Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Photos of iPad Pro dummy show possible USB port C – TechTastic

On Monday appeared some pictures of what is possibly the larger iPad Pro. It is a dummy with what seems a second Lightning port or a USB port on the C side of the device, which is a suggestion that the iPad Pro can be recharged in several ways and also will support accessories such as keyboards and mouse. The photos, showing a mysterious port, camera and headphone / speakers are from the Chinese Weibo .


Manufacturers of making cases and other accessories in many cases, a dummy version of Apple’s new devices to already begin the development of a case or accessory, and the iPad Pro that you can see on the pictures is probably one the mockups. Often these mockups or dummies based on schematic drawings that have been leaked, and although they are in many cases quite accurate, it does not automatically mean that they actually match the final product.

The port on the left side of the alleged iPad Pro corresponds to a previously leaked iPad Pro case that had an opening for the insertion of a SIM card, although this port was not shown on the schematic drawings that were published by the Japanese magazine Mac Fan in November 2014. It is possible that these drawings are no longer accurate because it has been some time ago and that Apple is still working on the design of the tablet.

is not entirely clear to what port it goes, because the Lightning port and USB port C are similar in appearance are similar. A recent rumor coming from the business newspaper The Wall Street Journal spoke of the possible addition of a USB 3.0 port on the iPad Pro, allowing users to connect a keyboard or mouse to the iPad Pro. On the other hand, it is more likely that a keyboard and / or mouse via Bluetooth can be connected to the tablet.

 pro-ipad-2 Other photos iPad Pro dummy show the camera on the back with a light sensor and a microphone, while the headphone jack is located just next to the speakers. According to various rumors iPad Pro includes speakers and microphones on the top and bottom of the case.

In addition to the larger size of the iPad Pro and the minor changes in the design to add new features , the tablet still seems a lot like the existing iPad Air and iPad Mini. The high resolution screen has suspected a size of between 12.2 and 12.9 inches, an Apple A8X processor, 2GB RAM and Touch ID. Further, it will be possible also an optional stylus released by Apple.

Apple would in September 2015 to begin production of the iPad Pro, so the product in the fall with the new iPad Air and iPad Mini can be launched.


Monday, March 30, 2015

Adobe Comp CC is a new iPad app for designers – iculture

Adobe has released a new iPad app called Adobe Comp CC released. With this app you can images, texts and shapes with a few finger movements and photo sites. It is mainly about creating compositions for ideas, for example if you want to create a poster, website or other project. The idea you can then send it to the desktop for further editing in Adobe InDesign CC, CC Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator CC.

adobe compaction cc

Last year showed developer Khoi Vinh the app for the first time at the annual Adobe Max conference. The app was called layup and was aimed at designers. Now the app is officially released under the new name Adobe CC Comp. To use it you need a Creative Cloud subscription. A free subscription is also sufficient. Same developer fact spent a few years earlier, the collage app Mixel , who also appeared on the iPad, but ultimately it was not such a great success

Projects you make in Comp CC beat you as a single file, but it is called the complete history processed. So there is no need to do about version control. The rewind function lets you show others how earlier compositions or layouts looked like. Over 100 free, high quality fonts are included with the app, so you can really make something beautiful. Indeed, it is the first app that comes with the full Typekit catalog.

It will be clear that this Adobe Comp CC app is not aimed at a wide audience. It involves designers, who use multiple apps on multiple devices and a quick something like designs. In the app you will find an interface that works with finger gestures. There is an endless timeline, you can use various Typekit fonts and import to your heart photos. The goal was to create a true native tablet app, not so much to put on a desktop app for the iPad. The app automatically saves everything, so the chances are minimal that you lose something. In the video below a stylus is used, but that is not strictly necessary. Originally, the app is designed to operate with your fingers.

The shapes that you draw are also worthwhile. Simple forms like circles and rectangles can naturally draw, but rectangles with rounded corners and polygonal figures. With each option hears another finger gesture.

Adobe Comp CC


iOS 7.1 or later


10 iPad features you did not know – MacWorld

It’s still a bit of a game of Apple: a battery to introduce new features, but only a handful of highlight, so that in the future is something to discover. Discover that we have done for you, and we have put the best unknown functions for you in a row. Lees Also, If you add a keyboard on the iPad

01 Dots in early scenes

If you have lots of home screens, then it’s quite tiring. through all those screens you navigate. That sounds exaggerated, but think you’ve just ten screens that you have to wipe ten times to the left and then ten times to the right, because you want to open another appje from the first screen. But did you know that you can navigate without wiping? Those little dots at the bottom, which indicate what page you are on, which are not only visual indicators, are also buttons. Alternatively, when you press one of the dots to the left of the active dot, then scroll to the left, press the dot to the right of the dot active, you scroll right. This avoids tablet RSI!

tiendingen1_l.png You can navigate home screens by clicking on the dots to the bottom again.

02 Settings Siri

Apple has settings apps neatly housed in the Settings . That in itself is practical, but if you adjust an app have opened, and you want settings, then it is best annoying that you have to close the app, the app Settings must open and then have to navigate to the app of your choice. Especially when you have installed many apps, it may be best to search. Fortunately, it can be faster. When you open the app of your choice, press and hold the Home button so that Siri is activated, and tell your Settings . Now automatically displays the settings of the currently open app.

tiendingen2a_l. png to an app settings, you can call by ‘Settings’ tell Siri.

03 Navigating between apps

How convenient Multi Task bar (which you get by pressing twice on the Home button) is, it quickly becomes a bit cumbersome. Fortunately, it can also be much easier and faster. All you need to do between two (or more) to switch apps, with four or five fingers simultaneously to sweep aside. You will switch between the apps that are open (the order of the apps you can see on the multitask bar). Does this option is not with you, then you should enable Multitask Gestures using Settings / General / Multitask Gestures .

 tiendingen3_l.png With four and five fingers you can quickly switch between open apps .

04 deny access to websites

You can of course decide that you should not brood on the Internet on the iPad. But we live it in 2015 and the Internet is important. It might be wiser to just grant access to certain websites. That’s since iOS 8 simple. Navigate to Settings / General / Restrictions , and then under the Allowed material Web . There you can, by pressing Only specific websites , exactly which websites can be visited. Websites that are not in this list are automatically blocked.

tiendingen4_l. png Indoor Restrictions give you exactly which websites you want to allow.

05 Siri calls without hands

Voice Assistant Siri convenient, despite the fact that she does not speak Dutch (rumor has it from iOS 8.3, but that is at time of writing still not sure). Also irritating to Siri is that you must hold down a button to ‘call’ her. So you have very little to interactive voice assistant right? That is precisely the reason that Apple iOS 8 has added an additional feature. When your iPad is connected to the charger, you just have to call ‘Hey Siri “and Siri will activate.

 tiendingen5_l.png Did you know you can now activate Siri with your voice?


Sunday, March 29, 2015

BrydgeAir – Your iPad as a laptop – Computer Total

The BrydgeAir keyboard resembles no other iPad accessory that I have used before. With integrated speakers on the bottom of the backlit keyboard, with its 180 degree hinge, you feel iPad as a laptop. And that is exactly the point.

Brydge trying to differentiate themselves in a market with almost identical iPad-toetsenborden that provide the same functionality in the base. And after I last week with Brydge solution to the iPad Air worked two , I must say that I succeeded. Lees also: the 11 best loose keyboards for iPad

Familiar, yet different

Like virtually all iPad keyboards the Brydge has the standard. Mac keyboard layout. The keys are slightly smaller than those on the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover , and seem just to be deeply depressed, but offer less resistance. In my case, it took less resistance in the beginning that I typed letters accidentally while I just wanted to rest my fingers on the keys. However, after a few hours I was used to it and I was relatively error-free typing.

 _ 02 brydgeair_front_sg_d81304dc-84b7-41b3-b4bd-4b305c6e1174_1024x1024-100566210-large.jpg
The BrydgeAir is available in gold, silver and space gray.

Along the top of the keyboard is a row of shortcuts, including a Home key, lock, media, brightness and volume controls. Bottom left corner there is a hotkey to activate voice assistant Siri.

One of the keys activates the lighting of the keys, a feature that I appreciate. Backlit keys make it possible to use the keyboard in the dark without having to squint your eyes or you have to keep the backlit screen of the iPad closer to the keyboard in order to find a shortcut. I would like that there was an option to adjust the brightness of the backlight, rather than just an on / off option.

The BrydgeAir is made of aluminum instead of plastic. It feels solid, but solid material also translates into extra weight in your backpack. The BrydgeAir weighs about 520 grams. For comparison, the iPad Air weighs 435 grams, and Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover weighs 331 grams, about two-thirds of the weight of the BrydgeAir. For some people, this extra weight is a big problem.

This hinges

The BrydgeAir surprisingly holds your iPad securely in place by two hinges that have a silicone coating. You need to put quite some force to remove your iPad from the hinges. Moreover, there is virtually no play when you touch the screen, making the screen hardly bounces compared to other keyboards.

The hinges make different viewing angles, so this was the only iPad keyboard that I could comfortably working at a standing desk, a table, or sitting on the bench with the keyboard on my lap.

 _ 03 brydgeair_front-closed_sg_fcab1547-4bfe-4179-9541-60c8f8c4aa39_1024x1024-100566209-large.jpg
The hinges can rotate 180 degrees.

When the BrydgeAir is closed, ensuring two bumpers on the front corners of the keyboard sure your tablet is not the aluminum enclosure rest . Within two hours, use one of the pads let loose. It was on my desk, so I tried to put it back in the gutter, but a few hours later it was out again. This time I could not cushion retrieval, leaving a corner of my iPad unprotected had to rest on the housing.

So far, I have not able to detect scratches on my iPad, but I think that over time can be a problem. For what it’s worth, the other pad is still firmly and shows no signs of improper assembly (I’ve even tried to remove it by force, without success).

Speakers … in a keyboard ?

When using the BrydgeAir it surprised me how much the setup on a smaller MacBook Air seems -. and how much it seems sound, thanks to two small bluetooth speakers next to the hinges on the keyboard

After the initial pairing, you have the speaker button (next to the on / off button on the front of the keyboard) and hold for a few seconds to connect it with your tablet. Sounds a sound to indicate that the speakers and your iPad connected. To disconnect the speakers should keep pressed the same button until you hear a different sound. It can connect either the keyboard or speakers – separately – is a convenient way to extend the battery life of both devices

 _ brydgeair_main_sl_1024x1024-100566212 04-large.jpg
The speakers are fine and the key lighting is a relief.

Speaking of the battery, the battery life of my iPad was shortened when using only the keyboard (more than when you use an external keyboard). Normally I do to charge the tablet only once every two days again, but when testing the BrydgeAir I had to charge my iPad Air 2 every night.

The speakers are not great, but they are a much better than the iPad itself. You do in a noisy environment, in any case no longer hold your hand at the speaker of your iPhone.


The BrydgeAir brings more functionality to the iPad than other keyboards in this category. The speakers are good, but not great. The backlit keys are very nice, like the sturdy hinges and different viewing angles. The battery life is shorter when you simultaneously use the keyboard and the speakers, but that’s only natural.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Colossus: tear through racing games with a steering wheel for iPad – iculture

Colossus racing wheel Do you really like racing games on your iPad? Then perhaps you’ll recognize that holding the iPad is uncomfortable after a while. To be able to steer you must continue to keep up the tablet during tilting your hands often and also block the speaker. The Kickstarter project Colossus therefore designed a racing wheel for the iPad to make it tear through various racing games more fun and easier

Colossus is designed for the iPad 2 and newer models with a 9.7-inch screen. You can hold the steering wheel or attached to a flat surface such as a table. This can be up to 5 inches thick. Through your iPad with silicone clips clicking the holder of the wheel you can start. The racing wheel ensures that the iPad is an automatic right so he bends only bet once you turn the wheel. In addition, the Colossus has comfortable handles, which are designed so that you can still get good with your thumbs on the screen of your iPad for example, to accelerate and brake. Via AirPlay Mirroring you can also use the wheel as a controller while you play the game on your TV

Kolos iPad Racing Wheel

You can use Colossus in both portrait and landscape mode. This also you change the racing wheel just one iPad stand for reading news or watching a movie. A special padding, you can also use the steering wheel with the iPad Air. This device is thicker making it like the other iPads fits into the container.

Colossus wants the steering wheel drop a realistic experience and bring the ‘real racing feel’ to the iPad. When the Kickstarter project to raise $ 100,000 knows the set the unit will go into production. Early decision makers the Colossus racing wheel order for $ 45. Then you will have to pay at least $ 50 to get a Goliath. Here come another 30 dollars to the shipping. Should the goal be achieved than the first racing wheels in December 2015 will be sent. You can still support the project until May 4th.


Friday, March 27, 2015

iTIP: Multitask Gestures on iPad – iCreate Magazine

If you are in possession of a MacBook or a separate trackpad for your Mac, then you know how wonderful it is to use simple swipe to navigate through the operating system. Multitasking is much smoother and faster. You can imagine that multitasking gestures on iPad which can be seen as a somewhat oversized trackpad would work excellently. And indeed they do.

Enable Multitask Gestures

Multitask Gestures need to activate first before you can use them . Go to Settings & gt; General and check whether the switch at multitasking gestures on. If this is not the case, activate your multitask gestures still by tapping on the slider.

Multitask Gestures iPad

Three gestures

You now including three movements that you perform with four or five fingers and multitasking much let go more smoothly:

  1. Swipe with four fingers to the left or right to move between open apps
  2. Make your whole hand pinch the screen to quickly return to the home screen times.
  3. Swipe with four fingers up to open the multitasking window and move between all open apps.

Is since the introduction of the Mac mini avid Apple user. Loves the many creative possibilities of OS X.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

HAN and Raboudumc investigate new approach ‘iPad pulse’ – De Gelderlander

NIJMEGEN – Researcher and physiotherapist Nathan Hutting the HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN) examines with the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre a treatment method for a new form of RSI (repetitive strain injury), such as the iPad wrist

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, the symptoms become worse

“The term RSI you hear less and less, but that does not that the problem is solved, “said Hutting. It is about 184,000 cases of absenteeism per year in the Netherlands, the researcher says.

New complaints
“With the advent of smartphones and tablets, the symptoms become worse, but the term RSI covers the cargo not complete. There are complaints come in. That’s why we use the term OPPORTUNITY, complaints of the arm, neck and / or shoulder . “

2 forms
There are two forms of OPPORTUNITY . First of all, the specific shape, such as tennis elbow. There are obvious causes and treatments for, among other physiotherapy. In addition, a non-specific form of OPPORTUNITY. There is no effective treatment for physiotherapists because no specific cause or solution to their problem.

The research group is currently analyzing the results. The conclusions of the study are published after the summer in a scientific journal.


‘Game Addiction by iPad-school – AD.nl

By: editors
25-3-15 – 08:09
An animation during a press conference about a Steve Jobs school © anp.

Her son is addicted to gaming on the iPad-school. ,, He was home angry and defiant as he could not online. “” Also, the curriculum did not penetrate to the boy, a mother who wishes to remain anonymous at De Telegraaf. She wants to warn of the negative side effects of the iPadscholen.

Eventually, he ran away from me because he totally freaked out when wifi is a time out was

Mother of a pupil of an iPad-school

The boy sat in first class, partly because of his addiction. ,, He eventually ran away from me because he totally freaked out when wifi there was a time out, ” said the mother against the newspaper.

The Open University, with funding from the Ministry investigate the effects of iPadscholen. In the Netherlands, there are 22 such schools in which the tablet is central. The emphasis is on creativity and collaboration among others.

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Independent research into the effectiveness iPad schools – NU.nl

The study must show in particular what effect the schools, an initiative of Education for a new time (O4NT) have the motivation and confidence of children.

According O4NT make the iPad more interactive teaching and schools can get the technology individual talents of children upwards. Critics say that the tablets provide concentration problems and that the technology does not provide an effective learning

Video:. Research into the effects iPad schools

The research is