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iPad Laren school is closed because of lack of interest – RTV Noord-Holland

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Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 | 13:25

BROKERS iPad School Scheper Laren closes. The elementary school students have after the summer to another school.

From our reporter @ JoostRTVNH

At the beginning of this school was still feast on De Scheper, since the school began teaching by Maurice de Hond. This is the iPad centrally. That will only last one year, because last night were the parents hereby informed that the school after the school closes its doors.

The number of pupils of the Christian school ran sharply in recent years. According to A comparison schools the number of students in 2009 was 172, but this was dropped in 2014 to 106. The school hoped to turn the tide by becoming an iPad-school but that did not work. “That’s disappointing,” Niek de Kruif admits. He is director of the umbrella foundation schools Proceon. “There was too little growth. For next school year there were only 65 students have.”

Conflict Director
Scheper came last year regularly negative news because a labor dispute between the former director of the school and the management of Proceon, but that, according to De Kruif played no role in the lack of applications Be it ensured that parents have their children out of school achieved. “It’s very annoying and at, but there are born in the region just little kids. I expect that close even more schools need to go.”

The students of the groups 5, 6 and 7 get from next year lesson in Eemnes. The intention is that the groups as much as possible to stay together. The estimated 20 junior students will be accommodated in other elementary schools in Laren. The teachers remain in service. Two of them move along to Eemnes and other teachers will go to one of the other schools of Proceon to work.

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