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Do not Drown: infinity swimming game for iPhone and iPad – iculture

Do not Drown Infinite renspel genre begins to hit a little milked, so throw developer Batuhan Can it a different tack with Do not Drown! . This game is in fact an infinite swimming game for the iPhone and iPad.

Do not Drown! drain clear from the retro-keg: with its colorful backgrounds and old-school pixel stijltje had this game for the Gameboy can be developed. The game mechanics are very little: you control the main character who must keep swimming to the surface to survive. You’ll have to swim through holes back and collect coins. The longer you play, the higher the game pace is. Actually, this is a simple variant on Doodle Jump and Flappy Bird-like games

Do not Drown 1 Do not Drown 2

In order to keep the game interesting with the coins you can earn power-ups and there are twelve different characters that you can unlocking. Via online leaderboards, you can compare your performance with other players.

Do not Drown!


iOS 7.1 or later


iOS Universal

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