Sunday, March 22, 2015

The three best new apps for iPad # 87 – Tablets Magazine

The many available applications make the iPad of course the most. That’s why we bring you weekly the funniest, most interesting, best and most useful apps for your new iPad. This week include a weather app with a funny personality.

CARROT Weather

The CARROT apps are simple apps, but with a personality as the creator writes. As of Friday, there is a new app came into the CARROT family: CARROT Weather. CARROT apps are not boring, and this either. The app shows the current weather on, for the next three days and report anything about. When the sun shines, for example, there is “Here comes the sun! And Doot doo doo. “Based on the famous song of the beatles. When it rains give CARROT Weather also how long it rains, and with what intensity.

Carrot Weather app

CARROT Weather is available for iPhone and iPad and costs € 2.99.


Launcher was launched earlier, but Apple removed from the App Store. Now the app back. With Launcher allows you to embed a widget in the message center that allows you to quickly open an app or action. Thus it is possible to access from anywhere on your iPad Facebook app without having to go to the home screen, or you can call your mom with a tap FaceTime.

Apple removed Launcher app back in the App Store

Launcher is a free download in the App Store.

MR Jump

MR Jump is the latest app from the makers of include Bicolor and MR Flap. Even now it is to make the developer managed a simple concept yet again interesting. In MR Jump, run through a level with obstacles, and you need to tap on the screen to jump over an obstacle. The obstacles can be longer, so you have to press a little longer. The game plays fast and is perfect during the wait.

MR Jump

MR Jump is a free download in the App Store.

What apps do you use?

Do you have any apps that should not be missing on an iPad? I like to read about in the comments, I take them for next time.


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