Saturday, February 28, 2015

Screen Stick: paste a ‘real’ joystick on your iPhone or iPad – iculture

screen-stick We have over the years written a few times about opplakjoysticks for your iDevice : by placing them in the correct position of the screen, you can control a game with a physical movement button. Nice, but almost all of these joysticks actually did not feel as example the sticks on an Xbox controller. The Screen Stick grabs therefore different: this opplakstick has the same shape as those on a gamepad and is even available in the form of a simulator stick

You stick the Screen Stick on the virtual joystick on the iPhone or iPad screen. The accessory will work with pretty much all of iOS games, without the developer having to release a special update. As the maker has his joystick already tested with FIFA 15 , Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas , Minecraft Pocket Edition , Real Racing 3 and more games

screen stick

The inventors of the Screen Stick raise money on Kickstarter . Insert your least 11 pounds (15 euros) in the project, you will get sent one set, which includes parts for both gamepad- as the simulation version. Would you stick two sticks on the screen? Then you need at least 19 pounds (26 euros) donation. The project has to go 16 days, but has already raised the target amount of £ 6,000.

The Screen Stick provides a nice alternative if you would like to use real buttons while gaming. Although you can also go one step further: since Apple does not support iOS 7 MFi controllers, which can be used in a number of games


Friday, February 27, 2015

Tweetbot for Mac and iPad are renewed for the summer – One More Thing

Developer Tapbots gave clarity on the future of Tweetbot for Mac and iPad. Among the many Apple users favorite Twitter app on the iPhone was soon a complete iOS 7 and 8 iOS update, but the iPad and Mac version stayed behind.

In a blog post says Tapbots for WWDC in June, new versions of Tweetbot for iPad and OS X ready to want. The company is removing a number of his old apps, as they say, to put more time and love in Tweetbot and Calcbot.

Tweetbot 2 Yosemite is a free update for existing users. In addition, we are working on landscape mode for the iPhone 6 (Plus) and a new iPad version of Tweetbot for iOS. The Mac app lets according to the developer so long in coming because it is a complete ‘rewrite’.


A previously published teaser Tweetbot 2 for Yosemite.

The developer has also announced not to continue work on Convertbot, and Pastebot Weightbot. The first two are permanently removed from the app store, but Weightbot remains for sentimental reasons as a free app available. It was the first app that made Tapbots.


Raymon settled editor at OMT, but calls himself rather editorial ninja. Also follow Twitter and weekly heard in the new TechSnacks Podcast. Lees more articles Raymon .


Thursday, February 26, 2015

CampingApp Dutch: offline Find campsites on your iPad – iculture

CampingApp Dutch iPhone When we go on vacation we reserve today a special place in the suitcase for our smartphones and tablets. Certainly at campgrounds, the devices are not indispensable. A new update of CampingApp Dutch ensures you now also can look on your iPad information on more than 7,900 European campsites.

camping app was available for iPhone , but thanks to an update now be used on the iPad. Also in this version all important functions are still present. The app shows you information, photos and current rates of more than 7,900 campsites in 29 countries. Using different filters, you can easily select which facilities are important to you in order to find a suitable site. Also, using your location to the nearest camping again. This makes the app very handy for when you’re abroad on spec to find a campsite. In the menu you can free download maps of popular holiday destinations, so you can view it online at the place of destination. This keeps roaming charges and the search for a WiFi hotspot you save. When downloading the maps is also indicated how much space will take it on your machine.

CampingApp Dutch screenshot

New in the iPad version of CampingApp Dutch is that the site information in a pop-up appears, so you do not have to exit the screen with the card. In addition, the overnight rates of the campsites are the Best Deal Camping Card accept clearly displayed. The new version of CampingApp Dutch is free download in the App Store.

CampingApp Dutch


iOS 7.0 or later


iOS Universal


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jumbo supermarket app designed for iPad – iculture

Jumbo today will release an update to the app store that they brought to the market a few weeks ago. Version 1.2 Jumbo ensures you now with the iPad you can walk through the grocery store, to gather the messages of the selected recipe together. Home on the couch by offering recipes leaves is also possible. The iPad-optimized version of the app is available for download later today on the App Store.

jumbo-app recipes-case

The Jumbo app can be used in portrait and landscape mode on the iPad. In future updates of the app will be even more optimizations the app implemented, focusing on the iPad. Further improvements in the app:

  • Add From the shopping list additional products to your order
  • reuse previous orders when entering a new order (also partially). <. /> li>
  • Pick Up Point search during checkout.

jumbo-app ipad products

In addition, you can search terms during the different steps in the ordering process and during the search for recipes, too still change at a later time. The Jumbo app has no pedestrian routes in the supermarket, like AH offers in Appie app. But perhaps it was not intended to copy that app 1-on-1?

The update of the Jumbo app comes in a few hours in the App Store, so people who have been with the now iPad groceries like to do still need some time,


version 1.2

Jumbo Supermarkets




iOS 7.0 or newer


iOS Universal


Monday, February 23, 2015

Ellen DeGeneres stunned by smart iPad magician –


Making Movies with iPad is central to new advertising – Tablets Magazine

During the annual Academy Awards ceremony Apple has launched a new advertisement for the iPad Air 2, one focus point: making movies on your iPad. Both filming and editing.

Personally, I must not think to make a movie with a tablet and disturb me there when I have to look at a concert what happens on stage by look at other people’s tablet screen. But Apple will find the Apple iPad Air 2 a fantastic device to deal with it videos. No, not just videos: complete films are shot with the iPad. The video is dedicated to them below, including sound clips from a speech that Martin Scorsese held at a university.

In addition, Apple has thrown a special website in the air, which we can see some movies created on the iPad: those projects are filmed and edited it on. Also you can read on their website about the applications that the videos are assembled, namely Final Draft, GarageBand and Video Grade (but certainly not iMovie, that seems to be meant for consumers). You can check the video above to see how all filmmakers so have deployed their iPads while making their own films.

The iPad Air 2 is, as the name suggests, the successor to the iPad Air that was announced in 2013. It is a tablet with a screen of 9.7 inches with a resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels. The best on the screen of the Air 2 is laminated display: not only does this make the tablet thinner, also reflections appear less clear. Under the hood, we see Apple A8X-Processor, a processor designed specifically for the iPad Air 2. The chip uses the second generation of 64-bit architecture.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

The three best new apps for iPad # 83 – Tablets Magazine

The many available applications make the iPad of course the most. That’s why we bring you weekly the funniest, most interesting, best and most useful apps for your new iPad. This week include an app that creates a separate calculator redundant.

Monkey King Escape

Monkey King Escape is one of the latest games from game maker Ubisoft. Before the game came out in China, where it is a huge success, the app has been downloaded more than two million times. Monkey King Escape is a so-called endless runner, a game that can go through basically forever until the player makes a mistake. In the game you run away for Jade Emperor, but occasionally take on against bosses and you have to follow the instructions on the screen.

 Monkey King Escape

Monkey King is free to Escape download.


Last week, the long-awaited update of Calcbot. Calcbot, a calculator for your iPhone and iPad was not updated for a while, and had therefore an old design. The update to the app has a beautiful design and added some new features, such as saving and reusing answers and calculations. Additionally, you can convert numbers, such as speed, currencies and weights.

Calcbot iPad and iPhone update

Calcbot is free but all features are available via in-app purchase of € 1.99.

Google Inbox

Last week, Google also announced the iPad version of Inbox available. Earlier it was only to download a version for the iPhone, while typing and reading mail on an iPad still works better. The iPad version is exactly what you expect: all tricks from Google Inbox are also included in the iPad app, such as bundles advertising emails collecting or displaying at the top of emails you received earlier today but are important

<. p> Google Inbox

Google Inbox is free to download, but you need an invite.

What apps do you use?

Do you have any apps that should not be missing on an iPad? I like to read about in the comments, I take them for next time.