Monday, March 2, 2015

Interactive notifications use on iPhone and iPad – Macworld

Notifications on the iPhone and iPad, you could first just tap to jump to the app. Since iOS 8 these messages can also be interactive. Really easy course! But how does it actually work?

Interactive notifications since iOS 8 part of the operating system. This is certainly not true for all notifications. The developer must have app does make it suitable for this functionality. Apple itself as the Messages app (iMessage) and Mail equipped. Lees also: Siri finally speaks Dutch

There are two types of places where you find interactive notifications:. in the message and the message center strip at the top of the screen. Swipe from the top to display the screen down to the Message Center again.

In the tab are all notifications. As before, you’ll be sent to the app if you like rap, but by swiping offer interactive notifications more options.

A notification of the Mail app for example, shows the options” Mark as read “and” Remove “. The Reminders app has several options: “Mark as done” and “Sleep. Did you set so Reminder app that like strip at the top of the screen, you can “draw” him down for the same options as in the Message Center.

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