Monday, March 9, 2015

Beat your friends by drawing lines in iPad game Curves – iculture

Curves logo Sometimes it’s fun to play a game on your own, but at other times with friends are much more enjoyable. Also found that the makers of the iPad app Curves ! . In this game, you play against friends on the same screen or online, by simply drawing lines that should not collide.

Curves seems on Snake

screenshot Curves Curves is a fun and simple game for the iPad. It appears at first on the famous Snake which sends you an ever-lengthening snake through the screen. Each player has a line of its own color. Once the game begins, the lines crisscross the playing field on your iPad. With two buttons on the edge of the screen give you the direction of your own line and try it your opponents to make it as difficult as possible. The lines may does not collide. Touch your line of another or the edge of the field, you’re off. By the lines of other players cut can therefore ensure that you are the last remains and wins the game.

Curves even more exciting to be there powerups added. These appear randomly on the field and you can bet by touching them with your line. The result may be that the lines of your opponents suddenly go very quickly or only be able to make right angles, making it suddenly send a piece is difficult.

Curves play with ten

Curves screenshot 2 The game is created as a multiplayer game, which means you play only against others so you can play with a maximum of 10 players. Curves is a game more fun when you play with several people. This can be on the same screen or, if no friends are nearby, via an online play mode. There is also an online leaderboard where you can see how good you are compared to other players. The game is free to download and play only on the iPad



version 1.0

Karl Eklund




iOS 6.1 or later


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