Friday, February 27, 2015

Tweetbot for Mac and iPad are renewed for the summer – One More Thing

Developer Tapbots gave clarity on the future of Tweetbot for Mac and iPad. Among the many Apple users favorite Twitter app on the iPhone was soon a complete iOS 7 and 8 iOS update, but the iPad and Mac version stayed behind.

In a blog post says Tapbots for WWDC in June, new versions of Tweetbot for iPad and OS X ready to want. The company is removing a number of his old apps, as they say, to put more time and love in Tweetbot and Calcbot.

Tweetbot 2 Yosemite is a free update for existing users. In addition, we are working on landscape mode for the iPhone 6 (Plus) and a new iPad version of Tweetbot for iOS. The Mac app lets according to the developer so long in coming because it is a complete ‘rewrite’.


A previously published teaser Tweetbot 2 for Yosemite.

The developer has also announced not to continue work on Convertbot, and Pastebot Weightbot. The first two are permanently removed from the app store, but Weightbot remains for sentimental reasons as a free app available. It was the first app that made Tapbots.


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