Monday, February 2, 2015

“New larger iPad called iPad Plus – Tablets Magazine

Plus iPad: So is Apple’s new iPad called. At least, if we are to believe the latest rumors. In recent months many rumors doing the round on a larger iPad, with a 12.9 inch screen. Today came new information out through a leak, which therefore include highlighted the new name for Apple’s new iPad.

New iPad called iPad Plus

So far seemed most leaks seem to indicate that the new iPad iPad Pro was called, but today a rumor came out that Apple is going to apply the same strategy as with the iPhone, and that the tablet will be called iPad Plus. The rumor comes from Gizmo China, which reported earlier about the specifications of the iPad Plus. The iPad Plus would be launched last year in addition to the iPad Air 2, but due to problems with manufacturing the tablet shifted to 2015.


According Gizmo China gets the iPad Plus a 2k resolution, and the tablet is only 7mm thin. The iPad 2 has air in it the same specifications, but the great appeal of the iPad Plus should be of course the larger screen. With a 12.9 inch screen, you have more space for editing documents, watching movies and of course playing games. For music and movie fans the new one would iPad stereo speakers Plus hebben.De iPad would weigh less than 700 grams go, which is very modest: The iPad 2 Air weighs 440 grams. The battery of Apple’s new tablet is as impressive gizmo China: 11000mAh. That’s one and a half times as much as the battery of the iPad Air 2, but the iPad plus it obviously has more screen area to illuminate. About the price is not much known yet, besides the iPad Plus is logically more costly than the iPad Air 2. The tablet is therefore probably more aimed at an audience that uses the iPad for work. A release date is not yet known.


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