Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Paper launches new iPad drawing tools – One More Thing

One of the most famous sign apps for iPad is undoubtedly Paper by FiftyThree . Next month, the app extended with new drawing tools. Besides the already available pencils, penne and brushes, paper comes with the Think Kit : a ruler, scissors and paint roller

Unlike the Pencil terms of virtual tools in the app. Think Kit focuses on business use. So can easily charts and diagrams are drawn. In addition, the software is extended with a ‘Intention Engine’.

The Intention Engine , according to the manufacturer autocorrect, but for drawings. Useful for drawing graphs and diagrams.
It seems Paper are apps and the iPad will make it suitable for business work. In an interview with The Verge says the CEO of the company that the tools are very suitable for use in the office or in the classroom.

Details are also given. The new tools and ‘Intention Engine’ in April. The company is recently al existing tools free . About the price of the new business tools, nothing is known yet.

  • Paper is a free download in the App Store (iPad only)

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