safari on iOS. As a bonus tip for owners of an iPhone 6s:. make use of 3D Touch with 3D Touch can do a lot of things in Safari for iOS, which were previously not possible way you can press firmly on the appicoon order to four. jump frequently used functions, such as the right to open a new tab or view your reading list. also comes in Safari itself 3D Touch in handy. for example, press firmly on a link to get a preview of the page behind the link lurks. Slide the preview then upwards and appear all sorts of extra features. Learn about using