Monday, March 30, 2015

10 iPad features you did not know – MacWorld

It’s still a bit of a game of Apple: a battery to introduce new features, but only a handful of highlight, so that in the future is something to discover. Discover that we have done for you, and we have put the best unknown functions for you in a row. Lees Also, If you add a keyboard on the iPad

01 Dots in early scenes

If you have lots of home screens, then it’s quite tiring. through all those screens you navigate. That sounds exaggerated, but think you’ve just ten screens that you have to wipe ten times to the left and then ten times to the right, because you want to open another appje from the first screen. But did you know that you can navigate without wiping? Those little dots at the bottom, which indicate what page you are on, which are not only visual indicators, are also buttons. Alternatively, when you press one of the dots to the left of the active dot, then scroll to the left, press the dot to the right of the dot active, you scroll right. This avoids tablet RSI!

tiendingen1_l.png You can navigate home screens by clicking on the dots to the bottom again.

02 Settings Siri

Apple has settings apps neatly housed in the Settings . That in itself is practical, but if you adjust an app have opened, and you want settings, then it is best annoying that you have to close the app, the app Settings must open and then have to navigate to the app of your choice. Especially when you have installed many apps, it may be best to search. Fortunately, it can be faster. When you open the app of your choice, press and hold the Home button so that Siri is activated, and tell your Settings . Now automatically displays the settings of the currently open app.

tiendingen2a_l. png to an app settings, you can call by ‘Settings’ tell Siri.

03 Navigating between apps

How convenient Multi Task bar (which you get by pressing twice on the Home button) is, it quickly becomes a bit cumbersome. Fortunately, it can also be much easier and faster. All you need to do between two (or more) to switch apps, with four or five fingers simultaneously to sweep aside. You will switch between the apps that are open (the order of the apps you can see on the multitask bar). Does this option is not with you, then you should enable Multitask Gestures using Settings / General / Multitask Gestures .

 tiendingen3_l.png With four and five fingers you can quickly switch between open apps .

04 deny access to websites

You can of course decide that you should not brood on the Internet on the iPad. But we live it in 2015 and the Internet is important. It might be wiser to just grant access to certain websites. That’s since iOS 8 simple. Navigate to Settings / General / Restrictions , and then under the Allowed material Web . There you can, by pressing Only specific websites , exactly which websites can be visited. Websites that are not in this list are automatically blocked.

tiendingen4_l. png Indoor Restrictions give you exactly which websites you want to allow.

05 Siri calls without hands

Voice Assistant Siri convenient, despite the fact that she does not speak Dutch (rumor has it from iOS 8.3, but that is at time of writing still not sure). Also irritating to Siri is that you must hold down a button to ‘call’ her. So you have very little to interactive voice assistant right? That is precisely the reason that Apple iOS 8 has added an additional feature. When your iPad is connected to the charger, you just have to call ‘Hey Siri “and Siri will activate.

 tiendingen5_l.png Did you know you can now activate Siri with your voice?


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