Friday, May 8, 2015

The iPad is still a computer? – Return Label

April 24, 2015 – The iPad is not communication, but, according to Advocate General Niessen more the function of a computer. He finds the previous ruling of the Amsterdam Court incomprehensible. Does the Supreme Court this advice, and you have under the old rules of untaxed allowances and benefits provided an iPad to your employees, you will need to demonstrate that they use 90% or more business.

Under the old rules for compensation and benefits was possible to compensate a communication load or provide as business use 10% or more. Compensate for the load or providing a computer golden much stricter requirements because the business use 90% or more should be. The message “Een iPad is not a computer could read that the iPad, according to the Amsterdam Court of Appeal was not a computer but a means of communication, because the display and input capabilities were too limited for long term use as a computer.

A iPad is not primarily as a communication tool in use

The Advocate General, however, did not agree with the Court. He found that the court should have more to look at the functions of an iPad. The employee can use the iPad for communication because it it can email, call and send messages through social media. In addition, an iPad features that traditionally come with a computer such as editing photos and videos, play games, creating and giving presentations and processing texts. This concluded the Advocate General that the iPad is not primarily as a communication tool. Various studies have shown that even people use the iPad but to a limited extent as a communication tool.

Employee could also connect a wireless keyboard

The judgment of the court, according to the Advocate General, therefore, incomprehensible, because in the judgment had only looked at the office function of the iPad. There was no account of the possibility that the employee for the typing of long texts could connect a wireless keyboard on the iPad. The communication function was thus subordinated to the other functions and tasks of the iPad. Business use of the iPad was less than 90%, so it was not a tax-free provision. The example was thus, according to the Advocate General tax payable on the supply. It is now up to the Supreme Court to rule on the matter
Conclusion Attorney General, March 31, 2015, ECLI (shortened). 398

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Monday, May 4, 2015

iPad sales continue to decline, no problem for Apple – Bright

The iPad sales fell last quarter turn counterclockwise. However, Apple is now worth more than ever.

Apple sold 12.6 million iPads during the quarter, as it turned out Monday at the presentation of the figures. In the same period last year there were still 16.4 million. So the iPad sales decline compared with a year earlier already eight quarters in a row.

The iPad has to include suffer the advent of larger iPhones Apple suspects themselves. For the resurrection of the iPad, the company now hopes on the business market. It is generally assumed that Apple will launch later this year a larger iPad. Possible – Steve Jobs turning in his grave -. A stylus

New Record

Although the iPad sales once again, disappointing, the price rose Apple’s share or to a new record. That was partly due to better than expected sales of the iPhone. There were 61.2 million iPhones over the counter in the last quarter. That’s 40 percent more than a year ago and more than 3 million more than analysts had expected.

Of its total revenue of $ 58 billion, Apple has now nearly 70 percent from sales of smartphones. For the first time in history, Apple sold more iPhones in China than in the United States.

Apple Watch, Round 2 in June

Commenting on the quarterly figures Tim Cook said that Apple Watch the end of June in more countries in the market will come. Which countries, he said no again. The sales of the Watch were, according to him in the first weekend higher than expected and stocks are very limited.

Or Netherlands is the second group of countries is wait. This is often the case.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Instagram filters sort iPhone – iculture

Instagram iPhone XL The app Instagram take photos give an artistic touch by sticking a photo filter, and then share them with the world. Through those filters do soon something good and you do not really think if you make an Instagram photo. After a while you develop quickly a preference for certain filters. In this tip we will explain to you how that favorite filters do not have to search. You can namely rank the filters so favorite filters always paramount.

Because Instagram has some decent photo filters, you can choose which filters you want to see. You do in screen filters manage “, where you can also set filters on and off, so you only see the filters that you like. Moreover, you can determine the order in which they are

. Step 1: Instagram manage filters

Instagram rank 1 If you want to rank the filters, you just have to open the list of filters. That list will appear once you have taken a photo with Instagram or if you’ve selected a photo to edit with Instagram. At the back of the list of filters you can find the “Manage” button. Press it to manage the filters

. Step 2: Order Instagram adjust filters

Instagram rank 2 Now open a long list; these are all the filters be available in Instagram. Tap a filter to turn it on or off.

If you put a filter, you will not see him longer in the filters list if you have taken a picture. Tap and drag a filter up or down to determine the order of the filters. Filters that are at the top you see first.

If you are satisfied with the selection filters and arrangement, tap the top right of the cross. The app sends you right back to the previous screen and you immediately see that the order of the filters is adapted

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